Kim Jeong Hoon Joins Yao Di in Fashion C-drama Tiptoe to Kiss for Love

There are even MORE dramas in the pipeline? When I said I wanted to talk about dramas, I didn’t think I’d be drowning in them at some point. The list of K-actors heading overseas to film felt like it jumped exponentially in 2011, and joining the ranks is Kim Jeong Hoon (Goong, I Need Romance), who got out of the military early this year and has been working non-stop ever since. I liked his performance in INR, even if I wanted to alternatively hug him or beat the crap out of him.

He’s been in China since August filming an upcoming modern C-drama called Tiptoe to Kiss for Love (踮起脚尖吻到爱), co-starring up-and-coming C-actress Yao Di (who reminds me of a mini-Yang Mi in acting and looks). The first production stills and posters have been released, so have a look. The story centers around a male model and his career trials and tribulations, including falling for his own manager.

Plot synopsis:

Formerly a Pan-Asia male super model, Wen Qing Yao suddenly quits the runway and disappears for a year. Upon his return, he vows to never re-enter the industry. His mother, who happens to own his modeling agency, is furious and schemes to do whatever it takes to get him to change his mind.

A girl from the countryside, Bian Ting Hua, has long dreamed of entering the fashion industry, so that she can one day meet her idol Wen Qing Yao. One day, she suddenly discovers that the unkempt strange dude living next door to her is Qing Yao!

The two of them bicker and fight, becoming a couple after a series of unexpected situations. Through happy and sad times, Qing Yao finally returns to the modeling stage and finds success again, along with Ting Hua by his side.

BTS of the filming of Tiptoe Kiss:


Kim Jeong Hoon Joins Yao Di in Fashion C-drama Tiptoe to Kiss for Love — 14 Comments

  1. Was he Yul in Goong? please say it was Yul! Anyway this drama looks cute I will definetly check it out. On a side note I really wish there were was drama with a role reversal, why can’t there be a fabulouse heroine who one the down and out looks like a bum but is a CEO/model/heiress?

  2. >> The list of K-actors heading overseas to film felt like it jumped exponentially in 2011

    Perhaps other than $$$ and go international/regional factors, working overseas are more healthy for the actors themselves. As far as I’m aware, most of dramas in J, C and TW are completed filming few months before the airing schedule.. Which is good, for all people involved in production.

    And, this drama looks promising… Can’t wait for it to be aired… Thanks K for the update!

  3. I hope it’s a hit ’cause it would be such positive exposure for him. As a student of mandarin, I hope he gets the tones right or will there be dubbing? I’ll be watching ’cause I loved him as Yul and in I Need Romance he played such a loveable jerk. His jealous scenes were to die laughing for.

  4. hehehe..can’t help but notice Kim Jeong Hoon’s scarf in the 4th pic is that same wretched scarf in Best Love worn by both Cha Seung Won and Lee Seunggi…

    • It will be dubbed ~ like most C dramas involving people from different places (so that they can keep the accents consistent, etc.

  5. I like This Drama very much because this drama fulfil all of my needs as I watch dramas not only for entertainment purpose but for the purpose of keep an eye on availability of Korean fashion online in market. No doubt Qing Yao played his part very nice and nobody live without praising his acting.

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