Written Preview for Episode 3 of MoonSun

The Moon that Embraces the Sun isn’t just a gripping story, it’s visually such a treat to watch. A good sageuk calms the modern viewer sensibilities down, reminds us to slow our narrative pacing requirements and just let the story come to us at it’s natural pace. MoonSun is so far doing a whiz bang job at that, with the children holding down the fort so brilliantly the adults might find it daunting to step into their shoes. Very few dramas in the last few years have ratings quite so high right off the bat in the first two episodes alone. I don’t think MoonSun is so amazing as to deserve effusive critical acclaim, but it is a drama I’m loving immensely and finding myself thinking about afterwards.

Written preview for episode 3:

Nok Young coincidentally runs into both girls outside the Palace gates and senses an extraordinary fate. Queen Yoon goes to see Queen Han for her birthday, and uses that opportunity to look at the faces of both girls. Yeon Woo and Bo Young awkwardly undertake their first introductions as playmates for Princess Minhwa. Hearing that Yeon Woo has entered the Palace, Hwon’s expression brightens and he orders his eunuch to undertake a special task. On the other hand, Bo Kyung and Yeon Woo begin studying alongside Princess Minhwa. Once Princess Minhwa discovers that Yeon Woo is Yeom’s younger sister, she immediately favors Yeon Woo.


Written Preview for Episode 3 of MoonSun — 14 Comments

    • Ha! Same here……Cant wait…………….
      ………./______ ( ‘\ .\
      …….(__________) (´¯`)
      … ….( / ‘ ◕ – ◕ ’ \ )-‘˜”˜’
      … *˛.

  1. Ugh. I can tell that (unfortunately) Bo-kyung is going to feature prominently in the drama. I can already tell I’m going to loathe her intensely.

  2. hehehe to come to the one you love u have to love all people who are around him or relatives , cute MinHwa just love her 🙂

  3. Omo… Wednesday please come ready…
    Though I know that this is gonna be yeon woo and hwon…
    Can I SHIP yeon woo and hwons older brother as they are still kids…
    They are just to compelling together
    I love them together since grudge: the tale of fox child…
    So sad that even then lee min hoo and Kim yung joo has the same sad love story…
    Aaahhhhhhhh…. Wednesday come to me..!

  4. hey what can you say about the news that Moon Geun Young was the first choice for the lead role???

    cause tbh when i heard about it I was like.. “that would be 10000000x better!”

    • I’m surprised this is even news now. It was openly discussed back and reported in the news in Summer of ’11 that the script was offered to MGY and she was seriously considering it. She ultimately didn’t accept it and went to study abroad. I’d always thought she can play Yeon Woo/Wol, but I trust her script choices. Wol might end up being a very passive character subject to the decisions and actions of others to dictate her life. I can’t seen Geun Young wanting to play adult Wol.

      • the media is actually saying that the reason why she didn’t accept it because of the popularity and awareness of lead male actor is not high enough.. i doubt it though~

        thanks for answering!

  5. i remember in one interview with Jung Ilwoo, he said feels slightly burdened with the such high rating bcoz of the awesome acting by young actors. ^^ he’ll try to put all his effort to become one as adult Yang Myung’s character ^^

    and now, i really cant wait for the adult actors putting their shoes on this drama ^^

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