Roy Qiu Puts on a Dinosaur Costume as the Office Girls Cast Celebrates its Ratings Jump

Wahhhh, could they BE any cuter? Roy Qiu, Alice Ke, and the cast of Office Girls make good on Roy’s promise to wear a dinosaur outfit and drive a Go-Kart around should the ratings for the drama break 5. Rather than let Roy fulfill his promise alone, everyone tagged along and kept him company. Awwww, the camaraderie on that set is wicked judging from all the outtake videos at the end of each episode. Even dressed like a dinosaur, Roy is still the hottest thing on five continents. I won’t talk more because I have an OG surprise coming up soon. Hee. But the pictures below of the cast having fun is so joyful to see.

Roy and Alice before they start their Go-Karting. Everyone just came from the set so they are all still in costume. I’m loving what Roy wears as Zi Qi, one of the best looks he’s ever sported onscreen.

Roy puts on his now trusty dinosaur outfit and gets in the Go-Kart.

Of course Alice will be his version of the sexy car chick.

Roy, who in real life loves race car driving, is surely in a little bit of Heaven. Actually, Roy loves racing so much, every time he does a drama, the producers always stipulate in the contract that Roy cannot race at all during the filming, just to keep their leading man safe.

And he’s off! I sure hope that dinosaur head has great eye sockets. And did you all notice how lush the dinosaur’s eyelashes are? I swear it must be a nod to Roy’s real and insanely long eyelashes.

Cute! Most of the cast is here for the press conference. I’ve noticed that James Wen and Patrick Li appear to be ratings good luck charms, as their most recent dramas have all been blockbusters.

Ahahaha, oh boys, you two are a nut and a half. I can’t imagine how much goofing off goes on around the OG set during filming.

Alice and Roy together make me do somersaults in my belly and let out a succession of rapid fire squeals of lovelovelovelovelove~ When Taiwan gets an OTP right, they get it so right it’s incredible to behold.


Roy Qiu Puts on a Dinosaur Costume as the Office Girls Cast Celebrates its Ratings Jump — 21 Comments


    That’s all my mind can think of as of right now upon seeing your blog entry. I’m gonna try to calm down a bit so my brain cells can actually operate in order to write coherent words on your whole article. ^^

    • It ain’t working and I just can’t miss my chance, so here are my thoughts.

      First of, thank you Mrs Koala! What a treat!!! I had been waiting for a little something on the fulfilling of his promise and instead you have provided us with a huge something actually. ^^

      Now back to your own very words: Roy is still the hottest thing on five continents. I won’t talk more because I have an OG surprise coming up soon.
      What, what, what? I wanna know!!!!
      *I suddenly feel like a spoiled brat ^^*

      See the 3rd pic with Patrick Li? Bwahaha. He is so mocking Roy. And their interactions, either on or off-screen, are the most hilarious ever especially as Roy usually keeps a poker face.

      I luv that the whole cast made it there too, aside from any marketing move, of course.

      Did I mention how excited I am for next Sunday? Well, then: can’t wait!!! 😀

  2. Oooooh this is soo like HwanHye couple that we ship in our virtual world. Roy is just freakkkinnnn Hotttt!
    Ockoala: What is the OG surprise??? Please Please tell us soon!

  3. The video is OUT!!! Kyaaaaaa~

    Dies, they are all so cute~

    So Roy says the ability to drive a race car doesn’t matter what the driver wears. He cautions everyone to be on the lookout for a speeding dinosaur soon.

    Everyone says once the ratings break 6, then it’s Alice’s turn to fanservice. Alice said weeks ago if the ratings break 6, she’ll show her six-pack. So the cast got her a set of dumbbells today so she can start working on it. LMHO.

    James then vowed today for the first time that if the ratings break 7, he will show off a 7-pack. Which is difficult since he has a 6 or 8 pack before, but doing an odd number abdominal muscle is going to be quite a feat. Oh hell I want to see this insanity.

    I vote for Roy to go skinny dipping in the night pool if the ratings break 8. Which actually could happen since this drama is on fire right now.

    • Ahhh yes! They’re so adorable.

      And lol, I love your comment about Roy’s eyelashes. I’m fine with my normal-length eyelashes and all, but daaang I’m still jealous of his. He has prettier eyelashes than at least half his female co-stars.

    • Oh… the thought of Roy going skinny dipping in a night pool – AHH!!! – I will stop there. I would love it if it broke 7!!! Ok …. I’m hoping breaking 6!!

      I agree Patrick & James latest dramas have all been big hits in TW. Actually I really liked Patrick in TFW and after that I just thought he was a really good side character especially to keep the mood light. He’s just simply hilarious. It does seem like part of the cast from TFW moved to OG 🙂

      I haven’t been this excited for a TW drama since DWL. TFW was really great but it’s wasn’t obsessive.

  4. Wow, their chemistry is just awesome!!! I don’t know if they’re still in character or great friends or something, but they really look at each other very lovingly ^^ There’s just a spark! Makes me giddy =D

    • agree, they are just so cute together. even in the behind the scenes at the end of episode 9, when the whole cast was posing for a group picture, Roy Qiu grabbed Alice’s arm and said to lean on him. LOL, i couldn’t stop giggling =D

  5. Aww Roy looks so hot & adorable in that dinosaur costume! His pictures with Alice Ke are OOZING with chemistry. I’m happy that the cast gets along so well.

    Thanks for the added tidbit & sharing the video!

  6. Been grinning like crazy since I saw it this morning. Thank you Ms Koala.

    Any change of Roy changing his type and dating her?I mean…she is So cute but not cute enough for his taste?Please?

  7. Soooooo cute. Love the whole cast. Love the OTP. Manager may be my favorite character. I laugh at everything he says.

    Roy Qiu…why you so pretty? ¬.¬

  8. I love this show so much…. Roy is so freakin hot (I fell in love with him in Easy Fortune Happy Life–I refused to finish watching it because I didn’t want to see him lose in love lol)..I seriously thought he could only do bad boy until I saw this show and now I feel like he was MADE for comedy…its probably the hair….
    I feel like this show is the only comedy good enough to watch right now after Ouran finished- I stopped watching protect the boss cuz I heard it started to get melo but maybe I’ll go back to that now I guess… also: first time comment, long time reader thanks for the entertainment koala:)

  9. I have just recently started watching Office Girls and am enjoying it immensely 🙂 Second Tw-drama ever. I love that it is a big ball of fluff <3 Roy Qiu is perfect as Qin Zi Qi. Furthermore, he's gorgeous! I may have found THE tw-actor for me lolol I The cast has great chemistry and seems to have so much fun on set. Alice and Roy are adorable together heh Thank you for sharing such lovely pictures!

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