Introduction to Architecture with Han Ga In and Uhm Tae Woong Releases Fantastic First Look

I know I’ve been bitching about Han Ga In in The Moon that Embraces the Sun, but it’s not because I don’t like her. I loved her in Bad Guy, and even in her crappy dramas and/or performances, I’ve never grown annoyed with her much. She’s like this really pretty slightly detached wallflower in those situations. I was a little unsure of whether the pairing of her and one of my faves Uhm Tae Woong in the movie Introduction to Architecture was going to work, but now I’m sold based on the stills and the first teaser. I NEED THIS MOVIE NOW.Β The movie is about a thirty-something architect being asked by his college crush to design a house for her based on her childhood home on Jeju. The younger counterparts of the two leads are played by Suzy of Miss AΒ and Lee Jae Hoon, both of whom have enough of a resemblance to pass muster.

Plus I think it’s HILARIOUS that Kim Soo Hyun‘s two leading ladies are playing the college and thirty-something versions of the same character. I don’t think Kim Soo Hyun and Han Ga In visually channel the actual age difference they have in real life in MoonSun so it doesn’t bother me, but I still find this movie casting coincidentally ironic. For the record, I loved the pairing of Soo Hyun-Suzy in Dream High. But here, I’m already totally rooting for the heroine to get together with her college guy, because both Uhm Tae Woong and Lee Jae Hoon have the earnest dorky sexiness that makes the hero my kind of leading man. Already swooning for the love story to come true the second time around.

I think the two posters for this movie are brilliant, evocative with a touch of deja vu mixed with a reversal of fortunes. In the college one, the leading man is looking at the leading lady with tenderness, while in the thirty-something poster, the leading lady is sneaking a peek at the leading man with fondness.

Both Han Ga In and Suzy tend to be rather roboty in acting, so this casting might work well in the transition between their characters. As for Lee Jae Hoon, word is that he was a scene stealer in the Winter war movie The Front Line, and from the stills alone he already has charisma. Of course, it’ll take quite a lot to be a baby Uhm Tae Woong, but I think he’ll do just fine.

I already love the dynamic between Han Ga In and Uhm Tae Woong. They manage to convey the body and facial language to make me believe that these two have some unresolved emotional baggage underneath a seemingly casual surface interaction.

I love stories about getting another chance at a first love, so Introduction to Architecture will have to suck big time for me to dislike it. Watch the pretty teaser and tell me what you think. The movie is scheduled for a Spring release.

Teaser to Introduction to Architecture:


Introduction to Architecture with Han Ga In and Uhm Tae Woong Releases Fantastic First Look — 23 Comments

  1. besides the fact that kim soo hyun’s leading ladies are playing the same characters, i find that lee jae hoon resembles kim soo hyun from certain angles too… =P

  2. Wow I hadn’t even realized Han Ga In was acting in this movie! I just remember reading about Suzy being in it, and the premise is interesting, so I’ll be waiting for this!

  3. Thanks for posting.

    The double casting looks great, especially the moment when they swapped out the young leads for their more mature counterpart.

    Both sets of actors’ facial expressions aligned seamlessly.

    Han Ga In strikes me as a limited actress, with a narrow range, but for some reason I still root for her characters–perhaps because she usually isn’t cast were brilliant acting is required.

    I even finished the Witch Yoo Hee, although why I did that I’m not sure.

  4. wow..i really like Suzy and Lee Jaehoon. I think they’re cute together. They really resemble their older casts. Judging from the pics above, it’s hard to believe Lee Jaehoon is 10 years older than Suzy. He looks so young. I thought he’s around 24-25 and Suzy looks mature than her age.
    Definitely gonna watch this.

  5. I always get confused between SUzy and Jung So Min…dey look like sisters. I miss Jung So MIn…y is she not doing any new drama? πŸ™

  6. Ahhh, cute! I think this is going to be really heart-warming ^^ Or, I hope so, anyways. I like all of the actors, so that’s a plus, too =D

    Can’t wait!

  7. Lee Jae Hoon reminded me of the younger version of Park Hae-il actually.

    I like romantic movies so this movie is definitely the movie that I will watch. Unfortunately, I may need to wait like ages before have the chance to watch it (my country is not S.Korea!) >_<

  8. Wow! I’m soo excited for this movie! The trailer looks very interesting and I’m a sucker for unrequited love… πŸ˜› Do you know when the movie is scheduled for release?

  9. I’ve been anticipating this movie coz I have a soft spot for second chances at love. Also, love hero as architects. The trailer looks awesome! Thanks for posting!

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