Koala Absolutely and Positively Adores the Alterna-ship in Fondant Garden

I remain completely enamored of Fondant Garden. Aside from Park Jung Min, who actually isn’t all that bad either, the other three leads are just wonderful to watch. I like the characters and their relationships, and the story and execution is progressing so smoothly that I don’t feel bored or annoyed. But what’s fueling my rabid love for this drama is the alterna-ship of heroine Mi En with second male lead Han Xiang. I mentioned this in my first impressions review of FG, but three episodes in, this ship is so amazingly good that I find myself rewatching their scenes all the time. In episode 1, they had the now infamous “samgetang” scene, episode 2 has him piggybacking her through Seoul, and now episode 3 we get handholding and an almost kiss. What did I do to deserve such a cute couple? Even knowing they aren’t the end game, I’m still just happy to enjoy the cute for as long as it lasts.

I just love the chemistry between Kingone Wang and Jian Man Shu. He’s really mature and candid, while she’s a tad skittish but really down-to-earth. Let me add that I also really like Mi En with male lead Hee Hwan, and the chemistry between Park Jung Min and Jian Man Shu is also quite good. So I won’t be totally devastated when the story moves towards bringing the OTP together. But there is just something special about Mi En with Han Xiang that hooked me from their very first scene, and sometimes its not something I can explain but just how it makes me feel.

I firmly believe Fondant Garden is made better with its wonderful OST. In particular, the song “Love You” by Kimberley (Chen) is just perfect. The fact that it always plays during a Mi En and Han Xiang scene turns me into a puddle of goo.

Han Xiang and Mi En – “Do you think she will like me?” scene from episode 3:


Han Xiang tells Mi En that her cakes aren’t ordinary at it. It is made out of simple ingredients but the tastes brings back memories of the people and places he misses. He tells her that the person he misses is right here in front of him, and does Mi En think that person will like him? He takes her hand, and she’s embarrassed and says everyone is looking. It doesn’t bother him, and he says people can look all they want. They walk to his car and get in. When he reminds her to buckle up, she can’t pull the seat belt over so he reaches over to help her.

Han Xiang and Mi En – “Samgetang & oppa saranghae scene” from episode 1:


Because the restaurant is full, the ahjumma asks Mi En if Han Xiang can share a table with her. After he sits down, Mi En’s friend Ai Ling calls her. Mi En tells Ai Ling that a very handsome Korean man is sharing a table with her. She thinks he’s as good looking as those male leads in the K-dramas. He’s so handsome that he looks like Lee Byung Heon or maybe Song Seong Heon. This causes Han Xiang’s eyebrows to raise. Mi En grumbles about why she can’t meet such hotties in Taiwan, and perhaps when she goes back to Taiwan she’ll learn some Korean.

Ai Lin offers to teach her a phrase right there, telling her to say “oppa saranghae.” When Mi En repeats that out loud, Han Xiang spits out his water and then stares at her. Later their food arrives and Han Xiang doesn’t say anything and just shows Mi En how to eat the entire meal. After dinner, Han Xiang pays for Mi En and she runs out to try and pay him back. He then speaks Chinese with her and she realizes that he’s from Taiwan as well. He tells her the meal is his thanks for her making it so enjoyable for him.

He offers to walk her back to the hotel, and during the walk they chat and she tells him that she’s here for a cake competition. When they arrive at the hotel, Mi En asks for his name and he tells her that his name is Yen Han Xiang. Because he doesn’t ask for her name, she turns back and tentatively asks if he’s not going to ask for her name? He says he’s not, and then explains that he can’t because he’s one of the judges for the cake competition. He wishes her luck at the competition, and says that afterwards she can tell him her name.


Koala Absolutely and Positively Adores the Alterna-ship in Fondant Garden — 34 Comments

  1. I’ve only watched the first two episodes (the third one is loading as I type) but damn this series is good. It’s so good I want to download it and take it around with me so I can just rewatch it over and over and over and over and over and… well, you get the idea.

    I love all the leads, even Ai Lin (hallelujah, a second lead that I don’t hate [yet]) although I must admit to playing a wee bit of favourites with Jung Min (very little though). I guess it’s one of the side-effects of being a SS501 fan, but I’ve seen this baby work so hard, and get so little recognition in comparison to some of his hyungs *cough*amazingrobotcutiehyunjoong*cough* so it’s hard not to be a liiiiitttllee partial.

    But all the scenes with Han Xiang and Mi En have been so adorable, especially the one with the scarf-sharing that I want to clone Mi En, one for each hero. Oh, and one more thing: why does Kingone never get the girl? First with Rainie, and now Jian Man Shu. Honestly, it sometimes irks me, especially when he has amazing chemistry with the lead. And how does everyone pronounce Kingone? Is it King-One or so that it rhymes with ozone or…?

    • Seriously, are you in my brain, Nutella? Word for word this could have been my post …

      as for his name, Kingone, it’s a blend of his two Chinese names (Wang = King and Yi = One), so I’ve always pronounced it as king-gwon. But I have no idea, have never heard it spoken, ever, he’s always referred to as Chuan Yi in interviews and press and fans screaming.

      • That’s exactly my problem… he always called Chuan Yi, so I’ve never figured out exactly how to say his stage name… It’s always so awkward when I want to discuss him with someone, after some time, I always have to go “The second guy from Devil Beside You/ Drunken to Love You etc.” and then they go ahhh >.<;;

        As for the brain thing: you never know *giggles ebilly and high-fives before running away out of shyness*

  2. OMG.. I didnt realize how HOT Kingone Looks in this drama, the look and the hairstyle is good. I actually dont care what other people say but I think he looks best in this drama compared to the other ones he’s done in his resume.. now I really want to watch this.. I have been holding back to see if I should give it a try, but after your recommendation.. I just might. 🙂


  3. Kingone pleading for a “do you like me too?”, then begging to hold her hand… I’m dead. Those Shrek cat’s eyes get me everytime, i can’t resist.
    That’s what i call a leading man. In fact i love both guys, but here there is really something. He clearly knows that she likes him at least a bit, but he acts so carefully. It’s a mix of reserve and attraction. CHEMISTRY, that’s the word.

  4. aww, so cute. I’ve always had a soft spot for Kingone ever since Devil Beside You. Why has he been relegated to 2nd lead for so long?? Hopefully his time as lead will come soon, I’ll definitely try to follow this!

  5. thank you for recommending this drama koala unni!

    despite there only being 3 episodes so far, the plot is coming along
    I’m so torn between the two ships… Kingone (super sweet, mature) and PJM (cute but immature)

    … also I’m wondering is Han Xiang pursuing Mi En partially because he thinks she’s Ai Li, so if they do get married it’s ultimately a good business merger for CNR and that will win him grandma’s favour?

  6. Awww.. so cute! And he’s so handsome!

    Am going to check if it’s subbed because I can’t understand anything in chinese, but I’d like to watch this! 🙂

  7. I am loving Kingone so far in the drama but I know where this drama is headed… 🙁 I’m thinking I’m not going to like him all the much later… but I love him now. Although it’s a little hard to tell for me whether he likes Mi En on his own or because he thinks she’s Ai Ling and has to turn on the charm for the family business. I guess a bit of both. I love their chemistry too!

  8. He’s back! there’s a certain air about him more than before! must be the MS. LOL. there are so much chemistry and Kingone needs to lead in his own drama or movie! too long as a second lead!!

    will also check this out! been wanting to start up another taiwanese drama.

    oh…is it just me or does this lead actress look like rainie yang from certain angles?

    • So Kingone went to Taiwan’s National Service, no wonder he has been missing for quite sometime.

      Yes the comments are right that FG is his best drama so far.

      I totally agreed that he should be cast a lead, he is good actor.

      • Yes he went that’s was one of the reason if nor only he did not get to promote black and white drama which Vic zhou and that newbie hottie actor . Kingone was really good as the villian in there too.

        Seriously he’s been playing second lead since I rmbr its time for him to shine.

        Have to start watching.

  9. That’s why I don’t understand why Kingone never scores a lead T^T Is it by choice??

    Anyway, I need to watch this drama now 😛

  10. I hope King-One will snag some romantic lead roles after this – and maybe even fulfill my dream of one day having him paired with Rainie Yang as a OTP.

  11. Overall, it’s a pretty nice show, hope to be able to watch this Taiwanese drama, after since like eons ago I really watched 1.
    The dubbing for Park Jung Min doesn’t seem to match his original voice, though I wouldn’t say it’s bad, but cannot imagine Shi Yi Nan is actually the 1 doing the dubbing.
    Uhmmmm I cannot help but notice that Jian Man Shu sounds like Rainie Yang, does any of you get that feeling?

  12. The cutie pie female lead really reminds me of Rainie Yang! esp in her DBY days. And it’s baffling how I keep getting parallel to the cuteness of Qi Yue’s crush to King1’s character in that drama with Mi En-Han Xiang here… Only this time, no hot rockin’ emo Ah Meng stealing the day 😉 Too bad he is really patented as the go-to second lead. Though, I’m sure he’s set up to be with Mi En’s bestie (which btw, brings ANOTHER parallel to DBY when his character ends up with Rainie’s BFF also). They’re made by the same director or what?!lol

  13. I have been waiting patiently for Friday to come so I can enjoy Fondant Garden. Yes you are right, Park Jung Min is not bad at all. He is my second fav in SS01 after Kim Hyun Joong.

    Thanks for the song’s name. I was wondering who sing that song.

  14. my favourite scene is episode 2 with the scarf!!! I love Han Xiang and Mi En! finally a second lead that sways me more than the first lead XD

  15. I’ve watched Kingone since DBY, he’s always been pretty good if not a bit stereotype by now cause he keeps getting the sweet mature second.

    Since he’s never stretched for any other role type, it’s hard to tell if he’s any good acting-wise. Hope he gets more diverse roles soon – step it up, Kingone’s manager!

    BTW, am I the only to notice that his double eyelids are a tad exaggerated? They were definitely less pronounced before. But having said that, it does DO something for him as in it can be even better if done well. Now it looks little OTT for me.

    Anyway, still like him all the same. Jia yo, Kingone!

  16. I love her Beatles tee in the hand holding scene, plus her accessory in her RT hand. kkk~ Kingone’s Korean voice is freakin HOT!… and it’s not even great nor confident prompting but that voice… oooo~

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