Man of Honor Episode 12 Recap

Hey! I’ve gotten very few entitled and whiny comments about why the Man of Honor episode 12 recap isn’t up yet. Probably cuz not many people are following this drama, but I like to think folks are getting more polite and thoughtful as a general rule. I was traveling all day, and then had to go dining and boozing (so hard, I know) after I landed, when really all I wanted to do was recap this episode. I kid a little. I did want to stay in, but recapping this episode wasn’t high on my to-do list. My patience is really starting to wear thin with this drama, so if it doesn’t get it’s act in shape in the next episode or two, I am considering dropping it as a recapping project. As cute as Jae In and Young Kwang are, I’m really needing more decent and hardhitting plot from them to keep my interest alive.

Episode 12 recap:

Young Kwang leans in, seemingly to kiss Jae In, but she turns her head at the last moment and avoids him. Young Kwang releases his hand from her face and concedes that it must stop here. If he goes even a step further, he’s just a piece of garbage. Jae In has no response for him, so Young Kwang just scoots back and rests his head on her lap. He asks her to endure this from him, because today he’s truly very upset. Jae In, with unshed tears in her eyes, raises her hand to touch Young Kwang’s hair, but in the end she cannot. The camera pulls back and we see eldest sister Kyung Joo peering into the room, having witnessed this moment.

Young Kwang’s mom walks home and thinks about what she learned from Jae In’s mom. She walks into the restaurant and touches the furniture. She recalls seeing the sudden wad of cash from her husband, and how he said it was money for his grudging compliance. Mom realizes that dad traded Jae In for the money to open the restaurant, and their family had been fed and clothed on Jae In’s suffering, She wonders how her husband could be so despicable.

Suddenly Mom sees dead daddy before her, apologizing for what he did. Mom asks how he could have done such a thing. The man she knew could have never done something like this? Mom is shaking in her fury and rage, asking dead daddy’s spirit how he could pray for the happiness of their children after doing something like this to someone else’s child. She asks how he can turn the entire family into accessories in ruining Jae In’s life? Mom falls on the ground and asks how she can possibly tell Jae In that her husband was not her father, but instead was the mom who destroyed her life? How can she say it? Mom sits there sobbing, as we see Young Kwang sleeping on Jae In’s lap, as Jae In sleeps with her head on his bed.

Hong Joo, dressed like Catwoman, sneaks into the Geodae warehouse and rifles through boxes full of samples. She smiles to find a box containing a red parka. Jae In wakes up in her own bed, leading her to wonder how she got there. She goes to Young Kwang’s room but wonders where he went? He walks up behind her and says he’s right here. She’s startled to see him and they jump apart. She explains her reaction to what happened yesterday, to which he apologizes, because yesterday he was just piss drunk. He claims he can’t remember anything. Jae In asks if he doesn’t remember who brought him home, that being Seo In Woo. Young Kwang claims not to recall that either. When Young Kwang presses if anytbing else happened, Jae In smiles and says nothing else happened.

After Jae In leaves, Young Kwang’s smile leaves his face and he flops down on his bed in frustration. Jae In talks to herself as she walks down the stairs, convincing herself that Young Kwang was just drunk last night. Grandma welcomes Jae In to breakfast, and calls the other kids down to eat. Everyone goes down and Young Kwang is thrilled Grandma made him bean sprout soup for his hangover. Grandma tells him not to drink so much. Jin Joo, who admired In Woo last night, asks if her oppa knows Seo In Woo. Young Kwang says he’s not close to the guy and doesn’t know why In Woo took him home last night.

Young Kwang happily drinks his soup while Kyung Joo looks at him pointedly. They hear Mom left for the restaurant already claiming not to be hungry, which is out of character for her. Kyung Joo notes Mom also came home late last night. Jin Joo pipes up that it’s probably stress from the restaurant situation, and the landlady is about to take it away from them. Everyone looks worried. Grandma tells everyone to eat and not be stressed so early in the morning.

Mom sits in the restaurant and broods. Jae In comes by with a lunchbox since Mom didn’t eat breakfast, and tries to take Mom’s temperature in case Mom is sick. Mom says she’s just got worries on her mind, to which Jae In apologizes for being the cause of it, what with her promising to pay a higher rent. Mom doesn’t explain and just shoos Jae In away, telling her to go to work. After Jae In leaves, Mom looks at the lunchbox and thinks she’s going to go crazy.

Young Kwang is getting dressed for work when Kyung Joo comes in asking how he’s doing. He fine, but Kyung Joo wasn’t talking about his hangover. She tells Young Kwang not to give his heart to just anyone. In the end, he will be the only one hurt. Young Kwang pretends to not know what she is talking about. Young Kwang continues to play dumb, saying that all he has on his mind is how to pass the second test and beat the Chairman. He rushes off and Kyung Joo continues to look concerned. Young Kwang mutters to himself that he knows that it cannot be.

It’s the final day of the test, and so far only one person has received the code to the locker. It’s gangster lackey based on his smug look. Everyone wonders who passed, thinking it must be In Woo who didn’t bother showing up this morning. Everyone gets until 7 pm to sell their product. Hong Joo looks concerned, and turns out she talked with Young Do about how unfair it is for Young Kwang, when the Chairman is all about belittling him now. Young Do warns Hong Joo not to do anything for Young Kwang.

Hong Joo finds Young Kwang resting on a table, asking why he has the time to relax when it’s the last day. She cutely snerks that he should have been nicer to her and she would have bought his item. Plus they could have made a nice memory together. That would have been too easy for Young Kwang, who remembers his dad selling cheap noodles to raise his three kids. He took it for granted, yet it was a backbreaking and difficult job.

Hong Joo doesn’t think this is like Young Kwang to complain, wondering if he’s calling it quits. He’s not, especially after enduring the ridicule of last night. Hong Joo wishes him luck, since he’s her classmate and her first kiss. He reminds her it was an accident. Young Kwang purposely strides off to his task, while Hong Joo murmurs that she won’t let him get eliminated if she can help it. I bet she swiped the other sample parka.

Jae In hears that the company will be holding a new product launch party today at 4 pm, which means there will be new products displayed there. Turns out Young Do wanted Jae In to know about this event. Jae In is offered a chance to go help out at the launch party, but she has to dress like a bunny mascot. Everyone arrives at the party, including In Woo and his mom, but In Woo looks nervous and drops his medication in the car as he gets out. Jae In encourages herself to do her best, as this is her final chance.

In Woo starts to get disoriented and heads to the restroom, Jae In circulates amongst the attendees, and In Woo’s dad hears that the mascot is quite popular in China so was added to this event. He asks where In Woo is, and his wife rushes over to explain In Woo is in the restaurant. They compliment each other on looking quite lovely today. Then In Woo’s dad tells In Chul to find In Woo because he’s needed to make introductions.

In Woo is in the restroom and starts to have an attack, He reaches for his medication but can’t find it, which worsens his condition. He locks himself in a stall and tries to calm himself down. In Woo’s mom looks around nervously and sees In Chul summoning people to follow him. She follows and hears In Woo had a breakdown. Jae In overhears this. In Chul asks In Woo to open the stall door, and he does so, revealing him to be in a state of sweaty nervous twitching.

In Woo’s mom walks into the bathroom to see her son so distressed. In Woo’s dad wonders where he went? Mom wants In Woo covered and taken away, while In Chul goes to obtain the medication anyway he can. Jae In sees In Woo being assisted out of the bathroom. She looks concerned, but then reminds her it has nothing to do with her. In Woo’s dad asks that In Woo and his wife be located immediately. Which is when Young Kwang purposefully strides into the launch party and approaches In Woo’s dad, announcing that he is here to make him laugh.

The driver finds In Chul and hands him In Woo’s medicine he recovered from the backseat. In Chul promises to deliver it, and then looks at it. In Chul returns and tells In Woo’s mom he can’t find the medicine and needs more time to locate it. In Woo’s mom warns everyone not to let the Chairman find out about this. She screams at In Chul, wondering if he’s going to keep standing there staring at the distressed In Woo instead of finding the medicine.

Jae In arrives and is allowed in. She asks In Woo’s mom to stop screaming, as In Woo needs quiet right now. Jae In calls In Woo’s doctors and asks for assistance. The doctor has her put a plastic bag around In Woo’s mouth to steady his breathing. In Woo starts to calm down, and Jae In asks him to think of a good memory. He closes his eyes, and thinks back to a happy or peaceful memory. In Woo thinks back to Jae In, finally calming down and just staring at her.

Back the launch party, Young Kwang reminds In Woo’s dad that he asked to become the buyer target, so he has to give Young Kwang until the end of today to accomplish his task. Young Kwang gets five minutes from In Woo’s dad, so he proceeds to use it to insult In Woo’s dad using Chinese proverbs about how he’s a horrible and unreasonable boss. Dae Sung realizes what he’s doing and is amazed with an “oh my god!” Everyone looks confused by what is happening. In Woo’s dad is perturbed but not shaken, asking if this is all he has?

Young Kwang smiles and says he has one final proverb to use to win. In Woo’s dad tries to brush it aside, but Young Kwang reminds him that he’s conceding it’s all true then. When asked why he came today, Young Kwang says he was so humiliated that as a man he couldn’t accept it. When In Woo’s dad wants him dragged out, Young Kwang asks if he’s so afraid of him? In Woo’s dad starts laughing at this absurdity of him being afraid of Young Kwang.

In Woo’s dad suddenly realizes everyone is looking at him in silence. Hong Joo counts down the final seconds until 5 minutes. Young Kwang did make In Woo’s dad laugh, so everyone in attendance claps and chants for In Woo’s dad to buy the parka. In Woo confirms he’s alright to his mom before they all head back to the party. Suddenly his dad rushes out in rage, holding the parka in his hand. In Woo peers inside and sees everyone clapping for Young Kwang. In Woo’s dad rushes to his office and vows to not let Young Kwang get away with this. Kyung Joo sees the parka tossed on the floor and secretly smiles.

Young Kwang tells Jae In the good news that he sold the park. They hug and he twirls her bunny self around, but quickly letting go of each other. They happily give each other high fives and does a victory dance, which is what In Woo sees. Poor woobie, I feel for you. Young Do asks Hong Joo if she knows why the sample parka in the warehouse went missing, which would require the Chairman to buy Young Kwang’s parka in time for the launch party. Hong Joo feigns ignorance. Young Do warns Hong Joo not to let these coincidences happen in the future in Young Kwang’s favor.

Turns out Jae In could have snatched one of the other samples, but she doesn’t, and instead sells Hong Joo a design of the product. Hong Joo isn’t interested in buying even if Jae In has the shoes, because she doesn’t care what Jae In’s relationship to Young Kwang is. She likes Young Kwang no matter what. She’s happy Jae In will be eliminated. But the other chubby Team member buys the nonexistent shoe from her, because he saw how she did all her research right in selling the product.

In Woo tries to sell his show to Dae Sung, who wonders why he should buy it when In Woo has shown no interest in selling it before. In Woo says he just got interested in passing the test an hour ago. Dae Sung gets up to leave, but In Woo stops him by saying his father is Chairman Seo and he will inherit this company in the future.

The applicants assemble while Young Do announces the four who have passed: Jae In, Young Kwang, lackey, and In Woo. These four will face the final test. The final test is that they have one month to solve a riddle. Jae In and Young Kwang continue to be all congratulating each other, while In Woo watches.

Jae In heads to the restaurant to find Young Kwang’s mom. Jae In asks Mom for 1000 won, which she is taking as payment for the shoes she bought mom, since she heard giving someone shoes as a gift means that person will leave. Mom is upset and pretends to chide Jae In for buying something she didn’t ask for. She tells Jae In to go home, she’s in a bad mood. Before leaving, Jae In tells Mom that she will help Mom with the rent issue going forward.

Jae In leaves the restaurant and In Woo drives up to see her. Young Kwang walks into the room of lockers and uses the code to open his locker. He takes out a box inside and opens it to find his father’s watch. He looks stunned and cries out for his dad. Young Do arrives and watched this moment.

In Woo tells a shocked Jae In that he is here to apologize to her for all the mean and hurtful things he said to her in the past. He asks her, sincerely and earnestly, to take care of him again. Jae In looks stunned to hear this. Mom hugs the shoes Jae In gave her and cries, asking herself what she is to do. Young Kwang looks at his dad’s watch and has a very determined expression. In Woo’s dad holds the parka and rages that a mere son of a driver could dare do this to him.

Thoughts of Mine:

Sorry this recap lacked my usual chipmunky enthusiasm. I’m exhausted and this episode bored me to tears. It was boring when I watched it first thing this morning, and just as boring when I watched it 15 hours later to recap it. Across time zones and exhaustion, I’m also getting fed up with the ham-handed plot reveals that are dragging so much by now. We’re halfway through the drama and I feel like nothing substantial has happened other than: Jae In finds her faux-family, she meets Young Kwang and In Woo and they both start liking her, and the three musketeers apply for a job at Geodae. The rest of the ancillary plot developments aren’t making any headway either. Sigh. Drama, please don’t let me down. Imma wait for next week to see if you redeem yourself.


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  1. I follow this drama:D i just don’t really comment! sorry:) but no pressure in recapping this drama… the show seems to be moving reallllllllyyyy slowly…

  2. Thanks for the recap…Im enjoying reading this drama, i tried to watch episodes before but they seem to drag out too much so i prefer your condensed version

    thankyou again

  3. I really enjoyed reading your recaps and I hope that this drama gets better so you don’t have to drop it. I always wait patiently for your recap but I can’t blame you if you have to stop doing it…thanks again for all your hard work πŸ™‚

  4. thanks for the recap!! By reading this recap, i can feel that you didn’t enjoy this ep like earlier ones. πŸ˜€ i thought that the mom was gonna do something about Jae In but she rather sits and cries all day long. πŸ™ Hope the next ep gets better!

  5. Gotta agree that this one one of the worst episodes. I think they’re dragging the plot a little bit too much.I mean ,when is Young Kwang going to find out that Jae In’s not his real sis? I also do hope that next week ‘s episode is better. I don’t wanna give this up ,cause of all the cute YK-JI moments. Thanks for the recap anyway c:

  6. dear koala
    thanks for the recap of this drama.I really love this drama and you are the reason because of your awsome recap.I miss your soul so much here and I encourage you to continue.
    fighting koala and thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu for your hard work
    you are the best so keep going

  7. Dear Koala,

    Please keep your great work here!!!

    Just use your Man of Honor as title. It is your trademark!
    I now really appreciate your endurance.

    I always read your articles here and
    being one of your number one fans for English Version Korea Drama,
    I can say it is so hard to find one in the Internet world as good as you.

  8. I can’t blame you if you drop recapping. I’m not even gonna watch episode 12 subtitled, I fast forwarded most of the scenes and reading your recap was just enough. Are they out of ideas, why is the plot dragging? The only thing that excited me was the bonding between YK and JI, their chemistry is so great. I hope they won’t spoil it in the name of making a twist in the story and make JI end up with IW.

    • “”I hope they won’t spoil it in the name of making a twist in the story and make JI end up with IW.””
      that would be a tragedy..

  9. Thank you so much for this ockoala unni! I actually was only able to open my laptop at 7pm and I was surprised that it isn’t up yet (your recaps are usually up at around 8 or 9 am here but I didn’t check it out as I was busy cramming for an exam). It’s not really you and so I’m pretty sure something must have come up and also thought that there’s that small chance that you may hate this episode and just didn’t want to recap it, but then I know that if an episode is crap, you’ll let us know. So, I’m just so glad that you’re alright.

    Yes, I must agree that the story didn’t move at all in this episode. The recruitment thing is dragging us senseless. Why is it not over yet? There’s another hurdle? That’s the last is it? Please tell me it is as it’s not fun anymore. Then mom isn’t keen yet on what to do with the info she now knows. Okay, I guess, it’s understandable for now. She has to think. It’s all a shock for her. But I have faith on her that she’ll do what she has to do (and what is right to do), and I hope she’s done contemplating on the matter by next week. About the three musketeers, well, I think In Woo is stepping up a notch now. He’ll have Jae In near him (as Jae In would surely accept the job after her promise to help mom with the rent) and looks like he’s already fallen and well, has the upper hand since the OTP knows they are just siblings, unless mum tells them the real deal, which is still questionnable if she’s going to tell this soon (I hope). I’m actually getting interested in what In Woo would do for Jae In. I have this wild scene on my mind that he’d lose his life for the girl (thinking of what In Chul and evil Dad could do). I don’t want that to happen of course, now that In Woo’s good side is starting to show, but it just popped out.

    Still looking forward for the next episode…

  10. thanks so much for the recap. I like this drama very much. The leads are cute and the second male lead whose name I don’t know is good too.

  11. my dear ockoala
    am glad to see so many expressing their appreciation for your MOH recaps. Frankly speaking, it was purely your enthusiastic recap that got me hooked on it like M3 before. I like the way you described the chem between the two leads. Everyone on this playground of yours would totally agree that we luv your chipmunkish style. Please keep it up!
    Having said that, should you at some point feel exhausted doing this, may I suggest you go get yourself some booze before recapping and if you still feel the same, then I guess MOH is beyond redemption and I would respect your very important decision of dropping it. Meanwhile, please please please keep going until next week, will you?
    Think it’s about time we sound this to the broadcasting station to summon scriptwriter to the firing squad, eh? he he…

    Thanks again dear for your hardwork. fingers crossed that things will pick up next week…

  12. Like others I do follow your recap, ockoala! And I love it every single time!! I also feel that they should have move the plot a bit more, but I guess the final test for the remaining four will be discovering the truth (for YK) about his dad’s wrongdoings, for (JI) to figure out who she really is, for (IW) to step up and face his greatest fear, and I am not so sure about the fourth guy though… Hahaha!

    Don’t want to pressure you on the recap, but your site and your every single posting is the place I must visit every day! Thank you for your recap!!

    I am looking forward to next week episodes! ^^

  13. Thank you for all the wonderful and encouraging comments, guys! *wipes away tear*

    I really really love MoH and do want to continue recapping, but if the drama doesn’t start taking concrete steps forward I’ll get so frustrated it’ll ruin my enjoyment to watch it multiple times to recap it. Fingers crossed it finds it’s footing for the second half, because I don’t want to drop it unless I have to.

    • Thank you so much for recapping it even when the drama isn’t really going any further. But please please don’t stop recapping it. I love all the actors in this drama and I love your input on every episode.

      I am actually enjoying the drama I just wish that it will move soon. Hwaiting!!!!!!

  14. hope you will not stop recapping….i love the MoH as much as I love your recaps…tired as I am after work, I look forward to your articles!!! keep it up πŸ™‚

  15. Good to know that I’m not the only one obssessing with your recap ockoala..and not the only one frustrated with the dragging plot. Although I am all for our OTP, the IW and JI pairing would not be bad at all- that is if IW would stay on the good beginning to like him as he is showing he’s softer side especially when JI is with him.
    Really hope that you would continue doin’ the recap for this drama-you’re really making it easier for me to undestand the drama and its storyline. I know that everyone who reads your blog appreciates your hard work…btw, I do always look forward for your recaps..I think I was refreshing your site every half hour yesterday just to check if it was up already.. :-)) Thanks again.

  16. Thanks for recapping! I really appreciate it!

    I too hope the drama move forward and we get to see development and results in the story line. I’m still an JI-IW shipper! It could happen and he could be the ‘Man of Honor’. Hey a girl can wish!

    Thanks again and I hope you know that you have more readers than commenters!

  17. i usually don’t comment but wanted to say thanks for recapping! perhaps bc i haven’t been watching so it doesnt feel as slow, but i’ve really enjoyed your recaps!! so i do hope you’ll continue (of course i hope it picks up as well for your enjoyment!).

  18. thanks for the recaps….one month to solve the riddle? so will it take 4 episodes? It took almost 2 episodes for the second quest…..I love this drama but I’m so frustrated now….but hoping it will be better next ep….

  19. oh dear i have to agree that this drama is moving too slow even for me…too bad i love this show so much too… i just wish the next episodes are a lot better so that you can continue to recap this. I do look forward to reading your recaps so I’d be real sad if you decide to drop this… πŸ™ thank you for all your hard work… I always enjoy reading your recaps… madam K fighting!!!!

  20. Love the recap. I wanted to watch the episode but I didn’t find it except your recap. You are very thorough. I enjoyed reading the recap.

    Thank you for your time. I do agree that the writer and director have to do something to move faster..

  21. There’s something off bout Park Min Young that this drama’s not getting interesting anymore!! Gosh!! She doesnt look so natural for me! EVerything bout her is fake!! even the way she laughs or whatever. All she does in this drama is act cute.

  22. Hi unni,, thanks for recapping moh, I’ve been reading your recaps for a year now and sorry coz this is the 1st time I’m commenting, its just that I’ve read that you’ll drop this drama, oh please don’t..Yes, MOH is getting boring but still I hope that it could be back on track, and I think I enjoy reading your recaps than actually watching it, I also would like to see what will happen once jae in found out the truth.

  23. Because of time constraints or interest level there are some shows that I actually watch and others I “watch” through reading recaps such is the case for me and Man of Honor. I have never watched it but through reading it through your eyes have seen the whole show. This was the same with me for “Lie to me” I stopped watching after ep 6 & became dependent on your caps and soompi talk etc. ever since. I have yet to complete watching this show and am in no rush to watch it either despite the chemistry between the leads. I have learned that at times it better to read the caps than watch the show because its more interesting that way.

    The point is I enjoy reading your caps for this show and sincerely hope that you continue, however if you choose to stop because of the way that the storyline is going I understand and wish you all the best.

    Have a good weekend koala.

  24. There is something i want you my glorious friends, to read. Allow me to share my concern and thoughts in responding to what people make such a big fuss on how YG can’t no longer suppress his feeling towards JI, who they both think is YG’s sister. I was sad when i found out how some people can’t understand, let alone appreciate Kim Young Gwang, NOR Chun Jung Myung, the actor who plays him.

    Anything JM takes as his projects is always have my support as his fan, no matter how i like OR i don’t like the storyline, the PD, the writer style, the character he’d play later, AND whoever his gonna-be female main leads in his projects. I believe he and his team, other chosen co stars, plus the crews of the project, have their own consideration why taking this role or why choosing that star. They are professionals and i respect their professional decisions. How they later execute the project, i’ll just need to wait and see.

    I’m not a huge PMY fan, i’m not even her regular fan and never interested to watch any of her projects tho i love Lee Min Ho to death. My City Hunter DVD set is still neatly packed in its plastic wrap (i forgot when i bought that) and i stil not urge to watch it. I read so many comments on PMY’s so so acting ability, watched some of SKKS eps, and not moved by her either. YET, no matter how i disappointed knowing that PMY took this role to play along with CJM, i’m fine with that. PMY was confirmed earlier to take part here than CJM, so if JM ok and the PD ok too, why i must doubt them? I just hope that what i read isn’t right and PMY can prove that she’s not just a pretty face, that she gets better and stronger. Until eps 12 now, i honestly lost my hope.

    But i’m here. Still watching, still respecting. I don’t have the right to say that she doesn’t try. That she doesn’t want to work her hardest. Coz i can see she does, she tries, that’s what i appreciate. And anything that her character does and says, just like JM’s character does too, isn’t her responsibility. JM and MY are actors, their job is to portray what the PD and writer-nim want. They breath the life to the characters, add colors on them, connect them to us, but they don’t create them nor writing them or planning what happen next to the story. It’s unfair then to blame and attack the actors personally when their characters and storyline don’t match with what we viewers want.

    I was so sad this morning when i peeked at both CJM and PMY mentions and read hatred and bashful tweets regarding their characters towarded them. I was sadder and angrier when people tweeted CJM and saying how immoral, immature, disgusting, and pathetic Young Gwang is. Is it his fault that the writer and PD want YG that way? Is it fair mocking and harassing his hard work while all he does is to present his best for the people who spend their time watching his work? If we want to give them constructive critics and suggestions, do we have to tweet our opinion that way? Those actors can’t sleep enough to film this, JM hurted his fingers while his spine injury isn’t totally recovered and he has the hardest and most foolish scenes to do which i don’t think he’s happy as a bird doing them. But there are still heartless people thinking that they can do better by tweeting him sarcasms and cruel tweets? What, can they act better? can they write better stories? Go write and send them to KBS then. Stop harassing those hardworking actors and creating hatred among fans to fans. I still have tons to say but i’d better keep it to myself. It’s just so sad and ironic knowing how those smart and brilliant tweeters are actually the ones who can’t separate real life and dramas.

    And Ockoala unni, please don’t stop recapping! Lololol, you’re my inspiration in writing and i’m thinking here how to possess the adorable and great writing style you have! Witty, smart, funny and very catchy to read. Please keep this thread alive, though, haish!! i have to agree if they don’t write anything better and developed, i, eh, well, i’m adicted to JM you see? so maybe i’ll keep watching, lol! But Drama God!! bless us here with your love!!!

    • Blaming an actor for his on-screen character’s actions may be a symptom of brain damage, seriously… Those people should get a life.

      • lol, Seyhan, that’s what wonders me in the first place. I mean, c’mon!!! What, should I hate Anthony Hopkins for being Hannibal and blame him coz Hannibal eats people? Duh!

    • @Asyree, that was because CJM has successfully acted out YK’s role so well that some people are so overwhelmed and sucked into it that they can’t differentiate between real life or dramas anymore……We should applaud CJM for his fabulous and impeccable acting skill……

      • Rum, hahahaha, thanks for your positive point of view!! Now i see their probs from your POV, and hey, that feels good! Oh, lolzzzz!!!

        Yeah JM is so good being YG sometimes i feel sad imagining the foolish scenes he has to take. Don’t know what running into his mind when the stylist dressed him out with that awful half-done clown clothing! Hiks !!! :'(

  25. Yup, I agree with the previous comments. I love your recaps. Thanks! Please don’t stop.

    @Asyree: Just don’t mind those people. JM is a very good actor.

  26. Thank you for your hardwork, ockoala. Pls don’t give up recapping this drama. I never noticed these 2 leads until you introduced this drama. Fall in love with their chemistry……..

  27. Hi! I do really love the way you recap the MoH. I hope that you will still continue in recapping until it ends. Your skills in writing is so good that even though I can’t watch the videos I’m always looking forward in reading your recaps. Keep it up!

  28. hi! thank you for your recaps. I join the others in encouraging you to please continue on recapping MOH. I happen to know of your site because I was looking for MOH recaps. thanks!!

  29. Thank you very much for recapping up to this point. It is tiring work and prolly gets annoying when the story drags and you want to type:
    “The Passive aggressive one said ‘Blah blah blah blah blah.’ and the Mean one said,’Blahdidy blah,’ and something else really dumb…”

    I have given up actually watching this one for now. When the fauxcest goes away, maybe I’ll be back. I expected a lot more heat out of PIE/PMY since their chemistry is fabulous. The PD needs to stop the tease now. I’m getting as frustrated as you and YK!

    It is your life with your limited time – drop it if you want, you can always come back if it gets good…
    Have fun whatever your decision!

    • Jomo, your comment, “The passive agressive one said ‘Blah blah blah blah…”made me laugh. πŸ™‚ I agree it is time for the plot to progress. Time for the two to like each other without any fake issues holding them back.

      Koala-thanks for recapping. You are appreciated by us MOH fans!!! But I do agree with Jomo- do it if you’ve got time. We totally understand you having a life outside of the playground! πŸ™‚

  30. Pleaseeee don’t give up Ockoala… I love the show.. I dont know what to do in tuesday and friday when I’m not reading your recap… As I become grow into the drama with our OTP.. Please do the recap till the drama finish… Thank you soooooo much…

  31. I also hope that the episodes of Man Of Honor gets better bcoz other dramas are really good too.I just started watching Flower Boy Ramyun Shop and it was great! Every episode was really good…but I’ll still watch Man Of Honor so pls pls pls endure the episodes of Man Of Honor…it might get better =D

  32. I am addicted to this drama! Love it &thanks for the recaps!
    This drama makes me laugh, scream “NOOOOO”, and cry – its a slow story but I still enjoy it

  33. Excellent beat ! I wish to apprentice whilst you amend your website, how could i subscribe for a weblog website? The account aided me a applicable deal. I had been a little bit acquainted of this your broadcast offered vibrant clear idea

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