Love Actually with Lee Da Hae, Joe Cheng, and Li Yi Feng Holds Press Conference

Such a cute cast! The currently filming C-drama Love Actually with Lee Da Hae, Joe Cheng, Li Yi Feng, and Anna Fang held a press conference yesterday to start the first step of promoting this drama. It will air this Summer so that is quite a fast turnaround time, but Summer is the perfect time to air a frothy rom-com. Lee Da Hae is putting her seven years of intensive Chinese language study to good use, as she speaks all her lines in Chinese during filming. But since this is a C-drama, where Chinese actors get dubbed over when required, whether any or all of the cast will be dubbed remains to be seen. But her Chinese is stunningly good for someone learning the language as an adult. She and Joe look like they have wonderful chemistry based on their easygoing banter during the press conference, and I think we’ll be seeing a separate love line for Li Yi Feng’s character with Anna Fang’s character so that leaves me a happy camper that my boy gets some happy in this drama. For now I remain pumped about checking this out in a few months.


Love Actually with Lee Da Hae, Joe Cheng, and Li Yi Feng Holds Press Conference — 26 Comments

    • One thing I really love about Lee Da Hae is that she actually took the time to learn the language there are some celebrities who have filmed dramas in china for years and still hasn’t learned the language!!

  1. So Happy for Lee Da Hae ! She deserves all the attention … Gorgeous, Hardworking, Able to take risk to venture into Chinese market… Bravo !
    Clever to pair up with Joe Cheng…. Crowd-puller !

    • Agree with you. Loves this drama too and also curious to watch LDH with Joe Cheng who I knew from watching ISWAK with Ariel. He needs more challenging role. What a gorgeous chef he made in this drama!! but 35 episodes…. whaaaa… so long one!

  2. Yay! I’m glad that she finally looks happy ^^ Such a cute cast! I’m already sick of the typical rom-coms but I’m still going to check this out since I totally love Da Hae & Joe.

  3. Eeeeek~ First it was an article about Lee Dong Wook, then Lee Junki, now Lee dahae~ Starting to miss My Girl. <333. Aaah Joe looks stunning with that hair. Hope he keeps it like that! 😉

  4. not sure why but the colors on the very first picture of the post where they are both staring at each other, is a bit strange.. like something went wrong.. but besides that.. its pretty cute together.. i wonder if the drama is going to be good..

  5. LDH suddenly looks like a middle aged lady who is into high maintenance. She is still very young…..why has she started with botox so early????? You can get away with expression lines when you are young. Save it for later when you really need it. I found her so annoying in My Girl but she was so lovely in Green Rose.

      • Ha ha ha! Robot like actors? Thinking again, yeah… Somehow Joe Cheng is pretty lame in his acting here. The kid / nephew is more expressive – lol 🙂

        Not much subs and storyline not so impressive that put me off this drama… 🙁

  6. Please spread the gospel and tell them NOT to dub the actors/actresses’ voices… it can make or break this new drama. Sometimes imperfect Mandarin is kind of charming… reflects the actor/actress’s true acting ability. Dubbed voices have no soul… absolutely CANNOT watch “Hsia Jia San Qian Jing” even though LOVE Roy Qiu… because they dubbed his voice. We all recognize Joe Cheng’s real voice.

    • –* Eh ? I’m aLso an ARJOE fan but not aLways pairing them two .. :)) Let’s just be happy that Joe Cheng will have another drama show. :))

    • Come on..! I loves Joe & Ariel. But have you watched Ariel with Bolin in “In time with you”? what a great story there. (Koala, is there any review on this c-drama? I might be out dated eh?)

      I had been watching this Ariel Lin drama again and again which is just not me and at first I couldnt accept watching Ariel paired with another guy, buy hey ho… this is the acting world and both Ariel and Joe needs other stories too for their real acting ability 🙂

  7. actually a lot people like see drama my girl and miss ripley .I think lee da hae was amazing actres.lee da hae the best……

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