Gorgeous Official Trailer for Painted Skin: The Resurrection

The upcoming C-movie Painted Skin: The Resurrection, the sequel to 2008’s hit movie of the same name with Chen Kun, Zhou Xun and Zhao Wei finally released an official trailer as it ramps up for its June release. I’m on pins and needles, because I really enjoyed the first movie for the great chemistry and gorgeous set design, and the second one looks to take what worked in the first movie to a whole nother level. Bring it on, baby! More demons, more sexy times, more Chen Kun as the hottest onscreen General EVER. He makes wearing armor as gasp-inducing as if he were shirtless. The trailer is gorgeous, but makes no sense plot wise, which is just what I was expecting. I still think Yang Mi and Feng Shao Feng‘s characters should be cut since they appeared to have wandered onto the wrong set, but everyone else is looking amazingly charismatic and fascinating.

Painted Skin 2: The Resurrection


Gorgeous Official Trailer for Painted Skin: The Resurrection — 17 Comments

  1. Honestly? I’d rather FengMi not be there if they are going to be vases…a token of their popularity during the Gong craze.

    • Maybe to captivate a younger audience? FSF’s look actually scared the heck out of me. He’s meant to look funny, but I think he looked crazy. lol

  2. whoah, the two pictures at the top kinda creeped me a bit… especially the one on the right… but that’s good, cuz i like being creeped out 😀 i’m so, so excited for this to come out! i wonder who will be with chen kun in the end…?

    • Its hindi or maybe sanskrit…..could make out only 2 words due to a very heavy accent…first was ‘Mahadeva’- (or Shiva) the God of destruction in Indian mythology,
      second was ‘Swarga’- which means Heaven.

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