Happy Noodle Releases Concept Poster of Leads Yoon Si Yoon and Li Fei Er

The producers of the upcoming C-drama Happy Noodle with Yoon Si Yoon and Li Fei Er have released a concept poster, which has such bad photoshopping its actually quaint. I’m still wrapping my head around dubbing over my Si Yoon’s magnaificent voice, but I think seeing him onscreen so soon outweighs the negatives. Check out the poster below, plus I’ve linked to some scenes from the last Li Fei Er drama I watched, Welcome Love with Joe Cheng. Li Fei Er gives me the same vibes as Jung So Min and Yoon Eun Hye, earthy and natural. She’s not a great actress, but I enjoyed her with Joe in WL. Didn’t hurt that WL was a 12-episode online drama that had some of the loveliest cinematography I’ve seen in C-dramas. I think she’ll have great chemistry with Si Yoon, so I’m just praying the story is decent and the two leads can have tons of cute moments together to make me happy.

Li Fei Er with Joe Cheng in Welcome Love (title sequence): this is totally gorgeous, so check it out!

Li Fei Er with Joe Cheng in Welcome Love (final sequence): a great recap of the entire drama, and a great introduction to Li Fei Er


Happy Noodle Releases Concept Poster of Leads Yoon Si Yoon and Li Fei Er — 12 Comments

  1. No one wants to hire me to play a crying character in that drama? Really? I assure you i will deliver true tears and sobbing until the heart of the audience breaks into thousand pieces… What can i say? I really hope there will be “visual” chemistry. In the worst case scenario i will push the mute button. (I can’t even believe what i’m typing here).
    And about the poster… Now i want to watch that silly Me2Flower poster again, the one with cinnamon background ant the multicolored flowers.

  2. Maybe they can hire me to be photoshop their posters, i’m a graphic designer anyway =p
    On first glance, i thought that poster was a fanmade one…
    I kinda like the girl Li Fei er, i watched that online-drama, it’s an alright drama i guess..
    But sometimes, she look older in some angle… and YSY is such a babyface.. i hope the visual chemistry will be fine.

      • Tbh, I have seen 15 year olds on tumblr with better photoshopping skills… but the noodle heart looks adorable, in that 4-year-old’s-crayon-drawing kinda way. Maybe that’s the whole concept of the show: so quaint that you start watching it. Ok, I think seeing YSY there has addled my brains, so I’ll shut up now, before I say anything even more stupid.

    • Is it bad that I don’t want him to have chemistry with her?
      Cause I don’t.
      I want him to come home* to Korea.

      *OK not MY actual home. The figurative one.

  3. I think it just fanmade
    First, the first time I saw that poster was 2 weeks ago on SY baidu fanclub.
    Second, this is the worst poster I have ever seen.
    Third, SY is a very careful person, so I dont think this poster satisfied him.
    Fourth, there’s no notice about poster shooting day yet.
    Koala, please check the information again, tks ^^
    sorry for bad english

    • If you read the article carefully, it would be clear that this is a “concept” poster, and yes, it is created by the production company. Of course the leads haven’t done a poster shoot yet, because this isn’t the official poster for the drama. If a fan made it, it would actually look halfway decent. The reason its called a concept poster is because the production companies photoshop the leads together and whip up something just to get the ball rolling. This drama hasn’t even started filming yet.

  4. Concept poster?…Why release a bad draft when you can release something good later on? Marketing is so important and first impressions matter. Some stills of a read through of the script would be better than that poster…I guess it gets the point across though. I assume these 2 lovies will get together, eh? Anyway, I will have to check this out since I love me some Yoon Si Yoon. Happy Noodle rivals Bread Love and Dreams for worst drama title. LOL.

    • so true! it looks like a 5 year old child cut and paste the pictures on that noodle heart. :))) The concept is nice, but please produces, be more careful with what you release!

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