Lee Jun Ki Rocks Yokohama for his Fan Meeting

Lee Jun Ki successfully held his fan meeting in Yokohama this past weekend, and by the size and fervor of the audience crowd, his two year absence has not dimmed his star power. When I saw the pictures from the FM, I just got this vibe that Jun Ki is really happy to be back performing. It’s like someone taking a sabbatical from their job and returning reinvigorated. If he’s this awesome performing, I can’t wait to watch him in action for his return to dramas in this Summer’s Arang. On a shallow note, he really rocks the red hair like no other. Rawr. 


Lee Jun Ki Rocks Yokohama for his Fan Meeting — 10 Comments

  1. Welcome back Jun ki! I totally dig that red hair! I can’t wait listening to his new album. And i’m anticipating his next drama as well.

  2. He realy has been extra enthusiastic about his comeback than many others (i’m looking at you Jae Hee!!) And.he seems very happy to be back….which makes me very happy….so beyond excited for Arang…i hope the drama is as strong as this cast

  3. He looks great and his happiness is infectious. Waiting eagerly for news about Arang….Drama production, please start soon!

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