Me Too Flower Releases First Teaser

Can someone explain this drama to me? After watching the teaser trailer for Me Too, Flower, I find myself perplexed. Genuinely stunned by what I have seen, in a “OMG that looks godawful” sort of way, but then bearing in mind that this drama is written by the dude who did the great My Name is Kim Sam Soon and the interesting What’s Up, Fox?

Writer Kim Do Woo wrote the character of Sam Soon, one of the most fascinating and kick-ass heroines in all of K-drama. So why does Lee Ji Ah’s character seem utterly screechy and distasteful in the few seconds I saw of her? And Yoon Si Yoon is also reverse aging like PIE. Boy looked like a teenager in Baker King Kim Tak Goo, but now he looks like a 12 year old. This drama confuses me so.

First teaser for Me Too, Flower:


Me Too Flower Releases First Teaser — 21 Comments

    • Definitely. There are few actors/actresses I can’t stand to watch, but she’s on the list. Everything about her just grates on me.

      And disappoint about this drama. The premise sounded so interesting, but if everything but the writing is wrong, it’s not going to be very good…

  1. hey i think the teaser is pretty cool…… ais’nt its not unique but does really go anywhere near ‘awful’….. and mind u guys i may sound bais coz i lubbb lee ji ah, but she is a great actoress n she nailed it in athena( one of the only character i looke forward to , including cha handsum…a.k.a dokogin ^^)…back to what i was tryin 2 say….n tak goo doent look ‘young’ young as ye all seems to think….but ya ji ah 4 defoo looks older 🙁 ….. anyway in short …the trailer sounds n looks pretty interesting…… as the sayin goes ‘shud not judge the drama by its first teaser’ lol:D

  2. The teaser looks typically romcom, tbh – not horrible and not inspiring. I adore lee Ji Ah, who played my favorite ever kdrama heroine (Sujini in Legend) and might give it a try just for her because YSY is cute but much too young to appeal to me and his acting isn’t much to write home about and I hated both What’s Up Fox and Kim Sam Soon (I know, I know) so this writer is normally on my ‘no way’ list.

  3. He’s so cute right now, but, I don’t like her, maybe for the scandal, before that, I didn’t know anything about her; but the couple is rare, maybe when, we’ll can watch the drama, our opinion will can change . He is totally different, he’s so HOT, in the drama Baker, I didnt like him. ^-^

  4. Oh my goodness, Kim Do Woo’s a dude?!?!??

    Shiiieeeeet. And all this time I thought he was a gal. *must go back and correct past reviews*

    Hahaha is it sad that that’s all that interests me in this post, even though I loved WUF and MNIKSS?

    • Oh me tooo! I’m screaming myself deaf not knowing Kim Do Woo is a dude, but it doesnt really matter, I love writer Kim. And same as you, that’s the only interest I have in this. *sigh* Usu that’s enough to keep me going, but i can’t watch LJA, I can’t. just can’t. cant even suffer through the entire trailer.

      I can care less about scandals (Imo it’s really nth scandalous/morally wrong other than she didnt air out her past) so my opinion on her is as unbiased as possible, seriously based on her bloody awful OTTscreechyviolin presence every sec I’ve suffered becoz of her. And i bear a huge grudge, BV is not amazingly written, but she’s the only thing that’s preventing me to fangirl KMM and a crewcutJGS.

  5. I did think the preview was wierd but not awful….however I did find LJI grating…and that won’t be a good thing given my experience with her past characters….thankfully she was actually tolerable in Athena for me….at least there’s that

  6. Idk… It doesn’t look all that great, but then again I’ve seen trailers where I’m like “WTF was that?” but then when I actually watch the show it ends up being interesting. I won’t harp on this show until after I’ve seen an episode and understand it more.

    It’s just like critics. Just b/c they give something a bad review, doesn’t mean it will be. But then again, this drama has low expectations for me as well.

  7. Lee Ji Ah + rom-com = cringeworthy. I wish she would stick with more action-packed dramas. She was great in The Legend and pretty good in what little I’ve seen of Athena.

  8. imma withold my judgment and give it a chance to surprise me – I don’t think the trailer’s thattt bad; typical, but not in that omg-its-so-bad impression.

  9. Miss K

    This is what I call a Mystery of Life!! Kind of confusing, but if it was written by the guy behind Sam Soon and Sam Shik, I think I’m gonna be attracted!!

    But I think is a drama experiment to see how the drama zombies react to it!! If we have a reaction at all!! You know we are Drama Junkies and Proud!! DJP all the way baby!!!!


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