Song Seung Heon and Jaejoong to Star in Fantasy Time-travel Sageuk Time Slip Dr. Jin

Yay! My Heon oppa is coming back to the small screen. It’s been over a year since Song Seung Heon dropped a charming performance in the uneven My Princess, and surprisingly had marvelous chemistry with leading lady Kim Tae Hee. This time around he’s switching gears from rom-com to fantasy sageuk. He’s considering, and likely the casting is pretty much finalized, the title role of Time Slip Dr. Jin. Of course the name “Jin” isn’t just a coincidence with the same Japanese name, as the drama will be an adaptation of the hit dorama JINย (which was so popular it spawned a sequel in JIN2). I’m thrilled to see him take on his first sageuk role, as his character will be a doctor who time travels from the present day back to eighteenth century Joseon and ends up practicing medicine there.ย 

Joining Song Seung Heon will be Jaejoong playing a loyal and dedicated Joseon guard. If I didn’t watch Protect the Boss, I might deride Jaejoong as just a pretty face. But he was surprisingly good in that drama, and showed plenty of potential to get better. I’m actually more giddy with how insanely pretty the male cast for this drama will be. The drama is slated to air in the first part of the year, so likely before June, on one of the new cable channels. Now I’m curious who the female lead might be? Not every girl can pull off a sageuk, so I hope it’s someone with decent acting chops.


Song Seung Heon and Jaejoong to Star in Fantasy Time-travel Sageuk Time Slip Dr. Jin — 32 Comments

    • Hi Lizzy,
      I’m not hating PMY, but I hope is not her. I agree she is way too young for SSH we need a someone who can keep up with our pretty boys in this drama.

      • I liked her in SS but I got lost midway in City Hunter cuz she’s kind of expressionlacking on that pretty face. So please don’t let it be her in this drama.

  1. I have justed started watching JIN and it’s extremely good…. about female lead… Moon Chae Won can definitely pull off sageuk… and Han Hyo Joo for sure as well… I am hoping a female lead has some serious acting chops… i love both males lead.. but their actings are not consistent.. as for the jversion, Osawa Takao was so good and effective as Dr. Jin… SSH has big shoes to fill… i am really looking forwards to seeing this one.

    • Ooh… I really hope they will cast Han Hyo Joo as the female lead. Although, I assume Jaejoongie is not gonna get the girl in the end… ๐Ÿ™

      After watching Heaven’s Postman, I just want them in another drama together. Call me a shipper, but Hyo-joo is one of the few actresses jaejoong is close to, and I do want them doing another project together. Please, drama gods…

  2. i think shin se kyung should be the female lead. she was great as so yi in tree with deep roots and can pull off a hanbok too. really can’t think of anyone else, but maybe, lee da hae, though i still think the female lead should be se kyung

  3. Can someone please fill me in on the ‘hand towel’ references? I’m lost…

    Other than that, I’m pretty much toast over this one. These two in one drama? My inner fangirl is having a heart attack. So much pretty in one drama…

    • I f I remember correctly, the way his name pronounced is a bit similar to how hand towel pronounced in Korean and if I’m not mistaken, critic called his not-so-stellar acting performance like a hand towel?
      Read it somewhere at dramabeans but I forgot which thread.

  4. So much pretty. Me loving it! Good thing I broke my “no-saguek” rule at the end of last year.

    I am worried since it’s an adaptation which always tend to have meh/hate reactions from the fans who watched originals… Kinda bad for Jaejoong since he’s new and all (now, that are the worries of JJ fan girl).

    As for SSH, I hoped he would do another comedy!! But this one is cool too. Yay both JYJ boys on screen at the same time!!!

  5. I don’t think this cast can hold a candle to the japanese cast. Osawa Takao, Uchino Masaki, Nakatani Miki and Ayase Haruka were wonderful.
    The dorama was brilliant, it was excellent and deserved all the praise and awards it got.
    I’m so skeptical about this adaptation.

  6. You got a really hot shot of jaejoong there. I almost forgets how hot he can get. This drama is definitely under my radar now. The original drama is exceptionally good so im curious how they going to adapt it. Hopefully it won’t be painfully subpar in comparison

  7. PTB made me insanely addicted to JJ! I also hope he was the male lead but I guess he’s too young for the role. I wish for Moon Chae Won as female lead ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. I totally love the Jap version Jin and Jin 2, so I am biased ^^||| if I don’t see the Korean version as strong as the jap version….may be I will drop mid-way through….so let’s see, hehehe

  9. I want the 2nd lead in PTB in this. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Or the Dethroned princess in Princess Man — whatshername, Hong Soo Hyun(?), Woo Hee in History of the Salaryman?

  10. I love both of these men with all my heart, and some of the rest of my body.

    THT has promised us all he would be working on his acting skills, and learning from his sunbaes. I will trust that he is spending time learning to be convincing sprouting all the medical terminology. It has got to be difficult. Even SHK said it was the hardest part of being in Brain.
    It helps that his character is not originally Joseon, but travels there. That gives him some wiggle room with the sageuk speak. He can sound like a modern person trying to imitate it. (That make me giggle remembering how cute KTH was in MP doing that with him in that antique car….I loved that car…)

    Here is my concern. He will be compared to SHK’s Dr. Brain. It is unavoidable. Where SHK did scarily intense, wound tight, barely-keeping-inner-demons-under-control exceptionally well, I am afraid THT will be spraying us with his intense moments, with lots of body movement to distract us. I hope I am completely wrong. I really hate when shouting/crying = intense acting.

    JJ, I think, will be fine. He really impressed me in PTB with his ability to show subtle emotions without speaking.
    He just needs to stop doing the take a deep breath, speak, take a deep breath, speak. Has anyone noticed this? I am guessing it is because he is a vocalist, and that is how he gets through long notes, or phrasings.

    Please please please no PMY. God, please not that again. Please!

  11. Hey There Ockoala,
    Thanks you for your post, what are some great Korean Movies or Drama’s?
    i’ve already seen “Autumn in my Heart” “Friends” “He was Cool” Tae Guk GI”….i luv Won Bin and Song Seung Heon and Song Hye Kyo….thay are all awesome actors!
    Great Job!

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