Love Forward Readies for Premiere and Releases First Interesting Teasers

Love Forward with Amber Kuo and Tammy Chen is gearing up for its premiere in two weeks and the first teasers are finally out. I really love what I’ve seen so far. The music is lovely, the scenes are shot beautifully, and the two leading ladies are really channeling their respective characters. SETTV made off like a bandit last year, raking in so much money from its dramas I was stunned to see the number. From their studios came the four highest rated TW-dramas of 2011: The Fierce Wife, Drunken to Love You, Office Girls, and the currently airing daily Inborn Pair (where the couple has progressed from fake marriage to fake pregnancy, I love it!).

LF has some huge shoes to fill, so hopefully Amber getting the baton from OG’s Alice Ke will allow some luck to rub off on her. I think LF will premiere with over 2 in ratings. OG’s current competition Skip Beat remains mired in ratings around 1.3, and my prediction came true that I Love You So Much would premiere below 1 despite having the usual ratings lure Blue Lan (episode 1 brought in .84). With such weak competition, LF will have to seriously suck to lose OG’s lead. I’ve had pretty good luck with SETTV dramas last year so I’ll continue to give it the benefit of the doubt that LF will satisfy my cravings

Tammy Chen plays Zheng Ai Xing – “My heart is full of love, but my eyes can only see money” – She is as thick skinned as a concrete wall, with guts as high as a mountain. She grew up taking care of her mother and brother. Working odd jobs, borrowing money, evading debt collectors, constantly moving, that is the only life she knows. She thinks she has street smarts, having seen everything there is to see, so she will never get swindled. But in truth, she’s actually quite simple minded and naive, charging full speed ahead with a touch of goofiness.

Amber KuoΒ is Meng Jing Jing – “Love is a gamble, if you are afraid of losing you will never win it” – Elegant and smart, with a touch of arrogance, her parents cold marriage and the superficial nature of her rich world has caused her to become unreasonable and pampered, always making things difficult. But it is all to hide her lonely and broken heart. As the only daughter of a rich family, she seems to have it all, but instead she is rebellious and a loner. She desires to break free of this empty existence, to seek the real her outside the confines of her life.

Tony Yang is an outwardly carefree guy who is actually quite intelligent and thoughtful. To piss off his lawyer daddy, he gets himself kicked out of school. After meeting Ai Xing and Jing Jing, his life starts to change. Leroy Yang is a handsome successful businessman. With a cold exterior, woman and business success comes easy to him. But inside he’s lonely and unfulfilled. Will he fall in love with the spirited and outgoing Ai Xing, or the refined and beautiful Jing Jing?

Teaser 1 for Love Forward:

Amber: She walks forward for love.

Tammy: For money, she walks towards love.

Money or honey?

You won’t know until you take that walk.

Teaser 2 for Love Forward:


Love Forward Readies for Premiere and Releases First Interesting Teasers — 9 Comments

  1. I find that SETTV usually does quite well because their dramas always have a very distinctive tw flavor to it – and sometimes i feel that it’s very geared towards tw audience, at least in my opinion. I really like Tammy and I think Amber is ok – haven’t found a role that I really loved her in yet but maybe this is the one… Hope they do really well in the ratings πŸ™‚ Skip Beat – I can see why the ratings aren’t that great… I do love Ivy but I find a lot of the parts really slow and not all that interesting to watch. Jia you – all three shows πŸ™‚

  2. no offense, but i watched that leroy guy act in another show with amber..forgot the name, sonia and james were in it too, and man…. I couldn’t stand his acting! I only stuck with it for sonia and james >.>

  3. The music is lovely, great soundtrack. I’m actually a big fan of Amber’s singing~
    I loved her in the drama with Leroy, ι‚£εΉ΄εΉΈη¦ηš„ζ™‚ε…‰ but i’m not a big fan of Leroy’s character in that drama. However, i totally love Leroy and Tammy in ε…‰ι™°ηš„ζ•…δΊ‹~
    Looking forward to this!!

  4. Oh! Inborn Pair! I love that show! And this week….Chris freakin Wu showed up! I hope its a long term thing and not just a cameo.

    I’m not really that interested in this show and I am in the minority when I say that I never really understood the appeal of Office Girls or Drunken to Love You. However, SETTV has never failed me in the past so I’m keeping an eye out for this one.

    • Me too!! high 5!! Chris Wu is so good! At the moment, i kinda feel that his acting is a par above Chris Wang and Annie Chen. Man, the subtle change in his eyes when during the scene where he met Yi Jie again. My heart just crushed! But then again, Annie Chen and Chris Wang are doing well as well. Enjoying the superb acting – all so natural!

  5. i wasn’t attracted to OG originally, but was bored so I watched it, and it somehow just caught onto me. Similarly am not very appealed by Love Forward, but perhaps it might just have the similar charm that will get me in. Will give it a try when time allows πŸ™‚ Thanks koala for writing about it!! πŸ˜€

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