Additional Character Descriptions and Spoilers for MoonSun

I thought long and hard about whether to even bother translating the rest of the character descriptions provided by MBC for The Moon that Embraces the Sun (I’ve translated the ones for the leads of Hwon, Yeon Woo, and Yang Myung here already). But then I realized how complicated this story might get, and it’s always nice to have some background material before wading into the deep end. The characters descriptions all add up to massive spoilers as well, so that ought to satisfy folks dying to know tidbits of what’s to come.

The Mirror that Dreams about Becoming the Moon – Bo Kyung

Hwon’s Queen, the daughter of the Interior Minister Yoon Dae Hyung

Kind-hearted, with a gentle demeanor that treats everyone well. Commands great respect amongst the court officials. She does not begrudge Hwon for refusing to consummate their marriage to produce the next heir, instead letting out a quiet smile. But that is all a front by this woman: to gain the elders love, everyone’s respect, the royal family’s sympathy, a role in politics, all of this is something she worked hard to accomplish. The person responsible for turning an ordinary child that was Bo Kyung into this power hungry woman today is her father, Yoon Dae Hyung. She wanted to become the Crown Princess and be by Hwon’s side. With the death of Yeon Woo, this became a reality. It appears that lady luck is on her side. That is, until the moon appears…..

The Flame that has His Wing’s Clipped – Heo Yeom

The brother-in-law to the King, he is Hwon’s teacher, friend, and husband to his younger sister.

Possessing unsurpassed beauty, he was the idol of all the scholars during his Sungkyunkwan days. He was the top scholar to pass the civil service exam, a once-in-a-century genius (learning is so easy!). Of course he has his flaws. He’s stubborn and doesn’t know how to yield when necessary. He’s clueless about male-female relationships, and the person who suffers the most for this is Princess Minhwa. He was the top scholar at age 17, and promptly became the younger than himself by 2 years Crown Prince’s teacher. From then on, he experienced teacher-student appreciation, sovereign-subject understanding, and similar age friendship with Hwon. But….with the death of Yeon Woo….thus begins the tragedy. To this day he still berates and regrets being the link which brought Hwon and Yeon Woo together.

The Cloud that Contains the Rain – Woon

Full name Kim Ji Woon, a 23 year old young warrior, the number one fighter in Joseon, protecting Hwon by his side.

Whatever he does, it’s like a painting. His sharp eyes, high tipped nose, six foot height, and long arm span, he always stands silently besides Hwon. His every word has an impact. Having learned Joseon’s eight martial arts, he is the complete warrior package. When he was young, he was abused by his own mother, with a father that derided him as being low born. But oddly enough, from his father’s first wife, he receives affection. Together with Yeom and Yang Myung, he experiences deep friendship. But then….the woman who makes Woon become a man, Yeon Woo…, the shaman Wol….he begins to waver between his loyalty to his liege and his love for a woman.

Princess Minhwa

Hwon and Yang Myung’s younger sister. Carefree and outgoing, she is beloved by everyone around her. When she was young, she fell in love with Yeom at first sight. After the death of Yeon Woo, she miraculously marries Yeom. But she always feels like she’s a burden on Yeom so she feels guilty. But even then, she does not regret it.


She was once a servant in the Heo family, but now she is warrior that guards the shaman Wol. Due to a random encounter with head shaman Jang Nok Young, she discovers the secret surrounding Yeon Woo’s death. She longs for the young master who named her Seol, Yeom, and she confides her feelings to Woon when they are in the Palace.

Minister Heo – Yeom and Yeon Woo’s father

A man of great learning and integrity, commanding the respect of everyone. He gained the trust of King Sungjo, which is also why he gained an enemy in Yoon Dae Hyung. He introduces Yeom to Yang Myung and Woon, allowing the boys to form a lifelong friendship. After the death of Yeon Woo, he falls into a grave illness.

Lady Shin – Yeom and Yeon Woo’s mother

She is referred to as a female Iljimae, with her generous heart. She is the mother to Yeom and Yeon Woo, and also the mother-in-law to Princess Minhwa. But when her only daughter and her husband passes away one after the other, she becomes a wilted flower. The only person to bring back her smile is Princess Minhwa.

Queen Yoon – mother to King Sungjo, grandmother to Hwon

She ruled behind the curtains for three years, until it was clear Hwon was ready to rule alone, and then she stepped aside. She is always looking to strengthen her relatives power at court. She is directly involved in the death of Crown Princess Yeon Woo.

King Sungjo

He is a capable ruler and the father the Hwon and Yang Myung. Because of experience caused by the betrayal of his favorite brother Prince Uisung, he does not dare show love to his son Yang Myung even though he longs to. He is responsible for turning Hwon into a firm ruler with an iron grip on the throne.

Queen Han – wife to King Sungjo, mother to Hwon

Mother to Hwon, she is gentle and kind, the ideal Joseon woman. Because she does not come from a prominent family and has no aspirations to power, Yoon Dae Hyung pays her no heed. Her ideal Crown Princess for Hwon is Yeon Woo, but that does not come to fruition. Years later, when Hwon falls ill, she believes it is caused by the spirit of Yeon Woo refusing to depart. She suggests the Palace hold a ceremony to ease Yeon Woo’s spirit.

Yoon Dae Hyung

Hwon’s father-in-law. Coming from a prominent family, with his daughter the Queen and with the backing of Queen Yoon, he finally reaches the pinnacle of court power. But even that is not enough for him, someone who will never be satisfied with the thirst for power. He is always at odds with his son-in-law Hwon, so finally he reveals his trump card….

Head Shaman Lady Jang Nok Young

In charge of the royal astrology office and Joseon’s most powerful shaman. She possess all the files on the death of Crown Princess Yeon Woo. She has unmatched spiritual powers to curse anyone, so no one dares to oppose her. She aligns with Queen Yoon to save the royal astrology office from political strife.

Royal Consort Park – mother to Yang Myung

Mother to Prince Yang Myung, she is like Queen Han, having no political ambitions. She is quiet and gentle, and she worries about Yang Myung standing close to the edge of rebellion. It hurts her heart when she sees her son pretending to be dim in order to not attract anyone’s attention.

Eunuch Hyung Sun

Serving Hwon since he became Crown Prince, he was right there when Hwon’s first love happened. Now he can only sigh watching Hwon turn into a cold man after the death of Yeon Woo.


Additional Character Descriptions and Spoilers for MoonSun — 28 Comments

  1. Thank you for the spoilers.
    Now can I say they send a chill down my spine. That is the scariest characters descriptions I’ve read for any drama. How in the world do you guys love sagueks. ‘shudders’ Man it’s really scary anticipating their incoming events.

  2. Thank you unni.. I will have this posted in viki and credit it to you of course… Unni… if you have any news of HOT Waterfall Shower Scene in this drama.. Please let us know… XD They better have at least one or two for us… Imagine Jung Ill Woo and KSH rub each.. okay now.. stop here… XD

  3. I really want to see Kim Soo Hyun as a cheerful and dorky character, not a cold-hearted man like Song Sam Dong when he turned emo. *sigh* So until Yeon Woo/Wol appear by his side again.. I’ll wait patiently for your adorable smile Soo Hyun-oppa! <3

  4. Thank you! That must have been a lot of work.

    So Wol has THREE guys in love with her? Whoa.

    Also, I am a horrible person but this “She does not begrudge Hwon for refusing to consummate their marriage to produce the next heir, instead letting out a quiet smile” made me LOL. I am getting flashbacks to Frozen Flower now.

    • Yeah, Yeon Woo/Wol has her brother’s three best friends in love with her. It’s a hard life. Which is really true, since her life is about to suck big time. The fates, they giveth (hot male love), they taketh away (her ability to accept any one of them). D’oh!

  5. I know that this might be a silly question but why does the king doen not love or accept yang myung and who is his mother. Thank you.

  6. Ok am not getting it… Yeon Woo and Wol are the same person or different? I mean its Yeon woo who has no memory so that means she doesnt die rite?

    • Yep, they are both the same person. People will think she died, but she doesn’t insteand she will suffer amnesia and her new name is going to be Wol.

  7. Thanks for the post, Koala! I’m going to bookmark this page and the first character descriptions you posted so I can keep it straight in my head who’s who as the story continues.
    Looks like we’re in for a doosey!

  8. Thank you for the characters description profiles!! These do help me better understand the storyline! 😀

    And to think that there is a tsunami awaiting YW/Wol, my heart aches… Poor girl, she loses everything and everyone dear to her, and even lost “herself” in the process not knowing who she is… T.T

  9. After watching many sageuks, I must say that power is a very very ugly thing. The plotting of murder and deaths are just part of everyday life for royalty and ministers (or so it seems). Lots of evil and fakeness. I know that the future Queen Bo Kyung is going to drive me completely batty. It’s her type of character that I dislike the most… sweet and nice on the outside… rotten on the inside, but I guess her father will drive me even more crazy.

    I don’t know the book but I hope that Hwon is smart enough to figure out for himself what kind of deception and plotting that has been happening around him and more importantly the truth and how to make it right.

    Thanks Cap Koala for the detailed translations.

  10. OMG. Thanks for sharing this Koala. Just reading at their character descriptions makes me want to marathon all episodes now. LOL XD

    This is going to be one helluva ride! Fasten your seat belts people… and I guess prepare some tissues too. XD

  11. wowzaaa!! so even the bodyguard loves YW – boy, is that not gonna complicate things?! I may be dense but this entire premise with YW dying…i’m pretty sure it’s a cover-up ‘coz I looked up the term ‘Korean shamanism’ (had a hazy idea about a shaman) and basically they’re a mediator/healer. None of the episodes are subbed so will start watching in a few weeks time so that I’m ready to kill someone waiting for the subs.

  12. Oh no, so Yeon Woo is going to die and we know it this early on? Isn’t that Han Ga In’s character? This is tragic but I’m intrigued. Goodness, I think I’m also going to watch this one.

  13. Thank you Ockoala. I know that YM was screwed from day one but it’s still sad to read that he has to act like dimwit to discourage people rallying for him, isn’t it enough his daddy-king treats him like dirt? I know that they still going to picture him loves his dongseng no matter what. But I think it will be weird to suffer that much and do nothing or not to have some kind of outlet. Jung Il-woo let me assure you won’t suffer for nothing, I’ll love you more after this 🙂

  14. who named yeon woo as wol? is it yeom (accdg to the novel)? or is it the ultimate shaman who adopted her or something?

  15. For some reason i really want seol to end up with someone. Woon perhaps? Because they both are pining for someone they cant have. And he was the one to notice her peeking onto yeom and his duels

  16. Thanks, ms. Koala! One thing I’ve been curious about, I thought you were Taiwanese(?), so how do you watch korean dramas so quickly without subs and understand them? And you can also translate from korean? Are you fluent?

  17. aww mann i really dont want woon to fall for wol. he and seol are too cute together! and i really want yeom to fall in love with minhwa in the end 😀

  18. UUrrgghh…..this means that Yang Myung doesnt have a shot at Yeon Woo since she’s his brother’s wife…albeit pretend-deceased. =.=” I feel so sad for him….i have a feeling he’s going to be “Gul-roh” to Yeon Woo’s “Yoon Hee”. T_T

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