Upcoming TW-drama Inborn Pair with Chris Wang and Annie Chen Release Poster and Stills

Good lord, that is like the cutest poster for a rom-com drama, but why must it be paired with the worst possible English title on the planet? Did CTS have no one on staff who has more than an elementary schooler’s comprehension of English? The upcoming TW-drama, which I initially translated the title literally as True Love Asks for Trouble (真愛找麻煩), has released the first stills of the leads along with a poster calling the drama Inborn Pair. What. The. &*^%?

When I read the title, I keep thinking “ingrown hair” (ewwww), “inbred pair” (I’ll lay off the non-PC inbreeding jokes in case someone gets offended), or some horror movie about conjoined twins. The horrible English title aside, the drama seems rather cute based on the first stills. Starring Chris Wang, Annie Chen, Jenna Wang, and Kun Da, the preliminary synopsis reveals that the OTP were betrothed to each other when they were still in the womb. I like to see how they attempt to convince the viewers that arranged marriages somehow can be a match made in Heaven.

Annie is cute but I’ve only recently started to like her as an actress after watching her supporting turn in Material Queen (she was great as rival model Sasha). Same goes for Chris, who still isn’t a very strong actor, but he made an impression on me in The Fierce Wife. I’ll definitely be keeping tabs on this drama.


Upcoming TW-drama Inborn Pair with Chris Wang and Annie Chen Release Poster and Stills — 16 Comments

  1. I’ve really really liked Annie since Prince 1 and Princess 2, even though the drama itself, annoyed me to death…..i wanna see how they are going to sell arranged marriages too

    • Nope. Chris Wang was lead in his first drama 第二回合我愛你 with Tammy Chen.
      And Annie Chen was the lead of Prince and Princess 2. And Volleyball Lovers. And Also that one Chinese (not Taiwanese) Drama with Ming Dao…That’s all i recall so far.

  2. This seems like my type of drama….. hmm….. I’ll be looking forward to seeing this drama!!!! esp if Annie is here!!!! both OTPs look good with each other… so it’ll be 🙂 !!! 🙂

  3. That’s Annie Chen from Prince + Princess 2? The difference a haircut makes…

    Hey it’s Lu Bu from Ko.3.AnGuo!!! Aww…I have a soft spot for the cast of the KO Triology.

  4. I like Chris Wang too so I’d watch out for this one. ^^ I really liked his character in TFW although yea, he wasn’t that good when it comes to acting. :/

    The title sounds a little… stupid. lol XD

  5. i like this drama annie chen and chris wang are the best.i wish this drama has english subtitle.i pretty lot of people will buy it and will watch it online.INBORN PAIR/TRUE LOVE GOOD LUCk!!!

  6. i wish this drama has english subtitle.im pretty sure lots of people will like it,watch it online and more will buy it.i myself im looking forwar to it.

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