Lee Min Ho Makes His Anticipated Appearance on Happy Camp

Happy Camp is one hot variety program, landing celebrity after celebrity from all over Asia to arrive on their stage. Lee Da Hae famously showed up last Summer and did an entire program without a Korean interpreter since she has been studying Chinese for the past 5 years. Following suit is the couldn’t be more popular in China Lee Min Ho, who recorded his Happy Camp segment last month and his appearance will air on January 14th.

I think he’s completely shed his Boys Before Flowers immature lovelorn boy persona and is now only known as sexy City Hunter Lee Min Ho. Which is not a bad thing, but hopefully he won’t get pigeonholed into this type of character or genre going forward. Have a look at pictures from his segment, as well as a preview released by the show. He looks like he’s having fun, and I swear Xie Na is thisclose to pawing him on stage. Not that I blame her.

Teaser for Lee Min Ho on Happy Camp:


Lee Min Ho Makes His Anticipated Appearance on Happy Camp — 14 Comments

  1. He used to be very clumsy on the carpet as well and now he’s all grown-up but still handsome AND cute. My Minoz friends are so going to freak out when I will provide them with your link. ^^

    PS: no pressure at all but I am so looking forward to your baby recap of yesterday’s “OG” ep. Like many of us, I guess.

  2. This guy looks really hot and sexy on his dramas but acts soooo cuuuuuuuuute in person! I love how he smiles like a little kid! It’s so adorable!

  3. I think LMH clearly doesnt want to be typecasted in the same role. After his overnight stardom from BOF, if i’m not mistaken i remember he rejected Playful Kiss because the role was similar to his Goo Jun Pyo. he went to do a different role each time in Personal Taste then in City Hunter. So i’m sure he doesnt want to be typecasted to his CH role as well. Though, I’d love to see him doing more action. Maybe he can do something else (romcom, melo or saguek) and then back to action but with a different role, a badass villain maybe heee. But but but, i also want CH season 2.. ottoke… LMH doesnt look like he wants to

  4. Weirdly, I think there are some similarities between Lee Min Ho’s characters in Boys before Flowers and City Hunter. They tend toward snobbiness and have great “bitch, please” faces, if nothing else 😉

    And can I just say that fandom in Asia looks way more awesome than fandom in the US? I’m trying to imagine a Ryan Gosling fanmeeting in which involves him dressing up in a white silk jacket (ala Driver) and dancing/singing. Yet…I cannot.

  5. lee min ho is my ultimate crush and idol i love his movies like city hunter,boys over flowers. lee min ho is very handsome boy……… love uuuu <3

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