Go Soo Gets Married with his K-star Friends in Attendance

Smoldery leading man Go Soo is officially off the singles market, not that any of us mere mortals ever had a chance with him. The wedding was closed to the media, which is not unusual since the bride is not in the entertainment industry. Go Soo came out to speak to the reporters before the ceremony, and the rest of the time the news outlets just snapped away at the arriving guests, many of whom were top stars in K-ent. Most of Go Soo’s fellow BH Entertainment colleagues showed up, as well as a bevy of his former co-stars and celebrity friends. Enjoy the pretty people parade.

Lee Byung Hun. Always looking impeccable.

Jung Woo Sung. Now we’re just missing Song Kang Ho to make it a The Good, The Bad, The Weird reunion.

Jo Hyun Jae, otherwise forever known as “Kang-ah!”

Han Chae Young, who is really really red.

PIE! Wonder why he keeps insisting on wearing his grandpa’s suits to a slew of recent events.

Han Hyo Joo. Could use some color in her cheeks, but otherwise So Pretty! Love her pretty youth dress with tiny bit of tulle underskirt.

Jang Hyuk and Kim Sun Ah. OMG, why have these two not made a drama together before? It must happen, drama gods!

Ji Sung, who apparently forgot to comb his head before leaving the house. No biggie, he’s still a charmer.

Bae Soo Bin and some random girl I don’t recognize.

Jung Seok Won. Looking nice, dude, looking mighty nice there.

And with that famous people parade done, I hereby wish Go Soo and the Mrs. a lifetime of marital bliss and happy felicitations on their big day.


Go Soo Gets Married with his K-star Friends in Attendance — 33 Comments

  1. Sheesh, how does one even get lucky enough to marry Go Soo? I’m not gonna lie, I’d be pretty happy to wake up next to that for the rest of my life, whew.

    And Lee Byung-heon? That man is fine, and I can’t think of anything I’ve seen him in that I hated. Maybe because I’m too busy drooling. ~surreptitiously wipes chin~ That suit/shirt/vest/tie combo he’s got going on doesn’t hurt, either. Jung Woo-sung looks mighty fine as well, though I don’t know why PIE walked out the door wearing that suit. Maybe it’s just the angle, but it makes him look chubby, which he certainly isn’t. And Jung Seok-won – watching him today in Ojakgyo Brothers reminded me just how epicly hot he is. He was born to wear a suit, and he always makes it look good. Too bad he’s off the market, too. ~sigh at crushed hopes and dreams, not that I ever had a snowball’s chance in hell of ever making them come true, Cinderella kdramas notwithstanding~

    • Random Girl is currently on “My One and Only” daily drama. She played same type of character on “Smile Donghae.”

      You were only joking about “Random Girl,” right?

      Please don’t tell me Random Girl with motorcycle-helmet-hair is dating Bae Soo Bin.

  2. and his grandpa glasses! someone tell CJM he’s only what, 30?

    (PS i think it’s so adorable, the details of their love story but it still makes me feel all weird to realize Go Soo’s wife is a year or two older than me, tops)

  3. I don’t know what stuns me more about this. Him getting married, or him getting married to a 22 year old girl, only 3 years older than me! Lol got this pathetic voice in my head that taunts me. “Na na na na na some people were just born fortunate” hahahaha I kidds. Really am happy for the dude. Just let this mere mortal soak in her misery for a few more days.

    On a side note. Jang Hyuk and Kim Sun Ah… O___O! Why have I never thought of this pairing before?!?!? I hope they do a rom-com together in the future. Please no more public investigators seeking revenge and cancer angst.

  4. OCKoala, thanks for an entertaining write-up on the event. Congrats to Go Soo and his missus! The girl next to BSB, as pointed out, is Park Jung Ah – BSB, PJA, GS and Park Ye Jin became firm friends after filming a TV drama “When a Man Loves a Woman” in 2004. BSB rushed from attending a graduation ceremony at Daejin University (he now has a degree in Theatre and Film) in the morning to make it in time for his good friend’s wedding the same afternoon.

  5. Wow – that is some mighty fine people. Congrats Mr & Mrs 🙂 and many years of wedded bliss.

    JH and KSA in a drama together — I agree!! Why didn’t I think of that either… please drama gods… make it happen. But not in a crappy one like midas.

    I am not really a fan of LBH – but dang it – he looks the freaking best in a suit. Phew!

  6. sigh..and another one is off my list of potential hubbies…now I would cry if there weren’t a hundred more on said list…anyways congrats to Go Soo!!!
    wow…I love Han Hyo Joo, but she looks like a ghost here! I almost didn’t recognize her in that first pic…I wonder if all the crying for all these melodramas one after another have dehydrated her too much…also why is everyone wearing so much black for a wedding?…noticed the same thing for Yoo Ji Tae’s wedding….if I didn’t know what the event was, I would’ve guessed that they were attending a wake

    • I’m not sure for other countries, but I think in Korea and Japan, black is usually worn for a formal event. Weddings and funerals are one example, but if its for a wedding they make it more feminine and less conservative. But recently, it’s kinda evolving, some adding colors to their dress but majority still prefers dark colors. Hope it helps.^^

  7. I’m not gonna lie, I did felt a pang of jealousy…because it’s Go So oppa. *sniffs * He’s one of my first loves. And how beautiful is he in that suit?

    Looking at all these photos reminds me that while I may squeal over the pretty boys, it’s still the manly men that makes me swoon (special mention: Kang-ah!!! I miss you!). I also really wanted to see a picture of Go Soo and his BFF Bae Soo Bin together. Oh well.

  8. I always thought that it was an unspoken rule to never wear red at a wedding as to not upstage the bride…. As a fashionista, I thought Han Chae Young would know.

  9. the random girl koala doesn’t recognize is Park Jung-ah formerly of Jewelry w/ Seo InYoung and part of the Cast in Smile Donghae

  10. Pretty parade is quite pretty, though some of them could have worn something else. I mean it’s a wedding not a funeral.
    I wish Go Soo and his wife will have a happy life with lots of babies and a dog/cat. But I am still a little jealous.

  11. Do actors ever bring wives, girlfriends to weddings, or are these affairs considered “business related”…? I know JH is married and JSW has a girlfriend…

  12. Thank you Koala unni… I am sad that Goo Soo is married to a 22 year old woman. I hope he will be very happy and have lots of cute babies and have a drama comeback. In another note, all my favorite HOTTIES are HOT except Pie. Sorry. I am not familiar with him or his drama. My favorite actress HHJ, looks good but she does need a blush of color on her cheeks and why and who black coat HCY. Hrmm… why is BSB bringing that girl or they just happen to together. I so agree with you Koala unni, please kdrama gods have Mr. HOTTIE Slave Hunter and KSA in a drama together with lots of HOT Waterfall Shower Scenes and have him being a shirtless too… =D HOTTIE LBH, I am waiting to see you in Gi Joe 2. =D

  13. It would not be honest of me to congratulate them. Time will tell and of course, I’d be glad to be wrong.

    Hmm. I’d be curious to see manly Jang Hyuk react to Kim Suna’s cutesy antics in a drama or a movie. I too am in favor of the motion which has then been approved by unanimous votes. Let’s proceed to pass the motion to Korean drama producers and TV networks. ^^

  14. KANG AHHHH!! Sorry, I just have to say this out. XD

    Anyway I wish them luck! May their love grow and last forever! 😉

    Yay! I’m not bitter at all cause although Go Soo is a hottie, I haven’t really have a crush on him or something. It will be a different story for Kang Ah, err Jo Hyun Jae though. Haha! Kidding! XD

    Thanks Koala for posting this! ^^

  15. Kang-ahhh!!! Jo Hyun Jae – my one and only!!!

    Congrats to Go Soo and his new bride!

    Don’t know if I’d be in the same congratulatory mood if it’s my JHJ’s turn to exchange “I do’s” … j/k…. j/k….

    Han Hyo Joo is so pretty…. love her dress – so girly and it fits her perfectly…. but I do agree she looks pale … and too thin…

  16. oh God!
    my favorite actors gather here!!
    ji sung , jang hyuk , lee Byung Hun and even go soo!
    good for non celebrity guests!
    i wish that i was there!

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