SMAP Gets Hilariously Wacky for Latest Softbank CF

Been having the week from hell. This latest SMAP for Softbank CF lifted my spirits immensely. It’s the first time I’ve seen the guys not jam to Locomotion, or appear to be walking somewhere. If anyone’s curious, check out these older CFs here, and below I’ll also post another new CF set to Locomotion filmed in Singapore. But first you all have to watch the one where the guys do six different outfit changes and then sing like they are mimes. The picture above is them looking like miners and being rugged and dirty. I saved the beyond ridiculous other get-ups for after the jump. The one where KimuTaku is a oversized dog almost destroyed me, I was laughing so hard. And boy, are these guys UGLY in drag. Especially Tsuyoshi. *shudders*

The guys as flight attendants. Which leads me to wonder why no one ever thought up a transvestite airline where your stewards are stewardesses and vice-versa. But the guys actually look somewhat decent here. Maybe it’s the attitudes they are rocking. Both KimuTaku and Tsuyoshi have very come hither poses.

I can’t even figure out which era these guys are supposed to from. I’ll just randomly pick one. Kamakura looks about right. Or maybe the Muromachi. All I know is Tsuyoshi looks like Sadako from The Ring’s great-great-grandmother, and Shingo was zapped by feudal lightning.

I can’t even. This is going to be my wallpaper for a good long while. And I have to applaud Nakai. Good sir, you are bringing it!

Boo, they all look normal again! Though Tsuyoshi’s freakish expression does give one pause, until you realize it’s him on any given day.

SMAP for Softbank 6-outfits:

The guys in costume discussing the Softbank Smartphones:

I can watch KimuTaku as the doggie swing his legs all day long. Can I adopt him? Puhleeeese?

SMAP for Softbank Singapore:

This is a great palate cleanser, in case folks can’t figure out why SMAP as a boyband still exists. Because KimuTaku is still hot and the other four are hella hilarious.


SMAP Gets Hilariously Wacky for Latest Softbank CF — 21 Comments

  1. Oh my God!!! XD That is so hilarious ^^ And also kind of cute, in a weird way. I think they’re awesome, doing all that, without any vanity : )

  2. LOL – totally reminds me of KimuTaku as P-chan the Dog in one of the old skits in smapxsmap. He’s totally an expert for that. Oddly enough the docomo series of CM has this dog (a real dog) character as the father of a family with a Black son (don’t ask me why). So Shingo is playing the “son” and KimuTaku is playing the “dad”. Hmm. Sometimes I can’t understand the “creativity” of Japanese…

  3. ROFL! Never thought handphone ads could be so whacky and creative 🙂 They’re really good at conveying a range of expressions, from the funny to the bizarre. Love KimuTaku in the doggie suit (hehe, never knew even the family dog could own a smartphone! 🙂 The feudal concept is pretty funny too; lol at Shingo’s and Tsuyoshi’s hilarious hairstyles and expressions 😀

  4. Omg that is soo freakin’ hilarious! Thanks for sharing this Koala…been having a bit of a downer today so this really made my day 🙂

  5. Oh! Oh! Oh! I dies… *presses play again*

    And here’s a bit of trivia for you. Due to the raving popularity of that SMAP vid, that hotel rooftop swimming pool has been inundated by Japanese tourists. The hotel has had to restrict access and erect a screen so that hotel guests won’t keep getting harrassed by people giving them “Is this it? But where are my hot aged boyband boys?” stares.

  6. 😆 They are so funny looking! OMG. The first video reminds me of the Village People singing YMCA…I love the stewardess outfit. They look pretty in them. 😉

    I’m a KimuTaku fan too. I’m watching “Nankyoku Tairiku” because of him. (*^__^*) Thanks Captain for this special treat. 😀

  7. If I haven’t told you that I love you for your recap, love you more because you’re the only blogger who recap my fave jdrama, and pledge my devotion to you because you post about SMAP!!

    and you are 200% right “Because KimuTaku is still hot and the other four are hella hilarious”.

    • Totally agree with the Kimura-doggie leg swinging cuteness :3 But can he even use the phone with those paws?

      Even though Shingo looks like… a man in drag… He still looked pretty when he winked at the end XDD it really is about how you carry yourself~~

  8. i think it works coz kimutaku doesn’t act like the alpha dog and hugs the attention to himself even if he is the top star and everyone knows it. love that he doesn’t take himself too seriously. maybe that’s why he IS a big star.

    and you’re so right, those guys are hilarious! but you, ms. koala… you are AWESOME!

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