I Love You So Much with Ivelyn Lee and Blue Lan Premieres this Sunday on CTS

It’s been a miserable two years for CTS, which hasn’t had a hit drama since 2010’s Hi, My Sweetheart, which was terrible but drew the crowds because of Rainie Yang and Show Luo‘s popularity and great onscreen chemistry. The last CTS drama I watched was Ring Ring Bell, which started off promising enough but quickly went batshit insane and down the drain. Poor Janine Chang and Peter Ho, so wasted but utterly winning together. RRB’s follow up drama premieres this Sunday, the punny-named 粉愛粉愛你 (English title I Love You So Much), starring Blue Lan, Ivelyn Lee, and singer-and-rookie-actor Nick Chou.

With a decent support cast of Shara Lin, Tom Price, and Modi, this drama has managed to hook my interest by being really pretty to look at. I also hear my cutie pie Chris Wu has a cameo in episode 1 (as a jerk guy who breaks Ivelyn’s heart). Have a look at the lovely opening credits with a title song by Show Luo, plus an few new teasers. Judging by the teasers alone, I’m already won over by the swooning Nick as the second lead. My prediction is that the ratings might not even break 1, but if the drama has substance and quality, it can earn it’s viewers along the way. 

Opening credits for I Love You So Much:

First Look at I Love You So Much:

Second Look at I Love You So Much:

Third teaser for I Love You So Much:

I give this drama a 50/50 chance of turning out alright. But I like what I’ve seen of leading lady Ivelyn’s performance and her character seems spunky and interesting enough. Blue is predictably playing a cad again, but one who has a decent heart. With Office Girls ending soon, I really need a TW-drama to become the next crack for me, and I’ll give this a shot and see if it wins me over.


I Love You So Much with Ivelyn Lee and Blue Lan Premieres this Sunday on CTS — 5 Comments

  1. OK. Here i’m doing my coming out about my new favorite trope and guilty pleasure in dramaland : A man who’s able to do my make up better than me, while giving me the killer look
    ( with guyliner of course ) and a funny double meaning conversation is a guy i will marry. Even if his life ( meaning script ) is incredibly boring and his clothing style awful ( you’ll never beat the blue sparkling tracksuit guys, just give up ). Just hope he’s not gay. Seriously, do you know a better excuse for skinship than ” Oh darling, you look tired, let me change this… ” : Now just imagine Blue fingers and goat hair brush and perfumed powder all over your face. Color of woman despite his anemic script captured me with that trick, and i know this one will do the same. The poor girl can do nothing except falling from her chair ( backward and in slow
    motion ). Don’t worry, i understand you my dear…

  2. I actually enjoyed Hi My Sweetheart. It was actually the first Taiwanese show I ever watched.

    Blue Lan, has being a ratings king, I doubt the first episode will dip below 1. I hope the show turn out to be decent.

  3. Just finished the first episode, and I have to admit, it was much better than I had expected! Thanks, Ms.Koala for blogging about this new drama- I probably would have never found it if you hadn’t 🙂
    I think I’m gonna follow this drama now- I think the storyline is pretty interesting, and I like the characters as well. I hope it gets better as it goes on…

    • me too, it turned out better than expected. I enjoyed the craziness. And i think the female lead is doing quite a good job as well 🙂 looking forward to the next ep! 😀

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