Teasers Released for the Upcoming Yamapi Winter Dorama

Next Thursday sees the premiere of Saikou no Jinsei no Owarikata~Ending Planner~, marking Yamashita Tomohisa‘s return to dorama land since Code Blue 2 back in early 2010. The teasers have been released, and it’s clear that whomever styled Yamapi is going ALL OUT in making him looking as much as young KimuTaku as possible, with the same liony mane. Though in the case of Yamapi, it’s like Simba versus Mufasa, no comparison. My Koala sense tells me the dorama is bound to be dull as dishwater, with plenty of life affirming lessons at the end of each episode and zero romance to be found anywhere except under the carpet if I look hard enough.

Obviously I have zero interest in this sucker but for the fact that it’s starring Pi in his futile ongoing quest to become a serious actor. For once I want him to just give up and do what he does best – be his weird self. I even preferred his himbo incarnation back in the days of Buzzer Beat. Ah, good times, good times. Anyways, he’s got a solid supporting cast in Sorimachi Takashi and Eikura Nana, plus the old dude from Kurosagi is back, hopefully doing more than making pickled vegetables. I’ll continue to ignore Maeda Atsuko for as long as I can. Watch on for the teasers.

Teaser 1:

Teaser 2:


Teasers Released for the Upcoming Yamapi Winter Dorama — 15 Comments

  1. Oh Yamapi…I do miss the Nobuta wo Produce days…it’s sad but being a serious actor does not suit him…but I guess i’m going to have to end up watching this…I’m a Yamapi completist after all (the only things I haven’t finished watching that has him in it is Code Blue 2 and Ashita no Joe…i’ve even watched things like P.P.O.I. and Long Love Letter o_0) I’m wary of this drama but I hope that there is a chance that it might actually not be that ad 😀

  2. You’re right. He should just be his weird self…haha! He’d be lucky if he gets to play another Akira-like character. I’m glad that this show is premiering right now. I just watched Proposal Daisakusen and am totally spazzing over Yamapi. I was gunning so hard for obtuse Ken to come clean with Rei. It was not even close to being a ‘good’ dorama but the OST compelled me to continue watching even if it meant that I’d be face-palming a LOT! I loved the special episode–it addressed all the issues that I’d hoped it would!! And, wow Yamapi’s face has matured quite a bit, eh?

    While romance plays a key role in K-dramas the same can’t be said for their Japanese counterparts. I’ve just watched 10 or so J-doramas and the two actors I’ve liked so far are Kame and Yamapi (deffo not for his acting skills, heh) and I loved the former in THnK…I wish somebody’d give Kame an excellent romantic role as I think he’s a decently good actor!

    • yes please! someone needs to give kame another good romantic role asap. i do miss his sunken face tho. did he get cheek implants or something?

  3. hmm…I loved Pi in Code Blue & Buzzer Beat. In reality he’s such a hard working, intelligent, and a leader (tho he left NEWS). He’s cute in his silly ways but I feel attraction toward the serious Pi. I want the grown-up Pi…manly Pi… yamapi~!! drool. I’ll search for flower boys elsewhere!

  4. Step 1:Grin like a maniac ( I missed the sensation, not necessarily for Pi, but I don’t swoon as easily and often as I want to)
    Step 2:Am I watching something that involves death??? ( I never do, not even teasers) Thaaa Pi is in it.
    Step 3:Watch the teasers
    Step 4:Read the actual article and comms
    Step 5:Writing this and wondering if he would be a better actor if, you know, actually he would act a bit often: definitely he ain’t born actor therefore practice makes it perfect and above all he attracts the viewers.

    Step 6: I like KimuTaku but if they style all johnny’s boys the same way like him they all look like copies instead of making them their own image. Even though I beg to differ about Pi’s image above: it is mix between regular hairdos of johnny’s idols (as recently seen at Kis-my-ft2 boys) and a what a normal person would wear aka a tamed version of the hairdo.

  5. Yamapi at the centre and Sorimachi Takashi on the side? I don’t think Yamapi has reached that status yet. As much as I prefer Yamapi over Sorimachi Takashi for looks, I would go Sorimachi all the way for talent. I’m disappointed.

  6. Actually, it’s kinda eerie just how similar he does look to Kimu. Not so much a younger incarnation, but a younger brother — alike in many ways, with just enough difference. …and the notion of a KimuTaku/YamaPi drama just made my brain hurt, mostly with the image of YamaPi standing there dumbfounded while KimuTaku just acts circles around him. Without breaking a sweat.

  7. Hahah. Maeda Atsuko ne… Lucky, isn’t she? She did great as a human robot in Q10 and did well in Hanakimi. Can’t say she’s a good of an actress as well. Each of her role is strong, but since she’s playing it, it’s easily forgotten. Lol. That’s how I feel about her. And, nothing about her seems to be attractive. If she’s in a crowd, she’s like the ‘air’. If you know what I mean. Am I being mean? =.=; But she’s really lucky and hope she can improve more in the future.

    “My Koala sense tells me the dorama is bound to be dull as dishwater, with plenty of life affirming lessons at the end of each episode and zero romance to be found anywhere except under the carpet if I look hard enough.”

    That’s j-drama for you. Ahh.. how I wish 90’s drama jidai came back. More romance dorama.

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