Written and Video Preview for Episode 14 of Office Girls

I hope this week’s episode of Office Girls is as good as the previews suggest. I’m actually fine with Xing Ren leaving and a time jump, even if I don’t think the story will go that way. Kai Er’s back this week, and she’s sporting the same hairstyle as Xing Ren. Clearly that is no coincidence, and I can see the devious in her eyes and worry for our innocent OTP. I don’t mind some machinations on her part to stir up trouble for the sake of angst, but I hope the drama continues to allow issues to be resolved swiftly and sincerely, allowing us to see how much Xing Ren and Zi Qi continue to grow together and individually.

Written preview for episode 14:

Mina impatiently urges Xing Ren to make her decision. Xing Ren, filled with her unspoken concerns, can only face Mina without an answer. Thank goodness Mina understands Xing Ren’s difficulty and proposes a different proposal. Can Mina help Xing Ren resolve her concerns?

Kai Er has finished her vacation and returned to Jing Shi Department Store. She asks Zi Qi to help her look for a missing flash drive. The President and the VP of HR see the contents of the flash drive and are stunned. Will Jing Shi face a storm of personnel changes?

Facing the possibility that Xing Ren is about to leave, Zi Qi is already missing her. But the usually immature Zi Qi seems to have grown and supports Xing Ren in the decision she makes. He plans a true love confession. What moves will Zi Qi unleash to quicken their love? Will Zi Qi’s love confession affect Xing Ren’s decision? Zi Qi and Xing Ren take big steps forward!

Previews for episode 14:




Written and Video Preview for Episode 14 of Office Girls — 16 Comments

  1. I was just about to go to bed but decided to come by the playground before. And there was this entry. o/

    Wish I’d understand what they are saying, especially Qi Zi to Xing Ren while offering her the rose. I bet the NG kiss must be pretty interesting. ^^

    Can’t Kai Er go back to vacation or get lost along the way? I wonder, though, how Xing Ren will deal with Qi Zi’s real social status once she finds out? Will she feel betrayed or will she understand his reasons for hiding this piece of information…? Guess we’ll have to wait a bit more.

      • Also, dialogue with the friend (roughly):

        “I’ve already been this obvious, Xing Ren can’t still be oblivious”
        “Then have you said the most important 4 words?”
        “What 4 words?”
        “I. Like. You.” (“Like” is two words in chinese)
        “To a girl, a man’s declaration is more important than anything else”

    • you are not the only one. oh my god, the “i like you Xing Ren”, the look from Zi Qi, the leaning forward for a kiss, omg, Zi Qi is killing me with his hotness.

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