MBC Releases Riveting Character Descriptions for MoonSun

Gimme gimme gimme! I need The Moon that Embraces the Sun so badly I’m actually willing to just erase 24 hours off my life clock so I can get to tomorrow quicker. The cast held a press conference for the drama where the young and pretty cast was in costume to meet the press. Kim Soo Hyun revealed that Song Joong Ki‘s portrayal of young King Sejong is his ideal. He knows he looks younger than his age but will do his best to create the character of Hwon so that it captivates the audience. You’ve already captivated me, cutie pie! Han Ga In also addressed the issue with her being older than both her male leads (whereas her character is younger than their characters in the drama), apologizing for it (why?) and asking the audience to allow her to present the character of Wol. MBC released character descriptions that include quite a lot of plot spoiler, so read on if you want to start salivating. MoonSun premieres tomorrow.

The Sun that Misses the Moon – Lee Hwon

I am the Crown Prince of this country.

Charming, bright, and approachable, a young crown prince who does not yet know the calm and viciousness required to rule a nation. He is always smiling before “the potentially dangerous” Prince Yang Myung. He learned from Woon the joys of education and the duties of being a sovereign. Through Yeon Woo, he understands the vast world he will one day rule, and experiences the heart pumping brush with first love. Just as Yeon Woo is about to become the Crown Princess, thinking that his love with her will come to fruition, she suddenly dies. Like that, a distant relative Bo Kyung becomes his Crown Princess. Now, he is no longer the innocent young Crown Prince.

I am now the King of this country.

Aloof and arrogant, he rarely smiles. None of his palace consorts have ever received his favor. At the urging of his palace medical staff, during his time of illness, he goes to meet the shaman living in the forest. It is there he meets Wol….

The Moon that Embraces the Sun – Yeon Woo

Yeon Woo, the name given by her father, has the connotation of the soft rain falling through the fog. But this girl’s personality is much more like a strong rain that falls in bright sunlight with abandon, giving a clear and refreshing sensation. Has the bright mind and carefree personality as the daughter of the scholar of the royal learning academy. By chance she enters the palace and meets Hwon. She cannot contain the excitement in her heart, this feeling of first love. She thought she would live happily ever after as Hwon’s Crown Princess, but then Yeon Woo falls massively ill with an unknown illness. Even though the wedding date is near, she is sent home. In her father’s embrace, Yeon Woo quietly closes her eyes.


Her name is Wol, a shaman who will receive all the ills. This woman has no memory of what happened to her eight years ago…..

The Light that is Painfully Separated from the Sun – Prince Yang Myung

He’s the son of Royal Concubine Park [Hwon is the son of Queen Han] and the next in line for the throne. Carefree and cheerful, he’s all smiles on the surface, but his soul longs to be free. To gain his freedom, he’s had to use considerable courage. He’s the next in line for the throne, because he’s so agreeable, there are always supporters lining up in his residence. During this time, he’s separated from Hwon to be raised apart. His father treats him with coldness, so he spends his time at the royal learning academy and receives comfort there. It is there that he meets Yeon Woo, and thus begins his longing for her. When that women chooses to become the Crown Princess, and subsequently dies, he falls into a despair.

Much time has passed until now…..

When fate lets him and Hwon meet up again……


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    • Yeah, the age gap kinda concerned me, until I saw the stills. They somewhat reassured me that I’d be able to get past it. But the acting…between KSH and JIW, I’m worried she’ll be sadly overshadowed. Unless the script calls for her to glide around, shaman-like, looking lovely and mysterious, as the unattainable object of their affections. I think she can handle that.

  1. GAH. I need this BADLY. I need my yearly Kim Soo-hyun fix asap. Someone I.V. drip this into my veins as soon as it is released, please. Oh, here’s to hoping this drama will be subtitled quickly…
    And omona, I nearly had a heart attack when I saw Kim Soo-hyun’s poster. This costume suits him much more than that of the King, imo. Plus his half-cold half-longing expression… Oppa, saranghe~~ ! *unconditional KSH lover*

  2. The description sounds ridiculously up my alley but I just cannot get over the leads! I like KSH and HGI but whoever cast them opposite each other is insane. Sure, she looks a lot younger than her years, but so does he! I could buy her and Jung Il Woo as equals in age (which is quite a compliment to how youthful HGI looks) but to buy her as two years younger (!!!!) than Kim Su Hyun, who portrayed a high schooler in his last drama – I can’t.

    I can suspend my age disbelief as long as everyone looks relatively the same age (e.g. in Legend, there is no way I was going to buy BYJ as a 17-yr-old but all the actors were equally ‘old’ so he didn’t stick out) so I could buy either KSH as a very youthful however-old-he’s-supposed-to-be or HGI as younger-than-she-looks heroine, but pitting the two of them together – I can’t, not outside of a noona romance.

    It’s driving me nuts because the plot sounds so much my thing and I wish I could watch this. I am really curious at the behind-the-scenes of the casting, tbh.

    • I’ve heard that due to her illness and being a shaman living in the forest, Yeon Woo/Wol looks older than Hwon after they are grown. Her sadness permeates her soul and gives her a look of aged melancholy. Plus she is sent to absorb the ills of the King so he remains vibrant while she slowly wastes away.

      • If that is the case, I think you just got me on-board this drama 🙂

        I just wanted some explanation, however far-fetched.

        Thank you!

        Also, being a shaman sounds a pretty awful job, then! I’d tell the King to go get a portrait in the attic instead!

  3. I saw more of the pictures on the facebook.. OMG… DAEBAK!!! oh the bts of the kids are soo cute.. Thank you, Koala unni for wonderful pictures… I am soo pictures overload.. Now, I am just praying for the kdrama gods give us some wonderful HOT Waterfall Shower scenes… XD

  4. Thank you Ms Koala for these details and descriptions!!! 🙂

    I discovered a lot more details about the plot yesterday when I was searching around to satisfy my curiosity and subsequently got completely sucked into the hype even more (as if that was possible)!! I was really looking forward to it before, but now have to label it as crack… I cannot wait. It is definitely something I can buy into no matter how young or old or mismatched these 3 look.

    I absolutely love those undying young love stories that carry into adulthood, esp ones that were taken away b/c of some wrongful manipulation on someone’s part, and the journey to correct and set right all of that. That kind of love is totally unrealistic but for dramas, it’s my guilty pleasure. KSH & HGI — I really hope they have good chemistry onscreen or at least decent… I can buy into any love story as long as there is that.

    Can’t Wed come any faster? (and the actors that play the kid versions are so adorable)

  5. Despite my love for Kim Soo-hyun and Sungkyunkwan scandal, I was pretty ambivalent about MoonSun. Reading the character descriptions made me think of Saiunkoku Monogatari, If this drama is anything like it, I want it on my screen right now!

  6. omg thanks koala..i cant wait for this drama! i dont mind now the age gap and all.im buying the whole Shaman rejuvenates the King but slowly wastes away..gaah.

    @Dangermousie: PLEASE WAAATCH so that i can too spazz on your blog.lol

  7. So excited for this drama to finally start airing!!!!!! Hell, I think I should just watch it raw because I’m so psyched 😀

  8. I’ve been waffling about whether or not to watch MoonSun, but now I’m fully onboard! I was going to check out the first ep or 2 for JIW, but the stills and promos have drawn me in. Can’t wait for this to start!

  9. Wow, this sounds thrilling, I can’t wait! Thank you, Ms Koala! I think you should consider becoming a translator, you’re awesome ^^

  10. i watched the first episode. that girl who plays wol, WOW she has grown up to be very beautiful and will continue to grow beautiful. hopefully in reality she is humble and meets the beauty of her face!

  11. Those descriptions were beautifully written!
    Made me want to watch it now!
    Han Ga In looks so young in the stills, hopefully they’ll be able to work things out.

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