Sonia Sui and Joe Cheng Visit Cambodia for World Vision Taiwan

As the spokespersons for non-profit World Vision Taiwan, Sonia Sui and Joe Cheng took a week-long trip to Cambodia recently for the Sponsor a Child program that they have been involved with for many years now. Both of them were gratified to have a chance to visit with the children they sponsor and spend time learning about the beautiful culture of Cambodia. Other than Joe’s insanely hideous hammer sweats, everything about this post is an awesome win. Have a look at Joe and Sonia at the press conference discussing their visit, and the pictures of their trip which is just so wonderful to see.

Below are the official photographs captured by the organization chronicling their visit. The organization continues to use their famous spokespersons like Joe and Sonia, who are personally very involved with the charitable programs, to raise awareness for its various causes.


Sonia Sui and Joe Cheng Visit Cambodia for World Vision Taiwan — 11 Comments

  1. They’re so pale and tall compared to the natives in the pictures. The one with the hay kind of looks like they were photoshopped in there, because of the contrast (I know they weren’t, though). It’s really great, what they’re doing!! ^^

  2. I wonder if for a second they thought, “I’m in $435 hiking boots and half these kids don’t have sandals that cost less than $2 back home.” ?

    I hope they are learning a tremendous amount.

  3. Wow, Sonia Sui is tall. lol That’s what I’ve noticed. XD It’s so nice to see celebrities doing charity works. I hope they’ll inspire people specially those who have the means to reach out to those who need help.

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