Love Forward Releases Final Previews for Weekend Premiere

Now that Office Girls has wrapped up stupendously, all cute and no head hurting angst required, it’s time to see if Love Forward can continue the SETTV streak of wins. A drama about two best friends from completely different backgrounds looking for love or money, LF has a cast that is low on the idol but potentially awesome if they can create great chemistry to pair with a interesting story. I like Amber Kuo and Tammy Chen, and neither of the male leads Tony Yang or Leroy Yang annoy me. The competition is super weak with I Love You So Much getting wiped in the ratings, and Skip Beat continuing the tread water as the storyline zig-zags around without ever really moving forward. I was never a huge SETTV drama fan, but a series of good dramas have me giving them the benefit of the doubt. LF premieres this weekend.

Love Forward Third Trailer:

Love Forward Fourth Trailer:


Love Forward Releases Final Previews for Weekend Premiere — 8 Comments

  1. When I saw that two best friends looking for love, I was like ‘cool it’s like best friends fall in love’ lol yes, the picture was loading and I didn’t know they were two guys…

  2. I must say, I’m super-excited about this series. Tammy Chen and Leroy Yang are awesome (both were great in Story of Time, aka Guang Yin De Gu Shi), as is Tony Yang, in terms of acting chops. I used to be not-so-much a fan of Amber Kuo, but some of her recent work (film, Close to You, LOVE) have changed my thoughts on her. With the right role, she can really shine. Also love the premise of the show.

    • I love Tammy as well – and after her role in GYDGS – I loved her even more. 🙂 My mom said that was pretty much how they grew up.

      Anyhow – looking forward to seeing her in another tw drama since I know she does a lot of cdramas.

  3. I noticed that this is going to be available (it is listed under “coming soon”) over at DramaFever! YES!!! I’m so happy DF is getting Taiwanese dramas!!

  4. Hey, Koala,

    Just wanted to drop by and ask if you’re following this still, and if you are, what you think. I generally agree with your taste, and with the way my schedule is right now, I can’t really invest myself in a drama that won’t go anywhere. Is it good?

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