Video Preview for Episode 11 of MoonSun

Looks like The Moon that Embraces the Sun is plowing full speed ahead on the love triangle aspect of the story, which makes sense since it’s the best developed aspect of the narrative. I like to see Hwon and Wol talk more, and not constantly in King to shaman topic of conversation, but truly get to know each other. I don’t care if they loved each other as teenagers. Time changes a person and today they are now people who have experienced very different journeys in life. In essence, I need them to fall in love again, as opposed to transferring feelings from the past and using it to validate their feelings of the present. Poor Yang Myung better get some independently meaty storyline soon, because pining and searching for a long lost love is fast going nowhere other than render him pitiful and pointless. Looking forward to this weeks new episodes, hoping for more but content with whatever comes.

Preview for episode 11:

Nok Young: You really want to leave the Royal Astrology Office?

Wol: The things I can do….there isn’t even a single thing. To that person, who he needs is not me.

Bo Kyung: The shaman…..does she really look that much like the dead Heo family daughter?

Hwon: Her father will bring her medicine, and then she won’t be able to ever see me again?

Jang Shil: Little bit at a time, I want to give it all to orabeoni.

Yang Myung: I was in a lot of pain because of you, but I was also very happy because of you.

Hwon: I should have protected her, but there was no way to protect (her). There were many things I wanted to do for her, but I couldn’t do. I said that I really…..I really….love.


Video Preview for Episode 11 of MoonSun — 19 Comments

  1. OMG! I can’t wait for this episode tonight! I just feel so frustrated with Han Ga In. She’s not very convincing and all the emotion just seems to be coming from Hwon (KSH). 🙁

    Thanks for sharing this! 🙂

    • i agree with u.. her acting is lack.. its sooooooo frustrated to seee her open wide eyes with frowned!!! come on girl, i’m not whishing u to be as good as yoo eun hye or song hye kyo… but pleaseeeeeee up grade your expreesion!!! sooo sad… cz thats realy good script and realy strong acktor in front of u!!!!

  2. thank you, koala! as much as i gripe about the simplistic narrative, i am really excited for the new eps. methinks its the KSH factor. i mean, how much hotter can he get in that purple and gold hanbok? *sigh*

    and yes, i really hope that they there’s more character development for Yang Myung. the pining for lost love is getting old, he has the potential to be so much more than that. and JIW deserves so much more than that.

    also, i’m not sure if its just my wishful thinking because i really want her to improve, but it looks like in the last part of the preview, there is now *some* emotion in HGI’s eyes when she was looking at Hwon, sort of like she’s finally seeing him, instead of just looking through him with her usual blank and wide-eyed expression. here’s to hoping…

    oh, i actually marathoned the first few eps of WISFC to see young and brooding KSH again. gah…he is so good. and the little girl that he was paired with was so spunky too. it really showed me how great KSH can be when he’s paired with an actress who can match his intensity.

    • I agree with what you said about Yang Myung – he needs to be so much more than another rejected second lead. Jung Il Woo is doing the best he can, but the character is so limited. I really don’t want this to become Childhood Love Triangle Round 2, because then where’s the interest in that? Let’s have Yang Myung develop a dark side, or Wol start to like Yang Myung, or heck, have some more scenes of the awesome Wol-Seol-JangShil trio. Anything to make the adult romance less, well, childlike.

      • well… I’m actually shipping Yang Myung and Jang Shil… so that he won’t be the hopeless fool he was acting nowadays. Yang Myung (ang Jung Il Woo) is a better character than that.

    • “methinks its the KSH factor. i mean, how much hotter can he get in that purple and gold hanbok? *sigh*”

      -tell me about it… You know, somebody should tell KSH that its a mortal sin to be this hot, in almost anything he wears… Heck, I fell in love with him the first time I saw him in Dream High… and he wore a freakin’ sack!!!

      • Hahaha! You guys are too funny! I can totally relate. After watching MoonSun and fell in love with KSY, I went and watched Dream High (almost non-stop) because of him. LOL!

  3. Thank you madam K… am very excited with tonight’s episode… Hope Ionair will not disappoint me as I plan to stream live…

  4. Why is it so big that JIW be a star in this Drama? The real star is Kim Sung Hyun. He carries this drama all by himself, just like Lee Min Ho in BOF. The girl lead was so so, but his talented passions and acting out those emotions made that drama really addictive. Here KSH is the main guy and it should stay that way….never mind JIW….

    He has not done much for me in his acting. I maybe alone but it’s sincere.

    • Its not a question of who’s the bigger star. I’m sure JIW already knew that the spotlight will naturally be on KSH when he signed up for this drama. And he already is a star in his own right so he doesn’t need to prove himself to anyone.

      What we are asking is for the writer to flesh out all the characters and not just make them one dimensional. So far, this drama is very simplistic in its portrayal of its characters, the bad guys are completely evil and we have no idea what their back story is like or what their personalities are like when they are not scheming against the king.

      The same is true for JIW’s character Yang Myung. When he was young, we were shown other facets of YM that tells us that he is not just a lovesick puppy pining for his friend’s sister. We saw him rescue Jan Shil, interact with his buddies, play soccer, wrestle in the market, etc. And since the writers are seemingly intent in highlighting the love triangle aspect of the story, all we are asking is for them to show us that there is more to Yang Myung’s character than simply longing for a love that he lost 8 years ago.

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