King of Lan Ling Commences Filming with Ariel Lin, Feng Shao Feng and Daniel Chan

And…..they’re off to the races! The cast of the upcoming period C-drama King of Lan Ling gathered in Hen Dian yesterday for the kick off of principal filming. While leads Ariel Lin and Danial Chan were in full costume, the titular King of Lan Ling himself Feng Shao Feng had his hair piece on but paired it with a track suit. Talk about disconnect, but apparently he arrived on set that very morning so clearly someone didn’t have time to don what will surely be a rather elaborate costume based on what Daniel is wearing as Yu Wen Yong, the rival King of the Northern Zhou dynasty. When asked about meeting her idol in person, Ariel shyly said he looked exactly the same, still so handsome, and she couldn’t wait to do scenes with him.

In the drama, while both Kings are in love with Ariel’s character Yang Xue Wu, she’s described as completely devoted to Gao Chang Gong, the King of Lan Ling. So pretty much she’s a smart and talented version of Yuan Xiang Qin. I can buy that. I’m not a fan of of the costumes so far, but at least its not weird, recycled, or looks cheap. Though I hope Ariel’s character dresses less demurely and more feisty. Oh, and I’m totally stoked to see George Wu in this project, he’s a fantastic martial artists in real life, and made Love at First Fight palatable for me.

Last but not least, the first pictures from the set where Feng Shao Feng and Ariel are filming. In the first picture, Ariel had a crying scene and Feng Shao Feng leaned down and spent minutes talking with her quietly until she got into the emotion, and this cute moment was captured by Producer Chen.

[Credit: all pictures as marked of the respective news agency]


King of Lan Ling Commences Filming with Ariel Lin, Feng Shao Feng and Daniel Chan — 16 Comments

  1. O God by lookin these pic i really wish to watch this drama! But my bad i don’t know the language n don’t know where can i get to download in eng sub! HELP!

  2. I’m interested, obviously, because Ariel is in it, but I’m not getting a great vibe off these early pics. Still, early days, so …

  3. Err…I actually thinks the costumes look a little weird, but it’s not exactly ugly. Daniel’s hair looks a bit off for a period piece though. Even though Ariel is a fan of Daniel, she actually looks more compatible with FSF in the pictures. Must be shyness. LOL.

    I like all three leads…so I’m definitely watching this when it’s out!
    tX for the heads up.

  4. I was expecting to see a very beautiful production with beautiful costumes, but after seeing the hair and awfully tacky and cheap, cheap, cheap looking costume, this look like a low budget production. Ariel and Daniel look like they’re wearing table runners!

  5. I really hope the costumes will improve. I’m looking forward to watching this drama because of my love for Ariel Lin. Right now, I’m not loving her costume.

  6. I think fans said something about Ariel’s costume in these pictures being a makeshift costume, because she had just arrived, and they didn’t have enough time to fit her correctly in a costume. I’m hoping the costumes will improve, too. The crying scene photo with FSF and Ariel looks adorable.

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