Absolute Boyfriend with Jiro Wang and Gu Hye Sun to Air After Skip Beat

I feel like I’m doing a public service announcement, since I’m not interested in Absolute Boyfriend, the TW-version of the manga Zettai Kareshi, but I figure someone out there might be. The drama, starring Gu Hye Sun and Jiro Wang, has landed the air date on GTV following the end of Skip Beat. So GTV is following up one J-manga adaptation with another, which really doesn’t bode well for it’s ratings hope since manga adaptations rarely reach out to a wider audience. Nevertheless, if people are looking to see Jiro in the buff and playing the robot Night, then they are in luck. While I can’t stand Gu Hye Sun as an actress onscreen, she seems like a lovely person and quite a hard worker. Here’s to hoping her first TW-drama foray gets good ratings and positive reviews. I personally am rather perturbed by the thought of a girl ordering a love robot, but at least it up-ends the gender roles on this fantasy concept. Watch on for the first two teasers as the drama gears up for a premiere at the beginning of April.

The obligatory Night naked torso shot. It’s like this story cannot become a drama without the actor playing Night traipsing around like he was auditioning for a Chippendales show. Upside is that Jiro has definitely got it.

Original flavor J-dorama adaptation of Zettai Kareshi starring Hayami Mokomichi as Night, Aibu Saki as Riko, and Mizushima Hiro as Soshi. I couldn’t last more than one episode of it, but I blame it on my Aibu Saki allergy more than the story concept or the execution.

Teaser 1:

Teaser 2:


Absolute Boyfriend with Jiro Wang and Gu Hye Sun to Air After Skip Beat — 48 Comments

    • Go go go! Ms. Ku Hye Sun!!!…, I totally disagree with all the bad words against her.
      If it’s not Hye Sun, the BOF will not be that hit…, she opened the doors for Minho, Kim Beom, Kim Joon and Hyun Joong… let’s just support her & the program (Absolute Boyfriend/Darling) as we can also support our dearest Jiro Wang!!! ok guys? ..
      Enough for the non sense issue, ok? 🙂

      • me too supporting her!i am watching it only for her..boys over flowers wouldn’t be what it is without her..and about her kissing scenes!!well there are many other korean actresses who do not kiss passionately.eg,park shin hye.i have seen her in tree of heaven,you’re beautiful and heartstrings..the kisses can’t be even called a kiss..but she a good actress.same for hye sun.as long as the story is good does a kiss matter so much..if she was a bad actress she wouldn’t have got so many awards for her acting..but its no use me blabbering coz haters will be haters no matter what!

      • I’m also supporting her i admire hye sun only mr.right can see her inner beauty…without her the flim BOF will be boring….she make the actor popular…i disagree all that u said bad about her…cause u don’t really know i’m a big fan a her eventhoug she is short,short hair ugly,not having a nice figure i can see her inner beauty…..n that’s true

  1. Wow!! Tot I was probably one of d few who dislike her onscreen – she is quite a hard worker and talented in real life which makes it hard not to like her but … I just can’t watch her onscreen dat much, the reason why I watched BOF was purely for my Kim Bum and his other ‘half’ Kim So Eun (I think?) love them ….

  2. she can’t act…seriously..all she has is that smile….
    sorry just that..i hate seeing her kissing scene or romance scene
    she seem cannot separate reality and acting
    watch her kissing scene,u know what i saying

    • My thoughts exactly! 🙂 She should watch dramas of Yoon Eun Hye, Song Hye Kyo, Soo Ae and other great Korean actresses and learn from them how kissing scenes and romantic scenes should be done.

    • So right! I can’t watch her in any drama/cf/movie/anything!
      And the first kissing scene in TKoUK made me wanna vomit! sorry for the JJH, he just couldn’t made her react to his kiss (even a monkey kiss better). She need some acting lesson, starting with kindergarten.

    • Seriously??! I also might be not like her act, but don’t mounthing people like you can do better. Look She’s goo hye sun korean actris, and you??. As much as I don’t like her, but people who insult other people’s hardwork are the worst I hate. Think before say something. And look who you are, before insult someone.

  3. i actually quite enjoyed the jversion… Mizushima Hiro i like… and Hayami Mokomichi was good as Night.. but i don’t have high hope on this version.. i don’t understand why they have to use a k actress to play the main female lead.. and if they have to use a k-actress.. why Gu Hye Sun? i think she is hard worker and her emotional scene can be good… but not matter how different her roles in different dramas.. she has pretty much the same expression and acting approach… and i also agree that she can’t do kiss scene.. not sure why.. she got chance to kiss some pretty hot guys like LMH in BOF and Ji Jin Hee in captain… she was so stone in those…

    anyway.. i might just check out the first ep since i like the jversion…

    • Is it silly of me to think that perhaps all of Gu Hye Sun’s kissing scenes in her past and ongoing drama (with her acting like a robot or looking like she’s about to be led to the death chambers) can be attributed to a stipulation she required in her acting contract – that she won’t do any open-mouthed kissing scenes…just ‘tight-lipped’ ones? 😀

      TKoUC is one of the Korean dramas I’m watching right now. If not for the cute little girl’s acting (she’s such a darling!) and the main actor, I would have stopped watching it a long time ago. Try watching the kissing scene GHS did with the main lead. He was so into it! As for GHS, ugggghhh… I’ll just comfort myself with the thought that maybe she was caught off-guard with the kiss and could only manage a shocked, unresponsive reaction to the kiss. 🙂

  4. I can’t stand GHS’s acting either. It drives me insane! K-version BOF was pretty much ruined for me mostly cus of her acting. The boys were perfectly casted. First time I was rooting from the get for the main rather than the second lead. Kim So Eun shone in her role too, making her scenes awesome! Which is really too bad cus you can tell tht GHS is a really nice person n really tries very hard. She is probably one of the most hardworking….acting, directing, writing a boook, etc! Its just tht acting is not her forte n I’m still hoping tht she’ll improve some day…or stick to what she does best….whtever it is!

    On another note…Hayami Mokomichi! Zettai Karashi made him a dreamboat…and I dun think I can picture a more perfect ‘Night-to’ than him. After watching ZK and evry other J-drama tht had him in it somehow, only ZK made him shone for me….and I just can’t see him as anyone/thing…except ‘Night’! Time to re-watch ZK…

  5. I actually enjoyed the J-dorama despite not liking the original manga very much. The whole idea of falling in love with a sex-robot felt all kinds of wrong, but it somehow made sense in the drama. well it did when I watched it long time ago. Also, Muzushima Hiro looked extremely sexy in it, he didn’t even have to take his shirt off.

    As for the taiwanese version, I am also giving it a pass. Goo Hye-sun is gorgeous, but romcoms just ain’t her thing.

  6. Do you, guys, really don’t like Goo Hye Sun? You’re surprising me, honestly! I think she is good actress and did great job in BOF! To my opinion the one who didn’t fit the role was Kim Hyun Joong (SORRY HIS FANS!!!) Yes, he is beautiful but he can’t act good. In PK his acting improved a bit…but still I was enjoying series because of Jung So Min and others!
    As for this particular plot, I don’t like it! But actors are good! Anyways, I think I wom’t watch it…I’m still upset SB is ending 🙁

  7. I’m a Jiro fan and the naked scene and BTS confirm me for at least 2 episodes. I watched over 50 episodes of a Taiwanese show that was over an hour for Jiro. XFamily was good but it was draggy at times. KunDa was in the follow up KO3, which I watched for its take on 3 Kingdoms, so I want to see how he’s improved.

    Hye Sun…you work hard and I love YG but The Musical was a mess for everyone except LKW. BOF I didn’t bother with because of the length. The long TW version was a mess so only the short jdorama version exists to me.

  8. Ah, man. WHY? WHY? WHY? I was a tiny bit looking forward to this once I heard there was going to be a remake but with Goo Hye Sun? SERIOUSLY? This girl cannot act and I can’t watch any drama she’s in. (quit BOF because of her & couldn’t finish it, watched the Musical but she ruined it making the same faces over & over, didn’t even both with Take Care of Us, Captain) And I can see in the above trailer that she’s doing the same awkward faces and twitches again! She’s so uncomfortable on screen that she makes ME uncomfortable watching her. *sigh* (this is only my opinion – sorry to her fans)

  9. I loved the Manga! Hahah own all 6 volumes, read it countless times. I just love the idea of an artificial intelligence falling in love, and growing a mind and heart of it’s own. I didin’t really like how they made the jdrama. But Hiro and Hayami were just too hot *____*. and seeing Jiro as night… *______* oh la la la. I got to say tho the ending of the manga & jdrama had me literally depressed for daaaaaays.

    I wonder how taiwan’s version of this shall be. I too cannot stand Goo Hye Sung’s “acting” it’s just so flaky and one dimensional. All cute, and no emotion.

    I’m still waiting for Korea’s version of this. Last time I heard (been ages), TOP from big bang was rumoured to be in it along with Kim Haneul (I think it was her…)

  10. May give first episode a try. I think Jiro is one of those people who get better looking with time. Did not think he was that handsome back in the day but he looks really good here.

  11. You commentators are so serious nit-pickers.
    I guess most of you commentators are on the bandwagon of people who really cannot stand Koo Hye Sun’s acting appeal, so you cannot watch the drama.
    I guess you will probably need to fast-forward the scenes of the drama if you see Koo Hye Sun as Lu Xiao Fei 呂小斐 interaction with the other characters since Koo Hye Sun’s acting appeal does not suit your viewing pleasure.
    The bandwagon of people who really cannot stand Koo Hye Sun’s acting appeal. I guess you commentators can do a better job than her.

    Other names for Koo Hye Sun if you do not know:

    1. Ku Hye Sun
    2. Goo Hye Sun
    3. Koo Hye Seon
    4. Koo Hye Sun
    5. Gu Hye Seon
    6. Gu Hye-sun
    7. Ku Hye-Seon

    • The movie critic cannot necessarily act nor make movies but their opinions are still in many ways legitimate. Food critics cannot necessarily cook but they may have a suprior tongue to judge the taste of food. People here who don’t like ghs/khs do not have to be actors/ in the entertainment business too express their dislike for her acting. They’re the consumers, they judge what they watch based on their own factors. It’s up to them. It’s their right, they’re not even bashing. No need to preach.

      • Who’s preaching. I guess you are. U are funny. I bet you can do a better job taking the role Lu Xiao Fei since you are a critic. Why did you not audition for Ku Hye Sun’s role of Lu Xiao Fei?

        Critics = thinks they are better actors. They should go out to the auditions for a screen test. Critics should keep in mind that during the audition process, the casting directors are also considering whether or not you critics will be easy to work with, that they know what they are doing and can take direction well.

        Actor / Actress = “one who interprets” a dramatic character in stage plays, motion pictures, television broadcasts, etc.

        Role-playing refers to the changing of one’s behavior to assume a role (done by actors/actress), either unconsciously to fill a social role, or consciously to act out an adopted role.

        Since acting requires a wide range of skills, including vocal projection, clarity of speech, physical expressivity, emotional facility, a well-developed imagination, and the ability to interpret drama. Most of you critics agree that Ku Hye Sun lacks.

        Acting also often demands an ability to employ dialects, accents and body language, improvisation, observation and emulation, mime, and stage combat.

        Many actors train at length in special programs or colleges to develop these skills, and today the vast majority of professional actors have undergone extensive training.

        Even though one actor may have years of training, they always strive for more lessons; the cinematic and theatrical world is always changing and because of this, the actor must stay as up to date as possible.

        Actors and actresses will often have many instructors and teachers for a full range of training involving, but not limited to, singing, scene-work, monologue techniques, audition techniques and partner work.

        Maybe Ku Hye Sun needs to go back to a Drama School/Theatre School for more pre/post professional training of her craft which is acting.

        However, it will not change critics mind set of his/her to dislike Ku Hye Sun.

      • Critic=\=think they can do better. There are actually professional critics do a good legit job evaluating movies/dramas. Not everyone hagot agree. Actors may have had a lot of training, but regardless they sometimes suck. People here maybe critical, some maybe just consumers. casting dictators cast characters with consumers in mind, sometimes they misjudge.

        As for the rest of the stuff you were saying, I’m not sure what point you were trying to make. Ghs has had training, but still her on screen prsence is not agreeable to everyone here. Sometimes its not about training but natural ability to attract an audience. Unfortunately the viewers here do not all find her appealing. That’s how show biz works. Popularity = likability but length of training and talent=\= popularity

    • Gosh … who cares about the many ways to spell Ku Hye Sun. How boring. I heard she plans to retire from acting. Wise decision!

  12. Commentators coming soon in 2012 is Absolute Boyfriend / Absolutely Him is a Korean drama remake of “Zettai Kareshi” – Japanese TV Drama 2008.

    Korean Cast is Kim Na-Neul and T.O.P

    Actress Kim Ha-Neul will play female lead.
    Singer/Actor T.O.P will play the male lead.

    I guess you will be waiting to watch the Korean version instead of the Taiwanese version of the remake of “Zettai Kareshi” – Japanese TV Drama 2008

    • There is no way TOP is doing the remake…that guy won’t take his shirt off for anything. When Big Bang first debuted he did the token abs flash but now it’s a journey to even get him to wear a t-shirt.

      Also all of Big Bang said they are focusing on the group this year.

      • bahaha!! frankly i don’t care much for KHN!! i wish he could act in a romantic comedy….apparently the dude loves action stuff

  13. Not just nth is grabbing me, just when I thought I’m desensitized with it with staring, Jiro’s new face is still extremely freaky. I’m fascinated by the intensity of hate towards GHJ, she mildly irritates me, she’s not good but she’s not the worst thing I’ve seen ever in kdramaland, she reminds me of the quite loved Aibu very much, both in their style of acting and my meh towards them. So in that sense, I bow to the power of Hanadan, witnessing every mention of GHS anywhere sparking up this level of vitrol.

    Ahhh J ZK, I really loved it, and now I wanna rewatch, still my biggest surprise in my Jdorama watching life. I hated the manga. I have a high tolerance of icky, so it’s not middle school girl getting a sex robot that is bugging, but there is a middle volume and half that is utter lazy filler turd. I rem the drama didn’t really hook me till ep5, it’s solely Mokomichi doing the surprisingly best job in his career, he emoted perfectly as Nighto should when he usu fails playing a human. I also can’t stand Aibu and everything I’ve seen her in, wondering every minute what’s her appeal except the fake cutesy. The most unpopular opinion I had with it is, Hiro did his most horrible OTT job when I usu adore him (he was my initial hook to check it out, <3 his Nambo in HnK) , I felt he couldn't get his character and the story at all and to the point he was clueless to even what to do with his limbs and hot face. It must be the birdnest do so in vogue then, I bet it's itchy.

  14. I only managed to get 3/4s of the way through the manga before I gave up. I gave the first episode of the jdorama adaptation a try because of Mizushima Hiro, but I also couldn’t last past that. I really hope Gu Hye Sun does well in this drama. She was pretty good when she first entered the kdrama business and had promise, but from 2008 onwards she just got worse.

  15. I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one who thinks that the acting of GHS, it sucks, the Korean version of BBF was so bad, but not only because for the bad performances, but also because for the terrible adaptation by writers ,I watched only for Kim Hyun Joong, which to my surprise he didn’t so bad

    Anyway, I’ll watch this drama only for Jiro, plus I love the story, just hope this version will not have the same end of the Japanese version….. If only the principal actress was Ariel lin 🙁 sigh

  16. okay, hardcore Jiro fangirl here, so no matter what, I will love and watch the drama, also LOVED the manga, so totally gonna follow it. sadly, me watching does not boost the ratings

    and Jiro returning to dramas after GTV froze him for like TWO YEARS!!! whatever, i’m just happy my Jiro’s back, and I finally have something new from him to watch

  17. I loved the J-version and I hope this will be really good too. I’m a Jiro fan, & I adore GHS in BOF but couldn’t stand that piloting show. I look forward to this.

  18. Meh. I never really liked the manga when I read it years ago. Actually I only read it because of Watase Yuu and I used to be addicted to Fushigi Yuugi (hey, I was young then). Blame it on the feminist in me, but I really didn’t like Watase-sensei’s portrayal of Riiko in the manga (who is a high school student). I know that it’s a manga (and a shoujo too) so I assented with the plot and finished it, but I will never read this manga again–nor any of Watase-sensei’s works.

    Despite my dislike with the manga, I watched the jdorama because of Mizushima Hiro. I thought the dorama was better than the manga, but I couldn’t feel the chemistry between Hiro and Aibu Saki. Her and Hayami Mokomichi had more chemistry though, probably because they did Regatta before. But I enjoyed watching the show, I just don’t think it’s that great. And even though I like Gu Hye-sun, I’ll skip this show. So thanks for the news. 🙂

  19. Not a Aibu Saki’s fan but I bear with her for the J-version. So I think I will bear with Goo Hye Sun for Jiro’s sake.

  20. I watched the J-dorama adaptation of Zettai Kareshi starring Hayami Mokomichi as Night, Aibu Saki as Riko, and Mizushima Hiro as Soshi. And I LOVE IT!!!! ….but with Gu Hye Sun as the leading lady…. eh watching it? eh I DON”T THINK SO!!! I don’t like her as an actress, I don’t like her work!! I don’t even watched BBF because she was annoying!!! Seriously!!

    I’m talking about her acting skills not the person itself!!!

  21. Enough for the non sense topic ! (oopps sorry) but it will be a waste of time criticizing Ms. Ku Hye Sun’s acting…, she seemed nice and kind.. and yes, she is a hard-working person!
    I totally like her 🙂 and I can’t wait to see its first episode … I love you Wang Da Dong! <3
    Hye Sun-shii FIGHTING !

  22. désoler pour tout ce que vous dites, koo hyun sun est connue pour sa grande beauté et ses nombreux talents , je pense que les gens qui disent du mal d’elle sont ce qui sont habitués a voir de la merde dans les yeux tous les jours et ces gens ne peuvent apprécier une tell actrice , qui respecte sont corps , c’est ce qui la rend différente des autres actrice , si demain koo hyun sun décide de plus respecter son corps de montrer la moitié de sa poitrine je suis sur que vous ne diriez pas ce genre de commentaires . c’est ce qu’elle fera pas car elle est une personne digne et forte , alors si vous ne l aimer pas ne la regarder pas car chaque personne a droit au respect .

  23. For those harsh comments about KHS, you all are just haters and pathetic since KHS got it all:looks,talent, and intelligence. If you are a female, you just too jelous of KHS since you not even close compared to her. If you are a male, you just too upset to say those mean things to satisfied make you feel less pathetic about yourself. However, in reality, you just are more pathetic for saying all of those mean thing. If you all so great then become the actor/actress yourself instead of blabbermouth other people hard work. Sooooooo pathetic !!!!

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