Cast of Perfect Two Attends Beijing Movie Premiere

Perfect Two with Vic Zhou, Ella, Yang Mi, and Xiao Xiao Bin finally premieres this weekend, just in time for the start of Lunar New Year celebrations, capping off a heavy two months of promotional activities for the cast. The movie is a remake by the same director of his own successful 1980s movie, but slightly updated for our more modern concerns and sensibilities. Zai Zai plays a down-on-his-luck former bike racer who finds himself anonymously caring for his own son with his ex-wife Yang Mi. Expect tons of laughter and tears, with Xiao Xiao Bin roping in his third F4 daddy, and possibly his most favorite one, what with their chemistry on and off screen. The happy cast attended the movie’s Beijing premiere and their cheerful holiday demeanor helped showcase the movie’s heartwarming spirit.


Cast of Perfect Two Attends Beijing Movie Premiere — 9 Comments

  1. Nice… all looking so happy and genuinely amiable. I’ve never seen so many photos of Vic Zhou smiling… laughing… This movie has definitely lifted up his spirits.

    That little boy is so cute. but what’s with the plaid cape? I remember seeing him with a similar red cape in other photos promoting this movie.

    And Ella… she’s grown to be a lovely woman. I am liking her feminine look these days. Hope she gets to play a sophisticated-woman role in future dramas.

    I am really keen to watch this movie, hope it gets uploaded to some site.

  2. Oh he’s gorgeous isn’t he XD I can’t wait for this to come out although I don’t normally watch taiwanese movies….but it’s Vic Zhou…can’t say no to that 😀 Xiao Xiao Bin is still so adorable….and lucky….but adorable…I want to huggle him.

    Off topic but have you watched the first episode of Yamapi’s Ending Planner drama yet?

  3. Ella my dear I love that dress, I knew you had the pretty woman in you….and stay humurous darling….Bless You! 😉

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