Dr. Zhivago the Musical Starring Joo Ji Hoon Prepares for January Premiere

I went to see a musical today, which reminded me that I haven’t gotten around to posting an update on the recently discharged from the military Joo Ji Hoon. Originally there was talk last September that he was doing a drama when he returned (the SBS sageuk Dapyungsu, which is currently in the hands of my Lee Jun Ki and he’s considering it when he gets out next month), but Joo Ji Hoon elected to return to his stage roots as his first post military project (he got his acting start in the musical Don Juan). It makes sense since he was active in stage productions while he was in the military, plus the stage is a much more intimate and impactful medium. He attended a press conference at the end of November to announce his taking the lead in the musical adaptation of Dr. Zhivago, which is scheduled to premiere on January 27th. Anyone in Seoul should check it out, especially if you are a Joo Ji Hoon fan. I must say he’s looking fantastic and I’m looking forward to watching his career get back on track.

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Dr. Zhivago the Musical Starring Joo Ji Hoon Prepares for January Premiere — 19 Comments

  1. What is it about these men when they get released from the military? They look so good…all that clean living for two years…so handsome, in great shape…yum!

  2. Oh! Looking mighty fine with that clean cut and all set to rebound in his career, with his gigs during his military duty. 🙂

    Thanks Mrs Koala. 🙂

  3. now I don’t have to be confused on whose a man and not in Korean showbiz as long as they have that military cut on thier head it’s safe to admire these men…uhm so when will Lee Min Ho, Kim Bum, Ji Hoo, and the guy with Park Shin Hye in heartstrings I think will go to Military training????

  4. Ahh Ji-hoon, happy to see him so fresh, manly and healthy. I watched Ma Wang, Goong and Naked Kitchen many times during his absent. And yet, those were fail attempts to cure the longing… Now that he’s back~~~ …Come to noona darling… You need rebound, I do too… /winks

  5. My fave otp with wuri yoon eun hye! I’ve always been faithful to him even kang ji hwan is hooot! I still think that he looked best with YEH and i hope they will make another drama together if not Goong 2..as people are clamoring about. Wish he invite YEh to the premiere of dr. Zhivago!

    • In 2010 Yeh’s birthday Ji Joon asked her why she didnt attend his musical show and she replied that she was busy….maybe this time she will attend if she is invited…

  6. he is finally out..cant wait to see him again with yoon eun hye…miss him..though jung il woo replaced him temporarily…

  7. Good Evening Captain,

    I read an article from the KBS World website today saying that JJH backed out of this musical due to a problem with JJH’s vocal cord (?). He instead will appear in the movie “I am King”. I thought someone else was going to do that movie…Just want to share this news.

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