Yun Zhong Ge Chapter 10: Shadow in the Water

This chapter was intense, hilarious, and heart pumping all the same time. It also marks the second close-but-not-yet encounter between Liu Fu Ling and Yun Ge, and also the second time Meng Jue and Yun Ge get too close for comfort. We learn more about the current precarious political climate between Liu Fu Ling and his three power-hungry Regents, and get a clear look at exactly how much Huo Cheng Jun likes Meng Jue (answer: a lot). We learn Yun Ge is a fantastic swimmer, but then we wish she weren’t, because if she were captured then it would be game over and happily ever after right around the corner. Alas, Tong Hua wants us to squirm some more.

Chapter 10: Shadow In The Water

With everyone’s attention on Shang Guan Lan and Huo Cheng Jun, Meng Jue excused himself and left the banquet. Da Gong Zhi saw him leaving and grabbed Hong Yi “Xiao Jue must be fuming, let’s skedaddle.”

The four of them ducked and skirted around until they found a quiet spot. Yun Ge said “Let’s find a chance to sneak out of the estate.” Da Gong Zhi and Hong Yi agreed, but Xu Ping Jun reminded Yun Ge “Madam Huo called you to cook, she didn’t dismiss you yet.” Yun Ge was now in a bad mood so she coldly retorted “Who cares about her!”

Da Gong Zhi laughed “That’s right, who the hell does she think she is? Who cares about her! Follow me, let’s sneak out from the back wall in the garden.

As they walked deeper into the garden, the view became more and more lovely.

[Just an FYI, this Huo Estate is the same estate that Huo Qu Bing lived in, so Yun Ge is unknowingly walking through her parents old home.]

They reached the inner sanctum of the estate and is now where the guests aren’t allowed to be. If they are found, the offense for breaching the home of the Biao Qi General Huo Guang is not light. Xu Ping Jun was frightened out of her wits, but the other three seemed nonchalant. She had no choice but to follow them, praying they could sneak out soon.

As they walked on a bridge, suddenly they heard rapid footsteps coming towards them. Hong Yi and Da Gong Zhi’s martial arts were the best so they heard it first. Looking for a place to hide, they were on a bridge with nothing around them to duck behind. As the footsteps got closer, Xu Ping Jun heard it by now and was freaking out.

Yun Ge and Da Gong Zhi exchanged a look, both of them realizing what needed to be done. They nodded, and each grabbed Hong Yi and Xu Ping Jun and vaulted over the side of the bridge and lightly landed in the water. They successfully hid beneath the bridge.

They hid just in time because two people walked over the bridge. They heard Huo Guang’s enraged voice “You useless fool! You are usually quick enough so how come today you failed so miserably!”

“My lord, servant I deserve to die, but you can’t blame me, no one could have anticipated……”

“Just go prepare everything, and let Madam and my sons know……”

“Yes, but the Emperor says that other than my lord, no one can know……” The footsteps by then had disappeared. The four of them was holding their breaths and afraid to move. When the footsteps disappeared is when they let out a deep pent up breath.

They looked at each other and smiled wanly. Despite it being Spring already, but the water was still very cold, and they were half in the water and it felt terrible. Yun Ge grabbed Xu Ping Jun and was about to get out of the water when they heard more footsteps. The four of them has no choice but to shrink back in the water.

A person ran over the bridge, seeming running to deliver a message. The four of them once again tried to climb out of the water when they heard the voices of people talking coming towards them. This time they were all aligned and immediately all four shrank back under the bridge.

Da Gong Zhi had a “Heaven help me” expression and he rolled his eyes towards the bottom of the bridge. Hong Yi was afraid Da Gong Zhi was cold so she embraced him, paying no heed to Yun Ge and Xu Ping Jun’s presence. What should have been an intimate gesture seemed so tender because of Hong Yi’s innocence.

They were waiting for the footsteps to move away so they could go home and change, but who knew the footsteps stopped right on top of the bridge. Da Gong Zhi didn’t even have energy to roll his eyes anymore, he just laid his head down on Hong Yi’s shoulder.

Xu Ping Jun was so cold she was shivering but she tried to endure it. Yun Ge took out some ginger pieces from her pouch and handed it to Xu Ping Jun, indicating she chew on it. Yun Ge also gnawed on a piece herself.

Initially they thought the people on the bridge would leave shortly, but they appeared to be taking their time and admiring the scenery. For some time no one spoke. Finally, Huo Guang said very respectfully “Your majesty appears to like the night view. I hear in the Palace you often go out at night and stand alone to watch the stars.”

Da Gong Zhi immediately straightened and his devil-may-care demeanor disappeared as he looked serious all of a sudden. Xu Ping Jun and Yun Ge were both stunned and stopped chewing on their ginger, straining to listen. Only Hong Yi’s expression changed the most, she looked worried about the safety and welfare of Da Gong Zhi.

The voice was not high nor low, not weak nor powerful, simply clear and composed. Even though the speaker was standing right there, his voice seemed to reverberate thousands of miles and capturing its isolation of distance “I just like the starlight and the moonlight. I heard you were having a banquet and since I was feeling a tad suffocated in the Palace, I decided to come here for a stroll. I hope it didn’t alarm you.”

“Your servant I dare not be alarmed.” Huo Guang is really a very steely person. Another person standing next to the Emperor, with the Emperor not responding for a long period of time, might have started fretting and worrying about what the Emperor was thinking. But Huo Guang just stood there quietly, also looking at the moon reflected in the lake.

Yun Ge could see Xu Ping Jun was shivering madly, biting her teeth to keep it from chattering. She reminded her to chew on the ginger, and then Yun Ge couldn’t help herself and looked at the dark shadow reflected in the water from the person standing on the bridge.

Huo Guang dared not stand alongside him, but was standing a few paces behind him. There was only his reflection in the lake. The wide sleeves of his robe was billowing in the wind so the shadow in the lake was constantly changing.

Even though this person was a stranger, Yun Ge didn’t know why she felt a strange sensation. Thinking of him standing alone at night in the Palace, he might have a view no one else could ever see, but it was filled with unending loneliness.

“Your majesty would like to attend the banquet? A hidden seat has been prepared and no one will recognize Your majesty.”

“Who else did you invite?” “Shang Guan Jie, Xang Hong Yang, Du Yan Nian,……..” Before the list of names were done, a new voice reached them “Younger brother Huo, how could a host leave us all and come here to view the night scene…… Oh? Your majesty, your servant I did not know Your majesty was here. I did not mean to offend……” Shang Guan Jie’s face was nerve wracked and he quickly kneeled down to beg forgiveness.

Behind him, Xang Hong Yang also tried to kneel, despite this white-haired man being in his seventies and not as nimble. Liu Fu Ling indicated for the eunuch next to him to help Xang Hong Yang up “All of you get up, I was just out for a walk, no need for these formalties.”

Da Gong Zhi shook his head and gave a silent chuckle. Huo Guang must be internally seething right now. He was enjoying the view with Liu Fu Ling on the bridge and Shang Guan Jie and Xang Hong Yang could find them that quickly. Huo Guang needs to do some housecleaning in his estate soon.

Hong Yi made a slicing gesture on her neck, reminding Da Gong Zhi not to make any noise. Hong Yi’s gesture didn’t affect Da Gong Zhi, but instead Xu Ping Jun was frightened out of her wits and turned to look at Yun Ge, who just shook her head.

What kind of horrible luck was this? Standing on the bridge was the Emperor and his three most powerful ministers. The fate of the entire Han world rested in their hands. For a normal person to get close to even one of them is harder than climbing the sky. And yet they are so close right now to these impossible to reach personages. Is this considered good luck or terrible luck?

The conversation on the bridge attracted the attention of Da Gong Zhi, who still looked giggly but was actually paying attention. Liu Fu Ling is a brilliant little fox, but he ascended the throne at such a young age and back then had no real power. The real running of the country fell in the hands of these three ministers.

Xang Hong Yang was a prized minister to the former Emperor, and his way of doing things was in the same vein was Liu Che. He was forceful and insistent, like an old lion. Despite being very old now and his aura was dimmed, he was still a force to be reckoned with in court.

Shang Guan Jie was a wolf, greedy and vicious. He gained power through military successes and most of the army power is aligned with him. His son Shang Guan An even controls the world renowned Yu Lin Army.

Huo Guang is a tiger, despite being younger in age than Shang Guan Jie and Xang Hong Yang, he used years of hard work to build up his own faction. Many scholars and officials are in his camp in court, making him a latecomer to the party who has the momentum.

Huo Guang and Shang Guan Jie are in-laws, one is the maternal grandfather to the current Empress, the other is the paternal grandfather to the current Empress. But their relationship to each other is constantly shifting.

Huo Guang, Shang Guan Jie, and Xang Hong Yang, right now they take care of each other to prevent the imperial family from eliminating them, but they each want to pull the Emperor closer, so they try to secretly shave away at each other’s power so that one day only one will remain to influence the court.

The Emperor would love to see the three of them take each other out in a nuclear option. Then he can sigh and say that after all these years, he can finally sleep easy.

Such a mess, such a mess, such a mess…….

Da Gong Zhi, the more he thought about it, the more hilarious it was to him. He forgot that any on the four of the bridge could pull him right into their political battle. With one misstep, he could be crushed. On the bridge everyone was plotting their own, under the bridge everyone was hesitant.

Yun Ge bit down on her ginger and with each bit she inwardly cursed “Damn Emperor.” She wished for the day she could toss that stinky Emperor into this cold early Spring water for him to soak in. She heard the Palace was full of beauties. So why wasn’t he with those beauties and came here to endure the chilly air with those three old goats? This was such a suffering for them under the bridge.

Xu Ping Jun was so cold her lips were purple. Yun Ge knew that if she soaked any longer, she was going to fall deathly ill. Plus Yun Ge was also at her limit as well. She gestured to everyone, asking if they could swim away. Xu Ping Jun gestured that she couldn’t swim. Hong Yi also gestured that one would need to hold their breaths for much too long to swim underwater to avoid detection.

Yun Ge thought about it and then pointed at herself, she was going to distract those on the bridge so the other three could escape. Hong Yi shook her head, she wanted to do the distracting and have Yun Ge take Da Gong Zhi away.

Yun Ge stared at Da Gong Zhi. Take care of HIM? Hong Yi is so clueless about these things. Yun Ge shook her head and insisting on going. Da Gong Zhi gestured that they would rock-paper-scissors, always finding a way to turn anything into a game.

Rock-paper-scissors your head! Yun Ge glared at Da Gong Zhi and then grabbed a few rocks from the side of the bridge. She found out from Da Gong Zhi which direction out of the estate, and then she took a deep breath and swam out while tossing the rock in the opposite direction.

Yun Ge was swimming since she was a kid so she dove deep. Yu An’s first move was to stand in front of the Emperor and quickly get him off the bridge to avoid being in a high area to become an easy target. Huo Guang hollered “Who’s there?” Servants had already called for backup and right now people were swarming the bridge and the lights were lit.

Xang Hong Yang and Shang Guan Jie both look startled and then shot a look at Huo Guang. Shang Guan Jie started calling for help while following right next to the Emperor, acting like he would give his life to protect the Emperor. Since it was dark and everyone was moving, it wasn’t clear where Liu Fu Ling was at that moment, but with Shang Guan Jie’s yelling people knew which direction it was.

Xang Hong Yang was old and not very agile, plus he got confused in the commotion, so he was also calling for help. Him and Shang Guan Jie’s mutual calling for help caused all the guards just arriving to be confused and couldn’t figure out where the Emperor was and which side to protect first.

Liu Fu Ling and Huo Guang both flashed a look and then looked towards Xang Hong Yang’s direction. Yun Ge tossed a rock this way, tossed a rock that way, creating ripples everywhere. She attracted everyone’s attention and people started chasing where the sound was coming from. Because the situation was so confusing, it was ideal for the other three to get away.

Yun Ge was in the middle of the lake by now and didn’t try to conceal herself, so a guard quickly spotted her and jumped in the lake. Huo Guang said coldly “Must be captured alive.” Yun Ge couldn’t think about what would happen if she was captured, she just kept swimming. The lake got more and more narrow and twisty, with one side a walkway and the other a blooming garden.

With the narrow lake waterway, the pursuing guards had only one direction to chase her. Yun Ge was a great swimming but she was getting exhausted.

“Your majesty, shall we return to the Palace immediately?” Yu An asked. Liu Fu Ling didn’t listen to him and instead headed towards the direction where the supposed assassin escaped.

Shang Guan Jie was beginning to realize things were not quite right. He was thinking, and before Yu An could say anymore, Liu Fu Ling coolly asked “Shang Guan Jie, do you think it was an assassin?” Shang Guan Jie thought about it “Without asking, your servants I can’t be sure. Right now there are a lot of questions. How many people know Your majesty was coming here?”

Yu An replied “Just His majesty and myself, even the rest of the guards and eunuchs coming with didn’t know our final destination.” Shang Guan Jie furrowed his brows “Then the assassin wasn’t coming for Your majesty. Then who was the intended target?” He looked over Huo Guang and Xang Hong Yang before meeting the Emperor’s eyes.

This incident happening in his own estate, Huo Guang was afraid to say anything before he would gather information from the assassin once captured. Xang Hong Yang needed someone to support him to walk, and he was trying to catch up to the Emperor “If……trying to escape, then he ought to head East, but the direction of the lake becomes a dead end. If it……was… assassin….he can’t be unaware of the layout of the estate.”

Huo Guang gave Xang Hong Yang a grateful look but the old man didn’t return any expression. Liu Fu Ling looked towards the water and in the faint light he could see a shadowy figure swimming left and right. Behind the figure a group of hefty guards were swimming valiantly, but the lone figure was like a dragon playing in water, rising and falling in smooth movements.

Huo Guang saw how pathetic his guards were doing and looked quite chastened “Chang An doesn’t have many with such swimming prowess, and might be good enough to go head-to-head with the trained swimmers of the Yu Lin Army.” Shang Guan Jie huffed but Liu Fu Ling calmly said “Why guess? Once the person is captured we can interrogate and find out.”

The waterway was becoming more and more narrow and next to her was the walkway. Yun Ge figured the lake led into a small pond, so she probably has nowhere else to run. She heard a maid talking and wondered who lived in this residence. Before she could think of her next move, hands suddenly reached down from the walkway and pulled her up.

The cold air made her frozen and numb body alert again. She was about to strike the person when she saw who it was and allowed him to help her up. Meng Jue embraced Yun Ge with a furious expression. The maid rushed over to wipe the floor and help Yun Ge dry up a bit. Another maid said “Mr. Meng, hurry and follow me.”

Meng Jue whispered in Yun Ge’s ear “Hong Yi?” Yun Ge’s teeth was chattering “Es…..escaped.” “Anyone see Da Gong Zhi?” “No…….”

Meng Jue relaxed a bit “You guys are each bolder than the other. What do you take this place for?” He saw how pale Yun Ge was and sighed, not having the heart to berate her anymore. He took a cloth and tried to dry her.

From outside the yard came voices “Cheng Jun , open the door.”

“Daddy, I’m a little tipsy and have gone to bed. Has the banquet ended? Why is it so noisy?” Huo Guang gave Liu Fu Ling a look “I’ll have my daughter come out immediately to greet you.” Liu Fu Ling replied “I am out covertly this time and don’t want the entire court to know tomorrow. Pretend I’m not here and handle it as you will.”

“Cheng Jun, a thief has snuck into the estate to steal something. People saw him head your way. Call all your maids.” Huo Guang considered this was his daughter’s maidenly residence and had his son bring people to search it.

Huo Cheng Jun’s ladylike shrill voice rang out “Daddy, no! What happened? How could you…….how could you let those dirty men search my room?” Huo Guang pampered Cheng Jun, but this time he was stern but tried to explain “Cheng Jun, be good. If you don’t like a room that has been search, daddy will build you a new residence.”

Huo Cheng Jun sighed “Xiao Qing, follow behind my brother and watch those people, don’t let them touch my things.” Yun Ge looked nervously at Meng Jue, who continued to dry her hair with his face stern “Next time you should think about the consequences before you act.”

Hearing footsteps, Meng Jue quickly whispered to Yun Ge “Your name is Meng Yun Ge, you are my younger sister.” Yun Ge startled and then saw Huo Cheng Jun walking in and understand why.

Huo Cheng Jun had her brows furrowed but didn’t look nervous, she smiled at them “Meng Jue, your younger sister is so mischievous. She killed my two Blood Sweat Horses last time, and this time she caused the entire Huo Estate to think there was an assassin. Will she be running into the Palace to cause a ruckus next time?”

Yun Ge glared at Meng Jue. Huo Cheng Jun has moved from calling him Mr. Meng to calling him Meng Jue! Huo Cheng Jun smiled “I’ve seen you a few times now, but I don’t know your name still?” Yun Ge bit her lip and stared at Meng Jue, who answered on her behalf “Her surname is Meng, name is Yun Ge. She loves to make mischief.”

Huo Cheng Jun saw Yun Ge with her face white with cold, curled up there all tiny. How could this person be an assassin? Since she liked Meng Jue, then she liked everything associated with him. She was quite caring towards Yun Ge, who didn’t seem all that annoying right now, but instead became a cute little sister to her. “Don’t worry, daddy adores me, nothing will happen.”

After searching the entire courtyard, nothing has been discovered. After considering where else to look, Shang Guan Jie pointed at the residence “What about that room?” Huo Guang looked angry “That is my daughter’s room, what do you mean by that?”

Shang Guan Jie apologized when suddenly the door opened with a slam. Huo Cheng Jun, wearing a cloak, walked out clearly having already gone to rest for the night. “Uncle Xang, Uncle Shang Guan, I’m sorry for not realizing you were both here. If you don’t mind, please come in to rest.”

Meng Jue and Yun Ge were hiding behind the door and Yun Ge could see out of the door crack. She saw Shang Guan Jie and Xang Hong Yang, and behind them there was a person in the darkness. He was tall and heavily surrounded by people. But he gave off a sense of separation from the world. In the darkness his black robe blended with the night and Yun Ge could not see his face clearly.

Normally someone who just encountered a potential assassination ought to be frightened or nervous, but this person was calm and even distant. He quietly stood there, almost like he was watching a show. Yun Ge thought about the fact that he was the Emperor of the Han dynasty and she is being called an assassin. For the first time she was genuinely frightened. If he walked in the room, they would find them. She fisted her hand tighter and tighter.

Meng Jue grabbed her hand and carefully pulled open her fingers before putting her hand in his. His hand was strong and warm, taking away some of Yun Ge’s coldness. Meng Jue leaned down to her ear and whispered “It’s come to this, so why be afraid? We’ll handle it as it comes, leave it to me. Just remember, no matter what, you cannot mention Da Gong Zhi and Hong Yi, otherwise the trouble will be even greater.”

Pressed up against his body, with his lips so close to her ear, Yun Ge felt her body grow tingly and weak. She collapsed into Meng Jue’s arms but her heart was still furious from earlier. She raised her foot and then quietly pressed down on his foot. “Who needs you to pretend to care?”

Meng Jue took a deep breath but he didn’t move “Are you insane?” Yun Ge didn’t stop, she only stepped harder on his foot, not even caring what was going on outside. Despite Yun Ge’s extraordinary upbringing, she never exhibited any missish or princess-like airs. But in this dangerous situation, Meng Jue encountered for the first time such an unreasonable and outlandish Yun Ge. He didn’t understand for a moment, and once he did, his heart jerked and he started to smile. The pain in his foot was worth it, and with the feminine scent from the body in his arms, he couldn’t help himself and he leaned down and kissed Yun Ge on the cheek.

Yun Ge’s body shook and her foot relaxed. Meng Jue also seemed out of it. He felt a sense of inexplicable happiness, like when he was small and he was praised by his father, got a new outfit from his mother, heard his younger brother proudly tell others “that’s my older brother…….”

Such a simple, such an easy type of happiness was so foreign to him. In his daze he almost forgot where he was. Then he heard Shang Guan Jie’s voice outside, a thunderous boom that broke up what was a happy dream. His daze immediately vanished and his eyes became focused.

The room was split into two, separated by a gauze curtain. Because the door was open, the curtain billowed in the wind and showed that there was nothing in the room other than all the trappings of a young lady’s boudoir. Shang Guan Jie’s face turned red and he laughed “No need, no need. I’m silly, forgot this was Cheng Yun little gal’s chambers Cheng Jun, you hurry off to bed if you’re not feeling well.”

Huo Guang said “Shang Guan brother, you ought to search it just so no one can accuse my daughter of harboring someone.” Shang Guan Jie looked uncomfortable while Xang Hong Yang stroked his beard and smiled as he waited to see the show unfold.

Liu Fu Ling lightly said “Since there is no one here, no need to keep searching elsewhere. After so much time, the person has likely escaped already.” Before anyone could answer, Liu Fu Ling turned and left. Everyone hurried to send him off. Huo Guang promised to find out the truth. Liu Fu Ling said “No need to send me off, this has caused quite a commotion and likely the banquet guests have all been frightened. Go take care of your guests.”

Huo Cheng Jun stood at the door and waited for everyone to leave. She then realized that she was covered in cold sweat and her stomach and legs were actually shaking. She ordered the maids to lock up and everyone to go rest. After she walked back into her room, she saw Yun Ge with her face all red and lowered, not looking at Meng Jue.

Meng Jue seemed normal and said to Huo Cheng Jun “She experienced quite a lot today and is frightened out of her wits. It’s best she’s frightened so she doesn’t do something like this again.” Huo Cheng Jun smiled at him “Forget about her, I’m frightened as well. You asked me to take a huge risk today, so how are you going to thank me?”

Meng Jue smiled “This big gratitude I will repay another day. With security sure to be tight, can you lend Yun Ge a clean set of clothes and we can quietly leave along with the rest of the guests.” Huo Cheng Jun heard “This big gratitude I will repay another day” and her face turned red and she was afraid to look at Meng Jue. She hurried to find an outfit for Yun Ge.

Yun Ge was alternatively hot and cold but she had to pretend she was fine. She went to find the three chefs with came her and then said their farewells. After leaving the Huo Estate, she walked for a bit before seeing Meng Jue waiting for her outside a carriage. She let out a sigh of relief and stared at him, before she collapsed silently on the ground.


By the time Yun Ge woke up, it was the next day already. Both Xu Ping Jun and Hong Yi looked teary faced as they sat next to her pallet. When Xu Ping Jun saw her open her eyes, she yelled “Stupid girl, why did you insist and stay in the water that long if you were running red. If this illness sticks with you then don’t blame us.” Hong Yi gestured for Xu Ping Jun to stop, and then she gestured her thanks to Yun Ge. Before Xu Ping Jun could continue yelling, Meng Jue came in with medicine.

Hong Yi tried to hide behind Xu Ping Jun to sneak out of the room but Meng Jue spoke up “Hong Yi, you tell him that if he doesn’t leave Chang An, since he’s going to die anyway, then I might as well kill him now. That way he can’t be discovered and bring others down with him.” Hong Yi’s expression made it seem like it was all her fault. Once Meng Jue saw her tears, he swallowed the rest of what he was going to say and sighed “I’ve been tormented into an early grave by that demon spawn. Forget my angry words, just watch over him and don’t let him run around anymore.”

Hong Yi immediately smiled and nodded her head before happily running out of the room. Meng Jue looked at Hong Yi’s departing form and sighed. He sat down next to Yun Ge and put his fingers on her wrist to listen to her pulse. Yun Ge’s face turned red “You know medicine?” Since he knew medicine, he must know why she fainted then.

Meng Jue thought about his adoptive father and his eyes were uncharacteristically warm “My adoptive father was extremely learned. But my heart wasn’t in it so I learned at most 1/4 of what he knew about medicine. You have to rest properly for the next few days, stay away from anything cold, including foods that are of the cold variety.”

Yun Ge nodded her red little face. Meng Jue helped her up and fed her medicine. She kept her eyes lowered and was too afraid to look at him. “Yun Ge, next time you don’t feel well, tell me. Don’t endure it alone. If you leave this illness rooted in your body, that’s a lifetime’s problem.”

Yun Ge’s head couldn’t go down any lower and she mumbled an incoherent agreement. After Meng Jue fed her the medicine, he smiled “You’re so docile today, completely different than yesterday.” When Yun Ge heard that, she got angry and glared at Meng Jue “My name is Yun Ge, so you don’t go randomly changing my name and adding a surname!” Meng Jue looked at Yun Ge and smiled.

Liu Bing Yi stood by the window and watched the two people in the room. He was intending to walk inside but stopped. He quietly looked at Meng Jue, and then thought about himself. His lips curled up in a derisive smile for himself and he turned to leave.

But after taking a few steps, he suddenly stopped. He thought about it and then turned back. He lifted the curtain and stood by the door, giving a lazy smile to Yun Ge.

“Yun Ge, next time you want to play assassin, remember to pick a warm day. Otherwise you won’t manage to assassinate anyone before getting sick first.” Yun Ge unconsciously shrank away from Meng Jue and she smiled “Big brother, do you think I look like an assassin?”

Meng Jue had a slight smile as he brushed away some lint on his sleeve.

Xu Ping Jun was talking to Da Gong Zhi and Hong Yi but her eyes was always keeping an eye on that room. Her heart lurched and she couldn’t smile anymore. She stood there, her eyes going from confusion to certainty. She smiled at Hong Yi and Da Gong Zhi before suddenly walking away “I have to go buy some groceries for dinner tonight to celebrate our mad escape.”

Hong Yi couldn’t understand Xu Ping Jun. How come she just left like that? What’s with the rush to buy groceries! Da Gong Zhi sat on the door ledge and crossed his leg, staring towards the room and smiling.


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    • lol! have we found a nickname for Da Gong Zhi? i think Liu Bing Yi is curious about Yun Ge because he’s just a little suspicious of her. in an earlier chapter, he confronted her for why she made acquaintances with him. why she wanted to get close to him? she never answered his question.

      • I actually think he likes her already. That is why Xu Ping Jun is a little upset I think. Also I felt like my speculation is further proven by the following line, “His lips curled up in a derisive smile for himself and he turned to leave.” He was jealous of Meng Jue and Yun Ge, but he felt like the current him was not comparable to the handsome and rich Meng Jue. However, he turned back after walking away probably because his feelings overrode his logical reasoning. That is my take on that paragraph. 🙂

      • Good job, Anna. I think it’s pretty clear Liu Bing Yi likes Yun Ge (the flirting, the saving her, the teasing at the graveyard, the subtle dick-waving contests with Meng Jue), and at this point, everyone knows it except for clueless Yun Ge and adorably innocent Hong Yi. Xu Ping Jun looks determined to “buy goceries” likely because she’s headed to find the elder Meng Jue told her about and get that marriage arranged with Liu Bing Yi before things cross the line.

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