Yoo Seung Ho is the Playful New Face of Guess Korea

Yoo Seung Ho, why so cute? Operation Proposal, why so sucky? Sadly I’m sticking with the latter solely on account of the former, but if I plaster the playground with his latest endorsement pics from Guess, I might get a free pass out of headdesking my way through another episode of OP. I love these pictures way more than his endorsement for the school uniform brand since it allows him to be playful and animated rather than posing like a very pretty statue.


Yoo Seung Ho is the Playful New Face of Guess Korea — 13 Comments

  1. dang… why so so so cute…
    He looks cuter and cuter as the years go by. He will be one hawt panties melting lookie 🙂
    me likes…

    Thanks a bunch Ms K!

  2. sigh….. how did the baby from The Way Home grow up to look like this???….why couldn’t he just have stayed that way instead of breaking this noona’s heart??….i need to go to confession

  3. Boy oh boy…Can I have the nine-pack, please?
    I can be thankful that he doesn’t have any muscles so he keeps his shirt on most of the time.

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