Song Joong Ki Cavorts with a Scarecrow for Vogue Korea

Song Joong Ki with a scarecrow? Who comes up with these random ideas anyway? This one comes courtesy of Vogue Korea, which decided that one of the hottest young stars in Korea needed to pose with a stick and some straw rather than, oh, maybe an animated person. I’d be good with a bromance concept with Yoo Ah In, or any lovely fresh-faced ingenue will do. No matter who he’s with, he’s still the prettiest thing in a fifty-mile radius of Seoul (and no, I didn’t diss Yoo Ah In, who can be called hot and smoldery, but never pretty).

Song Joong Ki star couldn’t be shining any brighter, with a short but completely drama-stealing turn as the young King Sejong in Tree with Deep Roots. He’s also got a movie with Han Ye Seul coming out called Penny-Pinching Romance, which actually sounds really cute in concept. I’ve adored this boy since Triple (hate you fauxcest, puppy-killing drama!), but I think this might be the last year anyone will think he’s anything but leading man material all around. He’s really has developed into a phenomenal actor, hasn’t he?

[Credit: Vogue Korea]


Song Joong Ki Cavorts with a Scarecrow for Vogue Korea — 17 Comments

  1. GAAAAAAH….it’s Song Joong Ki everywhere for me these days ..and I’m not complaining…so proud of him since TWDR….and this absolutely better be the last time he’s a minor/secondary character ever…or I’ll cry and then we’ll have words Korea….the pics are cute but I agree that it would’ve been better with an actual person…loved the one with Yoon Seung Ah better

  2. how can he be so pretty??? i’m in epi 2 of TWDR and all i can think is how good is the drama so far, how awesome and jaw dropping is SJK’s performance, and how i don’t want the king to grow up but stay as SJK till the end of the drama (i know is a dellusional hope)
    thanks for the pics 🙂 i can’t get enough of SJK

  3. Ah…I remember him from his Running Man days and his episode of OMS with his Inkigayo co-host was suspicious LOL (still think they’re dating)…I didn’t watch SKK in full but caught the cute clips…oh

  4. *raises ICOMYM membership* Yeah, he is pretty and oh so talented. Not that I’m following his career like a good noona who’d like to pinch his cheeks and cheer him on forever and ever. Nuh uh. Not me.

  5. Agreed he’s still the prettiest but in the behind-the-scenes footage for one of his latest commercials, he’s starting to come across more man than pretty boy and I like it:


    I also want to read the interview that accompanied the Vogue photoshoot. Really liked what was quoted in the press, that for Tree With Deep Roots, his role was to show how his character came to break out of the prison that was Yi Bang Won and he needed to build the foundations on which Han Seok Kyu sunbae could stand. Sometimes his good looks make it easy to underestimate how fiercely intelligent and committed he is as an actor.

  6. the first drama i watched that stars Song Joong Ki was Sungkyunkwan Scandal. and i super loved him in that drama. and ever since then i’ve watched all his dramas (including trees with deep roots). and yes. i’m a wee bit of a stalker haha. hope he gets a leading role in 2012. 🙂 (now i don’t don’t know who i’m going to fangirl for. SJK or Jung Il Woo. haha. what a hard choice it is!!)

    • Hoo yes, SJK as a leading man? That drama I’d be all over. It’s about time he and Yoo Ah In got leading roles; both of them definitely have the acting chops and the charisma, and of course, the looks. Look at it this way; they can easily out-act Micky Yoochun, who’s been lead man for TWO dramas now.

  7. So there wasn’t anyone (ANYONE?) willing to pose with Song Joong Ki… but you know, as long as he is there, it’s alright! I’m so glad that he is moving forward in his career. Happy for him!!!

  8. I just can’t imagine him going to the army. I mean, he doesn’t have a choice and stuff, but…well, I’m totally against armies and weapons and violence and war anyway. I just wish people would stop trying to gain control and power and money, then everything would be much better @_@~

  9. I am entralled and his acting in “Tree with deep roots” sealed his status as a phenominal korean actor, this young hot adorable Song Joong Ki. He was awesome to say the least, we’ve been re-watching his scenes with his father, the former king. I won’t feel guilty loving him with his boyish looks, I melt at the sight of him squee ! Have watched SSK, obs & gyn doctors, triple, his bit role in case of itaewon and now.. “tree with…”

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