Looking Forward to Fondant Garden Episode 8: A Kiss and a Goodbye

I knew this ride wouldn’t last forever, the amazing magical chemistry and relationship between heroine Mi En and second male lead Han Xiang in Fondant Garden. Seven episodes in, there is always at least one scene between them per episode that has me squealing like a stuck pig, in between heart beating wildly and smiling like I just spotted a Koala Hello Kitty. I managed to screencap the heck out of a two second kiss scene in the preview for episode 8 already, I shake my head to consider the spazzy state I’ll be in come next Friday when I watch the episode. I know this is the beginning of the end for my wonderful alterna-OTP, and while my mind tells me it’ll be fine since poor puppy Hee Hwan is really stepping up to the plate to be deserving of Mi En, but I know my heart will break nevertheless. Here’s to getting myself ready to swoon and then sob in the next episode. Continue reading