An MV and Some Thoughts on The King 2 Hearts

This drama hurts so good. I wish I didn’t start it so I could marathon it when it’s all over, but then again, I do love an obsession. The King 2 Hearts is currently number 1 in my heart and for good reason. The chemistry is off-the-charts between Ha Ji Won and Lee Seung Gi, I am fascinated by all the major secondary characters who are well fleshed out (my absolute fave is awesomer than awesome King Jae Kang), and the story deftly toggles humor and intensity like you wouldn’t believe. It doesn’t shy away from the seriousness of North-South conflict, yet it posits that this bridge could potentially be bridged. Still traveling, still overwhelmed with work, so I wasn’t able to write any sort of recap for episode 4. Though if I didn’t watch that episode like 5 times in a row, maybe I would have written something. Episode 4 was brilliant, everything I want in a drama and then some. It starts off with a fight, leading towards a test and a misunderstood betrayal, and ends with our leading man finally testing his own mettle. I’m so proud of Jae Ha.

There is no way the combined North-South WOC team could and should compete if the team members cannot trust or rely on each other. But with 60 years of political and cultural divide between them, it was a stunning move for Jae Kang to devise a simulation war game to see if the team members could trust their personal camaraderie built up from training together to overcome their suspicion of each other. It was devastating to see Jae Kang so disappointed that it was his own brother, the Prince no less, who failed the test of all the team members. It was even more devastating for Jae Ha, who has never been asked to rise above his own limitations, to feel like he disappointed his beloved hyung.  So in the end, Jae Ha running the 60 km race in 10 hours was a stunning achievement, and one which meant so much other than as a plot device. I was totally misty eyed.

This drama moves so fast I’m shocked at how much they can squeeze into one measly hour. The joint WOC training is now complete and our intrepid team members will soon return to their own regular lives before the actual competition in a few months. But with the crazy villain lurking around, I suspect shit will hit the fan long before then. Watching the preview for episode 5, we have Hang Ah missing Jae Ha, and the latter declaring before the news reporters that he’s fallen in love with Kim Hang Ah, followed by what looks like an upcoming engagement. I’m on pins and needles to see how the writer will maneuver them into a marriage, because it’s clear they are already having some feelings for each other. I know this is one volatile relationship and I can’t wait to watch them navigate the treacherous waters of romance mixed with politics. Have an awesome MV to commemorate the first four rollicking episodes of TH2H.

The King 2 Hearts MV (eps 1-4):


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  1. I understand you. Before this drama started airing, I used to post more often at soompi, but eversince the broadcast of the 1st episode I spend most of my free time rewatching the episodes. So, thank you so much for this post Koala. I’m so glad to have a number of bloggers liking this drama including you, and I’m thankful that you spend your time and effort to talk about it as I love reading insights, opinions and basically everything about this drama. Actually, if recaps take too much of your time, reading posts like this is equally blissful. Thank you again for all the posts on TK2H and I hope you’ll continue to love the show and talk about it here ^^

    This episode is really awesome. I especially couldnt stop replaying the 60km run sequence at the end over and over. Its just so touching.

      • Miss Koala, thank you for the awesome recaps and MV, Wanne above me is right, it is SO COOL. I am also having the similar syndrome, watching eps 4 like over and over again. What can I say? TK2H is simply DAEBAK !

    • I agree. I already have my favorite parts to replay again and again in each episode. My favorite parts are when either of the leads (Ha Ji Won) or Lee Seung Gi turn from coy or spineless to complete badass in an eyeblink! I was a bit skeptical about the pairing but just last week I was so excited to come back home and watch it with subs on vikii, only I happened to forget it was not yet Wednesday (oh my god sun disappointment!)
      /end spazz 🙂

  2. I’ve refreshed this site over and over to check out ep 4 recaps. Still there isn’t one. Some bad thought came to my mind. I thought you dropped it. I thought you lost your interest. I thought….I thought…….aahhhh stressss (jae ha’s catchphrase). Ah, now I understand. Take your time Ms. Koala.
    Ep 4 is really awesome. Isn’t it like a movie? Wow.

      • Hahaha, so JaeHa is the LSG’s character? LOL I’m so lame! I haven’t watched this drama though, not yet! Exam period :'(((( I’ll get to it immediately after exams no worries! I wondering if how he says it is similar to Gary though. Anyone knows?

      • Ah yes.. ‘Ah, stress~’ is the signature of Kang Gary from Lessang in Running Man. But I guess it’ll become more popular after this episode no? Kkkk~
        While gary usually saying this with a bit loud voice, Jae Ha saying this with hand in the side forehead. I’m LOL-in for each time he said those hahaha

  3. Like you, I was travelling. Like you, I could not get this drama out of my mind so could not even play tourist! This drama and Lee Jae Ha really have a way to go under one’s skin. I cannot forget the prince’s hurt and disbelieving look at Hang Ah when he thought she betrayed him. Omg, and the way he raised the gun to his own head! The anger and defiance! Really really manly, cool, and sexy (?!).
    I am still trying to fathom how this drama comes about. I like the PD, especially his Damo, which is really different and brilliant. I don’t know the writers at all but were they this good before??? Or is this one of those serendipity things that all facets of creative forces just join and come together at this juncture? I can only say as a fan I am tremendously grateful.

    Thanks so much for your thought. TK2H, fighting!

  4. I’ve never been this excited to livestream and re-watch a drama since SG. Episode 4 is the best episode yet. Overall, I’m totally impressed how this drama always manages to balance the fun, the intense and the heartwarming scenes along with the fascinating characters which makes the drama so absolutely addictive.

  5. i dont really good with word cuz my bad english..but i really to tell someone that i really really really LOVE this drama.welll mayb i am LSG and HJW ‘s fan..but they showed great chemistry out there. my first top drama is KING 2 HEARTS, 2nd still KING 2 HEARTS 3rd is yoo chun’s

  6. I think what is awesome of this show is it leaves us with so many questions in our mind that we get stuck in it even after we have finished watching. Questions of not what is the next plot, but what we think of the conflicts and situations that happened, and what would we have done the same or different in their situations?

    Was the simulation valid, was JaeHa’s impulse valid, was Hang-Ah’s forgiveness valid, etc etc? To each of us only our opinions on the validity. A drama that makes me think all this questions is always a win to me.

    And of course the sizzling chemistry.
    Thanks for the short recap.

  7. Someone on Baidu has an interesting analysis on why Jae-ha plays a prank on Kang-seok. His target is Shi-kyung all along. Reason? Because he is jealous of Shi-kyung. Which does explains why he keeps trying to stir up a fight between Shi-kyung and Kang-seok. This does tie in with the ending of episode 3 when he is jealous seeing Hang-ah and Shi-kyung playing together in the snow. Well whether jealousy is the reason behind Shi-kyung is up to our own interpretation but it does offer food for thought.

  8. Thanks for the rent fee rave space, Koala. THIS is the one for me.
    Yes yes yes!
    K2H4 watching again looking closer and closer at how he looks at her, and how she looks at him. Then, watching it another time to make sure you saw what you saw and heard what you heard. Then, again, because you feel the thrill of his quick smile when she shows up on her bike even though he KILLED HER! Why did he KILL her?
    They aren’t in love yet, but still, there’s that touch of the fingers — good shivers —
    There’s the bonding on the treadmill of death — tears —
    There’s the final trust when she hands the gun over in the rest room, but, then he KILLED HER! Why did he KILL her?

    Oh, this one is going to hurt so bad later. I cannot wait!!!!

  9. yeah it was a great episode!
    Though the simulation was a bit much, but then I think the King was under a lot of (extra) pressure that hasn’t been explained yet so he was maybe feeling desperate.
    This episode really showed how unready Jae Ha is to be in a command/ruling position and through it I was wishing that they don’t kill off the King till maybe the last few episodes (also bec he’s just one cool and believable King).
    The prank he pulled on the guy who likes the girl group was just thoughtless and hurtful. I felt really bad for the guy and Shi Kyung. JH reminded me of bullies who will do these pranks to make fun of people and try to excuse themselves by saying it was not that big a deal. It was a good way to highlight the fact that he is selfish (except for his family perhaps) and just doesn’t think of others’ feelings or points of view
    Lots of room to grow for his character.
    What really bothered me a bit was that she forgives him too easily. Those truly awful words he said to her were never apologized for from what I remember. Perhaps him shooting her was because he thought he was betrayed but he conveniently forgot she gave him the gun in the first place! So much lack of trust. Made worse by the fact he never apologized (again), not really, I think he mentioned something like shooting her also affected him. That’s it. (turning it into all about him again and not her) Pathetic. And she was so very understanding even though it really shook her!
    Loved the scene bet JH and the King, great tension and you could feel the heartbreak the King was feeling and the disappointment and disgust.
    But then the whole march was just kinda ridiculous bec what was it supposed to do? How was it “taking responsibility” when it would not make up for what he failed in the first place which was trusting his teammates and thinking before doing.
    It made for good drama and some great scenes bet the 2 leads and further shows off their great chemistry, but I was scratching my head thinking “Seriously?” But I guess it is consistent with JH’s character.
    So far, I’m loving this drama and am on tenterhooks not just for more great scenes but also for what they will do next plot-wise as I really hope they don’t screw it up.
    Keeping my fingers crossed!

  10. that is such a fun mv!
    TK2H is a great followup drama after History of a Salaryman, both have great character dynamics, intensity and stakes, and a clever dose of humor. 2012 is a great year for korean dramas. only negative point is there’s too many appealing dramas to watch (well, to choose since there’s not enough hours in a day) with Equator Man for drama, Rooftop Prince for laughs, and K2H for both.

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