Joe Cheng and Tiffany Hsu Attend Opening Party for Hogan in Taipei

Oh noes! Yuan Xiang Qin ah, your hubby has been seen out and around town with you nemesis Pei Zi Yu. Hhhhmmm, but you’ve been having a slightly ambiguous BFF relationship with Lee Da Ren lately, so perhaps that evens out the score. LOL, it’s so weird to see Joe Cheng with Tiffany Hsu on his arm after so many years since they did It Started with a Kiss together.

Joe has been doing non-stop endorsements since wrapping Channel X back in March, without a single upcoming project announced. Compared to his peers like the raggedy Vic Zhou, the gunner Ethan Ruan, and the jack-of-all-trades Mike He and Ming Dao, Joe has been living the comparatively easy life. He was out this week in Taipei attending a opening party for designer brand Hogan, with Tiff in tow.

I guess Ethan’s gotta get used to his honey working with every single guy in TW-entertainment, with the bonus that at least she’s safer around one of his best friends like Joe. I’m missing Joe but am in a snarky mood, so below are my captions for his pictures with Tiff at the Hogan event. Mocking never seemed so fun!

This is not really Joe Cheng. It’s just some random bodyguard they stuck a pair of sunglasses on to pass off as Joe. Which would explain the outfit, and why he appears to be giving you the not-so-finger.

The bodyguard and his model charge, who somehow thought it was the height of fashion to wear a puffy vest over her LBD. It’s not.

Nothing screams “I am a star” more than trying on sunglasses with the cameras clicking away.

Do not cross the crime scene tape. There are fashion victims on the other side.

The crime scene has been cleaned up, so it’s time to break out the bubbly!

“Oh wow, everything looks so dark with these glasses on. What do you mean these are called sunglasses. It should be called darkglasses. Oh shit, I stubbed my toe!”

We guarantee that wearing Hogan sunglasses will make you looks like us! No really, these sunglasses are magic sunglasses. *snerk*


Joe Cheng and Tiffany Hsu Attend Opening Party for Hogan in Taipei — 14 Comments

  1. AGREED!!!
    so-very-much-weird looking at them while i’m just finished re-watching It Started With A Kiss
    but….so happy to see Joe in any kind of form LOL [read: bodyguard or model]

  2. “Do not cross the crime scene tape. There are fashion victims on the other side.”

    I’m rolling on the floor now. Best line ever! XD

  3. lmao!!!! fashion victims! (I agree about Tiffany’s jacket, so I think one victim did manage to get on the other side of the tape!)

    • Ethan and Tiff (henceforth ET) having been living together for quite some time. All the paps have to do is park outside their house and they get immediate cute couple pics. These two are so public it’s not fun anymore for the paps to stalk them. I recall they have been dating for a LONG time. Since 2005 I think.

      They don’t get hired to do endorsements together, but she’s his date to events like the Golden Horse when he won his Best Actor, and they get snapped on the streets a lot.

      They even publicly take vacations together!

  4. OMG! Nice to see Joe Cheng again. (his face looks thinner) Can’t help it, every time I see him, reminds me of Ariel & ISWAK days. Oh how I wish to see a latest photo of him with Ariel. I wonder if he has seen ITWY since he’s also close to Director Winnie. And Ariel’s birthday is coming up, I hope they’re still in touch since they are good friends, right? For now, I’m enjoying watching Xiang Qin with Li Da ren! LOL! :)))

  5. I don’t really like Tiffany Hsu .. Oh man! It is heart-breaking to see her together with Ethan. I just knew that they are dating. Not a match!!!!

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