Ji Sung Amps up his Playful Side for Singles Magazine

Even though Protect the Boss may have lost some razzle dazzle in the last few weeks in the storytelling department, it’s actors have instead dialed up the awesome. Ji Sung‘s Ji Heon is suddenly channeling the smexy and manly stares towards Eun Seol all the time, which makes my knees weak. He’s become such a versatile actor, easily transitioning between comedy and intensity at the flick of a hat. Since no one minds more Ji Sung, have some adorable pictures from October’s Singles Magazine. No, he’s definitely not single, but I do adore the goofy and relaxed vibe of the pictures. The vivid colors also add to the humor and happiness of it all.

It’s not my imagination that the parakeet is wearing some sort of carnation hat on its head, right? It’s like Ji Sung is headed to South Beach and his parakeet mommy wants to tag along, but not before putting on her own fine hat.

This picture is just all sorts of random and cute. Especially love the hair clip on his head. But I’m trying to ignore the bunnies. Bunnies scare me. Really, they do! And anyone who has ever seen “Once More, With Feeling” knows that Anya explains via song why bunnies are evil. I’m with Anya on this one. And if you missed the reference, I’m talkin’ about BtVS.

I appluad the fact that Ji Sung is gamely doing this photoshoot while wearing bring pink lip gloss coated all over his kisser. It’s like make up artist did it on purpose. Not sure why, but it’s fascinating to see Ji Sung remain just as compelling and masculine wearing it. He totally owns the lip gloss, not the other way around. Work it, Ji Sung!

[Credit: Singles Magazine]


Ji Sung Amps up his Playful Side for Singles Magazine — 13 Comments

  1. I LOVE the pic with the hairclip. Mostly because I saw it and thought that maybe he’s one of those guys who let his s.o. do anything to him, even silly things like messing up his hair. I’m so so so happy he chose to do PTB. I had no idea he had such a playful side to him …and now I’m talking about his acting obviously. I have no idea if he’s actually THAT playful IRL. If he isn’t, don’t shatter my illusions. LOL I love playful dorks!

    And yes, he totally owns the lip gloss. \o/

    PS: I just noticed a lizard (?) on his thigh in the first pic? How I did not see it? Hahah, dazzled by Ji Sung, that’s me!

  2. It takes a true man to remain manly while rocking pink lip gloss.

    ~sigh~ Of course I’m happy for him that he’s in a steady, healthy relationship. That’s rare, especially in the entertainment industry. But it’s sad for my fantasy life, that’s for sure.

  3. To me, K-actors fall into one of two catagories. Pretty or manly. Jae Joong – pretty. CSW – manly. JGS – definitely pretty. Jang Hyuk – manly. But boy howdy, Ji Sung is both! Even with that darn lip gloss.

  4. The last picture is uber cuuuttee! It looks like the parakeet/parrot/lovebird(???) (obviously – I’m not into “birds”, lol!) on the right is whispering something into Ji Sung’s ear and the bird on the left is jealously looking and probably thinking – “hey, what’re you doing?”. And Ji Sung has this naughty, mysterious smile in reaction. Hah! love it!

  5. loving all the pics….I know Ji Sung way back then but I never get to watch (or maybe feel the need to watch) any of his previous dramas…After watching him in PTB..gah I fell for his charms straight away..I watched PTB initially becuz of Jaejong since I am such a big Cassie but once I watched it, its him or his character that I love more!! Mianhe JJ you are still cool to me its just that Ji sungs character is much more adorkable…hehe…oh and before I go, may I know who is the person he is currently seeing??lucky gal..huhu..=)

  6. “He’s become such a versatile actor, easily transitioning between comedy and intensity at the flick of a hat.”

    I just quoted you…it’s so true!

  7. Eee! Once More, With Feeling! Easily one of the Top 10 Buffy eps, pure genius! haha, plus I love Anya

    Oh, and yeah, Jisung’s a cutie

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