The Curious Case of the Amazing Class of 87ers

I’ve had this post percolating since forever, but there was one hold out on it that made me iffy. Finally, at long last and really I shouldn’t be surprised, I have fallen madly for the charm of a certain Prince-turned-reluctant-King. With that, I can officially say that I adore the majority of the class of actors and actresses born in 1987. This list may not be all inclusive, but its clear that all the famous ’87ers are all rocking talented and super duper awesome in my book. Who knew a year of the cute fluffy rabbit would produce this star-studded crop (with a surfeit of talent, charisma, and personality): Moon Geun Young, Jang Geun Seok, Choi Si Won, Lee Min Ho, Lee Seung Gi, Han Hyo Joo, Jung Il Woo, Joo Won, and Ji Chang Wook. Throw in the coincidence that my C-drama boy crush Li Yi Feng is also a ’87er, I hereby decree that this is one daebak birth year for entertainment purposes! People try to MINE actors and actresses, but has anyone ever tried to MINE an entire year? Yeah, I like to be a trailblazer, and since I grouped them handily together into one cute package, that makes this year all MINE. If you love K-pop, I suggest grabbing the ’86ers. Next time I may try to MINE a decade, who knows? Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely. 

It’s my Geun-Geuns! How could I not love the entire year of ’87 even if it produced just the two of them. So talented, so cute together, so utterly winning in my eyes. He’s got way more latent talent than he chooses to tap into, she’s extremely stingy with her talent in picking so few projects but she always delivers the goods. To say I lub them together is an understatement, but I also lub them apart. I wish he pick better projects, and I wish she picked more projects. But ultimately I’m just happy they got to work together once already.

See, even though I am immune to the Joo Won allure, I know so many drama friends who veritably drool at the mere mention of his name. Clearly the boy has got “it”. He’s also riding a huge wave towards certifiable leading man status, with his turn in Ojakkyo Brothers garnering great response. Bridal Mask will be his first test in leading a drama, and my gut tells me he’ll do well even if the drama doesn’t.

Lee Seung Gi and Han Hyo Joo. I recently rewatched Brilliant Legacy/Shining Inheritance, and can’t deny they had really sparkling chemistry. Like very pretty young people bickering and falling in love. Not very passionate, but gives off the whiff of Summer loving. They both have the same boy/girl-next-door appeal, wholesome and non-threatening. For the longest time I placed their acting abilities at the same level of meh, but with TK2H Lee Seung Gi has turned the corner on me and is proving his mature acting mettle. I’m still waiting for a knock one out of the park performance from Han Hyo Joo, and I have faith she can do it.

Choi Si Won needs no explanation or description. As probably the most famous member of Super Junior plus having a string of dramas under his belt, his star couldn’t be higher. He’s a devout Christian who makes friends wherever he goes and every time I watch Si Won on a variety show or doing an interview, he just cracks me up. Great sense of humor, humble, and has abs that could cut steel. His acting is iffy for me, but I like him for the whole package and look forward to seeing him continue to challenge himself as an entertainer.

Lee Min Ho and Jung Il Woo – so much pretty it hurts my eyes. Too bad their other buddy Kim Bum was born in ’90 and can’t join them in making it a triple play. These two guys actually have similar acting styles and give off the same leading man vibe. I would imagine they are constantly being offered each other’s projects. Jung Il Woo got to play a major leading man first with Return of Iljimae, but it was Lee Min Ho who hit popular success first with Boys Before Flowers. Currently Lee Min Ho is enjoying bigger name recognition, but Jung Il Woo can easily catch up with one breakout drama performance. How funny was it that the younger actor chosen to play Jung Il Woo’s childhood counterpart in The Moon Embraces the Sun is also named Lee Min Ho.

Ji Chang Wook is already a leading man in multiple dramas but he hasn’t yet caught fire like the other guys in this illustrious group. I think he’s the real deal but I haven’t found a drama of his that I’ve loved (yet). But he’s quite the scene stellar when he was playing second leads and I’ve always kept my eye out for him.

While there are famous actors and actresses born in any given year, I was just wowed by how many of my faves were clustered in the ’87 birth year. I think drama fans need to start gearing up for when this batch of boys enlist for their MS in four years time. But before then, there is a humongous group of idol boys in the birth year of ’86 that will get conscripted first. At least I get to keep my acting harem for a year longer.


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  1. There’s also Moon Chae won among the girls..and i’m sure i’m missing out on some more but 87 sure is the magic year

      • O wow…so she’s actually the noona for moat of these guys?…i’ve been forming dream pairings between her and most of them for over a year…

      • If she’s born late ’86, in korean technicalities, she’s “friends”-aka same year with the 87ers, no? 🙂

        Can I share the 87 year with you Ms. Koala? Because I would love me some amazing Oppas and Unnies. 🙂

        Awesome awesome post as always!

  2. I noticed that also that many talents that I like are born on the same year… I also like the ones from 82, 84, and some 79…

    • I don’t follow Kpop, these are a list of actors only. Si Won is included because he acts often, but I don’t follow his pop career.

      • I think his best or to be honest his “good acting” is yet to come.
        he is ok, but looks aware of the camera presence…how to explain myself better- like he is not wiling to make fun of his image for a role. sure he played a untalented actor in Oh my lady but at the end we all saw that he was actually lazy and uninspired to be great and not untalented…. would be great to see him relaxed in a role…

  3. That’s really an amazing year! ♥♥♥♥♥ There are a couple of my (totally platonic) noona crushes mentioned here. *g*

    (Even after all this time, I see pics of the Geun-Geuns and my heart does weird things in my chest. Is it only me?!?!?!)

    • Geun-Geun forever! How are you, chingu? Watching any dramas? TK2H got me out of my months long drama slump so I hope you find something to kick start your drama watching as well.

      • I’m sort of okay? IDK, I’m tired all the time. /whines. Er, sorry about that. How are you? JSYK, I’ve been lurking and reading your entries.

        Actually, I finally watched the ending of Protect the boss. Yes, I’m, like, 6 months late with it. *facepalm* BUT I feel like I should and CAN start watching dramas again so that’s good! 😀 I was thinking Shut Up, but uuuuh, TK2H sounds good too. NGL, without AM-A I feel kinda lost. /o\

    • I had this post ready during the week but didn’t have a chance to post until now. It was so apropos that we got to discuss it last night though! Catch up on TK2H so we can chat about it!

  4. Now when I Google I have to say ’86 is good year too 😉
    We have really hotties there: Micky Yoochun, Kim Hyun Joong etc.

  5. just a little tidbit…Choi Siwon was actually born in April ’86. For some reason his parents decided to officially register his birth almost a year later (Feb ’87). The darn guy gets two birthdays (and birthday cakes) every year….-_-
    He is definitely eye candy though…I find him to be much more comfortable with his role (and his costars) in the second half of Skip Beat. Really enjoyed him and Donghae in there!

  6. woww!! That’s quite a talented bunch, eh? I will have to defend MY Seung-gi….he also does have abs of steel…..just chooses to flash them selectively! 😀

    What’ll we do when these guise go off for TWO YEARS!!

    • YOUR Seung gi?!
      I think Seung gi once said that he chooses to go to army sooner than later. Correct me if I’m wrong.
      I’m not ready not seeing him for two years. 🙁

      • Yeah… Seung Gi said that he wants to go army as soon as possible…
        He promised before to fans (me) that he would hold a concert every year but he said that this year’s concert would be the last he is holding before his army enlistment so…

        Seung Gi oppa, I would definitly wait for return!
        By then, I should have completed my studies and working so I can go welcome him back! Yahoo!

      • @ Osi: girl, you have to call dibs on these hotties to ‘mine’ them!!

        @ Jia Min: you’ve seen him live?!! gahhhh, soo lucky!! I can see why he wants to go early….be done with it and carry on with his life! I’m pretty sure he’ll be done with grad school soon as well!! Hopefully he can do another daebak drama before he leaves!!

  7. Actually, unni, I think Siwon is an ’86. I remember because I am, too. It’s something like he was actually born in April 1986, but his parents didn’t register him until 1987? I can’t remember the whole story, but I’m pretty sure he’s an ’86er. Though I love every single one of the guys on this list I can’t get over the fact that they’re all too young – I’ve never been a fan of real-life noona romances when the noona is me.

    • Argh, I can’t be blamed for someone having TWO birth dates! So I’ll be brazen and keep him here with this group. So he’s actually older than Donghae, and not younger. OMG, that totally swaps their RL dynamics, and it all makes sense now. I feel so enlightened. XD

  8. It’s also too bad that Kim Soo-hyun missed being in this year by a month and a half. He fits right in with this group.

    It’s funny how Seung-gi seems so much older than the rest of the guys in this year. Hmmm. Is it just because he’s playing older than his age on TK2H right now? ~ponders this~

    • I think it’s because he is a sunbae among the crop, having debuted really young. And maybe 5 years of 1n2d had aged him faster than the rest LOL.

      • Plus Seung Gi is just mentally more matured than the rest…
        He is also always surrounded by people older and people who is more senior and much more experienced than him…
        After being uncovered in his junior high, he started training and living together with his mentor Lee Sun Hee who is a quiet and serious person who is a singing legend of sort so I don’t think he ever has his rebeling period…
        I just adore him and wants to give him a hug~

      • LOL, I remember someone mention seunggi as Ahjussi in boy’s body.

        He has Ahjussi taste bus(he is the one who love the weirdest taste in 1n2d- beside hodong-), ahjussi fashion taste (he give a wallet to one artist as grateful gift, but the artist doesn’t like it, since it’s so old fashioned) he even doesn’t have dong-gap chingu beside his school friend! Omo ya…seunggi-ya!!

      • Please allow me to brag a bit~

        Moreover, Seung Gi oppa is a model, top student! Student president!
        His family is very strict and only agreed to let him enter the entertainment industry after about 1 year of persuasion by his mentor with promises to not affect his studies…

        His junior in school called him “Shin”(which is God!)!

    • I think it is just because Seunggi could play the oldest and the youngest whenever the situation calls for it.

      He looks so young, nearly babyish, at some point of his career (1n2d, BL and MGIAG days). When he started filming for K2H when he was still doing Strong Heart, he looked so young MCing that show, but on the BTS photos, he looked older! But at K2H, he is playing as a 30-something King! Funny thing is, whenever I watch him on K2H, I don’t think of his age. AT ALL.

      I guess the hair is also a factor. How come one of the most loved personalities in Korea just have the weirdest hairstyles EVER (1N2D days were the worst)!

      • Ahahaha
        Seung Gi has changed tons of hairstyles… And he just gives off different vibes with different hairstyles~

      • Actually I kind of enjoy Seung Gi’s unpolished looks… It just makes him feel more real and closer to me! Keke~

      • I will have to put aside my love for Seungi-gi but guy, those hairstyles that he ermm ‘rocked’ on 1N2D were butt fugly!! omigoshhhh, I was like. “WTF, were you thinking?! Are you puposely trying to uglify yourself to be considered for a role?!”

    • Kim Soo Hyun is an early 88er making him friends with 87ers in Korean standards of dong gap. Jung Il Woo said it himself on Section TV that they’re dong gap (same age friends).

  9. more 1987ers:
    Liu Shi Shi
    Liu Yifei
    both Zhao Li Ying and Chen Xiao from upcoming Female Prime Minister (Nu Xiang) drama
    Yu Hao Ming
    Park Ha Sun
    Big Bang’s Top
    Kim Ki Bum
    Inoue Mao
    Nagasawa Masami

    • My TW/C actor/actress biases, the birth year that has the MOST clumped together is actually 1982. I don’t much care for the ones mentioned above (aside from LSS).

      1982 gave us:

      Ariel Lin
      Joe Cheng
      Ethan Ruan
      Janine Chang
      Hu Ge
      Yuan Hong
      (and Roy Qiu barely missed the cut as the end of ’81).

      Oh yeah, and Eddie Peng and Cyndi Wang are also ’82ers, if I liked them.

      • There really are certain years that have more famous actors/actresses. Coincidentally, I was just thinking today how many famous korean actresses are born in 82 (Han Ji Min, Son Ye Jin, Kang Hye Jung). Other popular years I find are 1978, 1980, 1981, and 1984. 1983 and 1986 don’t have many actors/actresses. I wonder if Pigs and Tigers are just incompatible with acting.

      • Nah… for 86, it still alright…
        And if we consider korean technicalities, Seung Gi is also considered 86 as his birthday is early 87 (13th Jan), so he is friends with Kim Hyun Joong (86) and Choi Siwon (86)…

      • Yes, 101% agree! The year 1982 produced the best TW/C actors & actresses. Or on a broader scale, the early 80’s produced the most popular, talented, successful & not to mention gorgeous actors/actresses for TW/C. Vic Zhou & Roy Qiu (1981), Mike He & Bo-lin Chen (1983), Rainie Yang (1984). But yes, 1982 is an awesome batch, love everyone in that list. 🙂

  10. I can’t remember who Ji Chang Wook is…. but the rest are the actors I totally love!!! Except for MGY, I know she is a good actress and coincidentally I’ve seen a ton of her movies/dramas, but I don’t like her. I don’t know why. But JGS!!!! LMH!! I think after Siwon did Skip Beat, I channeled my love for Ren on to him lol, so while I liked him before, now I like him more!
    Seriously, I had no clue so many of my favorites were 87-er.

    • Ji Chang Wook = Warrior Baek Dong Soo. although I first saw him as the youngest of the Sons of Sol Pharmacy – the one who liked knitting and quilting and took care of his buddy’s girlfriend and baby while he was in the military.

  11. 1987 is truly a great year to be born in. Weirdly enough I remember an article written about how actors born in 1977 (are actors and actresses born in years ending in 7s destined to be great??) were like the hottest in the industry. Actors such as Won Bin, Kang Ji Hwan, So Ji Sub and Ji Sung form the 1977 group and I gotta admit that they’re quite a stellar group.
    I’m also curious about what 1986 idols caught your eye since the only 1986 idols I know of are JYJ members and Yunho from TVXQ.

  12. I was thinking where’s my yoochun just to realize that he’s in the mid 86 groups… So is he counted in too? 😛

  13. Ms.Koala i’m amazed that you haven’t found a ji chang wook drama that has stolen your heart, because i have. I absolutely adored Ji Chang Wook in Warrior Baek Dong Soo, he was so manly and so good at portraying his emotions 😀

  14. Yeah, bunch of talents but I only like 4 of them: Lee Seung Gi, Moon Geun Young, Jang Geun Suk and Han Hyo Joo, the rest is good too but not my faves, sorry guys, maybe next time.

    Moon Geun Young is the first 87er I know, I think she is the best actress among their peers. I really miss her, when will she comeback ? The last news I ‘ve read about her is her admiring Ha Ji Won in TK2H, hee look like someone is addicted to TK2H too.

    Next 87er I know is Jang Geun Suk, I enjoy his acting very much and I’m impressed how talented he is. Although he disappoints me with recent projects, I haven’t given up on him yet, please choose a better project, Sukkie ah.

    Two of them is the only reason I can watch that MMM

    Lastly, I know both Lee Seung Gi and Han Hyo Joo in BL. Acting wise, they’re not great as two above but they leave me more affection. Their on-screen and off-screen are amazing, yes, I’m SeungJoo shipper, they never said they’re ideal type of each other but a fangirl can dream. She narrated in the first song he wrote, he who never attends movie premieres showed up at her first movie, interesting …

    Han Hyo Joo is the kind of girl leaves you good impression, so I always have a little bias for her and anticipate for her next projects.

    Seung Gi, what can I say? He’s the first person makes me understand what’s called “fangirling”. If I put MGY & JGS in talented category, I’ll put Seung Gi in hard-working category (he’s talented too but hard-working is main factor make him success) and I have soft spot for hard-working guys. He always outdoes himself after each project, plus he’s very mature in thinking, smart, has great personality and work ethics,ect., sorry for fangirling…

    What if JGS-HHJ or LSG-MGY or 4 of them in a drama/movie, it will be interesting. I don’t know what to call JGS-HHJ couple but LSG-MGY can make a umchinah couple.

    • @aml:
      Very nice to meet you!!
      I can’t say more, what you said is already representing my self. Yunno, about geun-geun, and particularly about my love (and fangirling) state toward seung gi. Absolutely similar! I praised Seung Gi’ hard work and adore JGS’s talent. Can’t they be friend?
      As you are, I’am seungjoo shipper too..and I have the same imagination toward the ‘yeonae shidae’ song ( ‘Geunyang neoya (only you) whose lyrics was written by seung gi too)

      I’m sincerely apologizing for my fangirling state*deep bow* kkkk

      • Me three!
        Many are still shipping SeungJoo couple.

        Even though neither of them gave any hints as to them go out, they are good friends as they said and often message into other…^^
        When Seung Gi is asked about his ideal type in ideal type match, HHJ was always eliminated early… but when HHJ is asked who the most memorable male actor for her, she states “Seung Gi shi” as she worked with him for the longest period (28ep in BL).
        So its always friend? Of course, we are the best of friends but love? Nooo, not love love~

    • I liked JGS a lot in YAB but man, he doesn’t have the knack for choosing the good from the bad! Also, I don’t much care much for his styling….it worked in YAB but he held onto the androgynous look for soo long that it became mehhh!! :/

    • so, I’m the fourth ^^
      I’ll always being SeungJoo shipper til Hyo Joo and Seung Gi have real relationship or until they get their own man or woman, haha..another fangirl dreaming..

      HHJ and LSG are my fave 87ers, I didn’t agree with Koala eonni about their acting ability is in the same level, medium (maybe because Koala eonni loves Geun-Geun couple more than SeungJoo couple)..
      LSG has proved his acting potential in TK2H, and Hyo Joo will soon proved her acting ability, yes Koala eonni- you know that, too..

      I know that MGY acting was praised highly by netizens, but I don’t get the same point with JGS, so sorry Koala eonni..peace^^

      and I really wanna see MGY and HHJ head to head in different drama but run in the same day, who will be the best??
      Queen of drama MGY or rating queen HHJ ^^
      (well, as HHJ lovers, I hope she can win and prove her acting ability)
      yes I know that HHJ acting ability not passed MGY’s ability yet, but soon HHJ can do it..besides, MGY already being a child actress so that she has more experience in acting than HHJ.

  15. I just realized that I discovered half of these people in the same year too…2009…Lee Min Ho in BOF (late 2008-early 2009), Lee Sung ki and Han Hyo Joo in Shining Inheritance, and Jan Geun Suk in You’re Beautiful and Ji Chang Wook in Sons of Sol Pharmacy House

  16. Oooohh I like this post! And thank you for a Joo Won shout out!

    84ers – Lee Da Hae, Yoon Eun Hye, Han Ji Hye, Gu Hye Sun, Nam Sang Mi, Park Han Byul

    85 – All I could think of would be Lee Min Ki, Song Joong Ki and Seo Woo.

    But yes, the 87 line are just precious.

    • holy shizzle….so Gu Hye Sun is the same age as Lee Da Hae and Yoon EunHye??…that’s so wierd…I was under the impression that she was much younger than them…lol…even though I knew she was an 84’er….I wonder if its because the other seem much older because they seem to have hit it big earlier

  17. Great entry of 87-ers, ockoala..
    However, there is one minor correction about Choi Si Won. Choi Si Won was born in 1986 not 1987. His parents registered his birthday 1 year after he was born.

    His real birthday was on April 7, 1986 🙂

  18. Maybe someone already pointed this out but Kim Bum was born in 89, not 90. The fact that he was born in the 80’s is why I have allowed myself to swoon over him! As a old lady from 1985 I need my boundaries 🙂

  19. Have been following your posts since like forever! Your entries are super amazing and I’m really glad there are people out there like you, Ockoala!:)

    I absolutely agree with you:)

    You’re the drama fairy!:) <3 Thanks so much and keep the fire burning!!! (for drama)

  20. Awwwww…I lub this post!! It’s a one-stop shop for fangirling! 😀 What a neat idea to “mine” a whole year. haha

  21. for Kpop, my fav line is 88s.

    Kdramas, 77ers!! Kang Jihwan, Won Bin, So Jiseob, Park Yongha ( RIP ), Ji Sung, Yoon Sanghyun, Lee Taegoon, to name a few..
    and 81ers : Jo Insung, Kang Dongwon, Kim Raewon, Jeon Jihyun, Lee Dongwook, Kim Nam Gil, Eugene, Song Hyekyo, Jeong Ryewon, Kim Jaewon.

  22. isn’t kim bum an 89er. Oh I would like to add park hasun to this group of 87ers. I think she has such great potential, she really becomes a character when she acts.

  23. yup, thank god i’m not the only one who has been analysing this. secretly i wish, they r fine with nuuna like me in their real life (yes, that fantasy of lee min ho, lee seung gi, jang geun seuk and jung il woo to love me for real)

  24. Love this post, always thought that the line 87ers were great.

    However to be somewhat nitpicky. Han Hyo Joo, Lee Seung Gi, Choi Si Won were born in early 1987 making them actually friends 86ers because of the Korean calendar school year which starts a semester after the western calendar school year in March. I personally count them as the 87 line though but I don’t know if they themselves would consider themselves part of the 87 line.

    This is why Han Hyo Joo and Lee Seung Gi referred to Moon Chae Won by just her name and not noona or unnie because they are entered school the same she’s an 86er.

    The rules are straight forward up until high school, if a person a born earlier in the year they are called unnie/noona or oppa/hyung purely because of sunbae status. This can get complicated after school school however because there are no straight forward rules. In university, one is still sunbae purely by entry year, even if someone is younger by calendar age if he/she entered university earlier she/she is sunbae. This is because people don’t make it into university on the first try and enter one or two years after they intended to enter. Thus rules of early birthday are more lenient here. This can get pretty dang complicated and awkward at times because you don’t know how to address someone who has an early birthday. Usually if you meet someone with an early birthday outside of a school setting, its okay to be dong gap (same age) friends. But its really a matter of who’s involved, how much someone wants to pull rank or doesn’t want to pull rank, the situation and such. The following are some examples from Korean entertainment world.

    On Knee Drop Guru Jang Geun Suk talked about how he wants to be close to Lee Seung Gi and would even be willing to call him Hyung even though they were born in the same calendar year. This is because Lee Seung Gi started school a year before Jang Geun Suk did.

    This was during an episode on MBC’s Come to Play. Choi Daniel is a fast 86er making him friends with 85ers. Gwang Soo is a regular 85er. However it seemed like Gwang Soo didn’t want Daniel calling him by his name and Daniel didn’t want to call Gwang Soo by the title of Hyung so they just called referred to each other as Gwang Soo Sshi and Daniel Sshi throughout the filming. However, Yoon Shi Yoon, who is regular 86er and Daniel consider themselves dong gap (same age) friends.

    Seo Hyo Rim and Hyun Woo (curly chef from Pasta) are both early 85ers but are friends with Song Joong Ki who is a regular 85er. Min Hyo Rin, JaeJoong are early 86er are dong gap friends with Song Joong Ki. Jaejoong seems to consider himself purely an 85er, where as Min Hyo Rin seems to be okay at being dong gap with regular 86ers too.

    Hwang Jung Eum is a early 85er but seems to consider herself more of an 84er because she refers to Park Han Byul and Ayumi (well known 84ers) as dong gap friends. Park Soo Jin, who was part of Sugar with Hwang Jung Eum and Ayumi refers to Jung Eum as unnie even though they are the same age. This may be because they went to the same high school but were different years.

    When Lee Min Ki is an early 85er making him friends with 84ers. Back when he was filming “I Really Really Like You” there was another regular 85er by the name of Yoon Ji Hoo (not Ji Hoo sunbae from BOF) who would refer to Minki as an dong gap friend and be casual. Minki was okay with being casual with him when it was just the two of them, but wanted to be referred to more formal manner when they were in a more public setting. Ahahahaha. Lee Min Ki cracks me up.

    When Lee Min Jung appeared on Healing Camp, Lee Min Jung and Han Hye Jin had to hash out how to address each other. Han Hye Jin is a regular 81er, where as Lee Min Jung is an early 82er. Lee Min Jung said that she would be okay calling Han Hye Jin unnie or being friends. What ended up happening is Lee Min Jung addressing Han Hye Jin as unnie for precisely the reason that Han Hye Jin is Lee Min Jung’s her sunbae in the entertainment world.

    Kang Ji Hwan (regular 77er) seems to jokingly insists to Kim Ha Neul (early 78er) to call him oppa, and she refuses and just keeps calling him by his name.

    Whoa, didn’t intend to write so much about this topic but I guess I did. Hope it that it made sense. =D

    • Damn this is complicated as hell…but it is making so much sense out of so many things I’ve always wondered about….I remember an interview where Song Joong Ki talked about some animosity with Jaejoong (not sure entirely what it was) and how they cleared up or something and Jaejoong talked about how they were the same age…or at least that’s what the subs said and I was confused as hell because I knew SJK was an 85’er and JaeJoong was an 86er…I’m so glad this has finally cleared that up for me

  25. Whoa, they are a talented batch, indeed. I liked Han Hyo Joo and LSG in Brilliant Inheritance but I never really looked at Seung-gi other than your typical boy-next-door, wholesome leading man.

    My, my…how the times have changed. Now, no can argue his smexiness and manly appeal. I guess TK2H will be the defining moment when the boy turned into a real namja. And the best part is, he’s still got that boy/puppy appeal and can turn it on whenever he wants to. Definitely a lethal combo. And me = hopeless fangirl. Sigh.

  26. Good post, Koala. I noticed that a lot of very talented and popular actors are 87’ers (like me! heh.) and this post of yours confirmed it. I actually liked the 81’ers batch because this batch produced the early influx of K-drama stars (mid 2000s) across Asia. Of course the 87’ers are the new breed that are now taking over the Hallyu wave. Proud to be an 87’er myself. =))

  27. kyaaaaa. choi seung hyun (TOP) should’ve been included :(( he’s also 87er. he did well in 71-into the fire eh. i think he won the best new actor award with that movie. :3 btw, i’m new here in the comments section but have been an avid koalagirl since MMM days. hihihi.

  28. DAEBAK!!!!You guys even know the years?!! Im like so dumb struck right now. :)))))))) Have you been watching their dramas all your life? (lols,like I dont!!)

  29. Amazing!!! I mean…. am I just addicted to Kdrama that all the name you mention Ms. K are actors/ actresses i love and never missed to watch too?!! especially the GUYS!! i may miss some works of the GIRLS but definitely not those GORGEOUS 87er you mention!

  30. I think i love the 87s batch too. They are talented and a lot of them are very successful. I especially love JKS.

    However, i disagree that he is always picking bad projects. You are my Pet is a bad movie, but i agree with him that it is a movie that he can act while he is young. He does like taboo themes. One of his fav movies is Tokyo Tower, a love story about a mother and his son’s friend. I think that initially, he might have hope that You are my Pet can be more like the Jap drama, but unfortunately it did not turn out the way it is. Even Kim Hanuel mentioned that if she knew it is a straightforward comedy, she would have change her way of acting from the very start. I think the only thing i really dislike is it does not showcase his acting skills. His performance in the movie is not exactly good.

    Love Rain is actually a nice drama. Even though the ratings aren’t good, people are dissing it only because they already perceived it to be a slow melodrama. However, those who have set aside their prejudice and watch the drama, will find it a really nice drama. The 70s is more slow, has more cliche story plot but it is still very nicely told. Episode 4 was really touching and i think if without the first 3 eps, we will not be able to appreciate Ep 4 and will not be able to understand the love story of the parents when they appear in the modern era. The modern characters are funny and cute. The pace of the drama also changes drastically.

    There are a lot of nice reviews from the media. I would say i am glad that he selected Love Rain even though it has low ratings. I enjoy the drama very much. Hopefully you will consider to recap Love Rain and give this drama a try.

    • Agree with you totally!!!!

      So dear Ockoala, how about giving Love Rain a watch? Would definately love to read your writeups and we can all discuss Love Rain, like we did in MMM. Keun Suk looks wonderful in every scene present day and did a fantastic job portraying In Ha in the 70s – perfectly warm, gentle and understated. Seo Jun is HOT (with a bit of irritating inbuilt into the character at the moment) while In Ha really touches one’s heart. Yoona is cute and believable too, although Geun Yeung is unparelled and perfect particularly paired with Keun Suk! 🙂

    • I agree with you on Love Rain as I’ve been enjoying it, too! I had my reservations on watching this drama at first because of YooNa but she’s really adorable and much improved plus I have a whole lotta love for JGS.

    • I don’t want you guys to think I’m ignoring you, but I was trying not to talk about Love Rain because I have nothing good to say. I find the drama maudlin and plodding, the acting from JGS serviceable and sadly middling, I have nothing good to say about Yoona (looks or acting ability) and LR does nothing to change my opinion of her, and the OST makes me want to poke my ears out and embrace deafness. Sorry to say this drama will get nary a mention here, much less a recap. I tried, but oof, nothing works for me.

      • So sorry to hear LR give such bad impression, no wonder the rating is so low, I think most korean have the same impression with you. IMO it’s not a good drama, but at least worth watching more than MMM…just my 2 cents ^^

      • Hihi! my thoughts exactly, but I still watch it after 2 episodes of K2H (I need something light). In ep. 7 they even put a line from SG, the parents love story is boring, the music is … something. Not much expectations.

        About ’87 – good year! Like the wine 😀

      • I’m a huge fan of JGS and I don’t know how many times I wished he wasn’t in LR. I feel so guilty for him but I don’t think I will be able to watch LR anymore after ep 8. In my opinion, MMM was a much better drama, the story was not that slow and more important, the actings were way more better. I think JGS’s acting in LR is good but Yoona….eehh. I don’t feel the chemistry at all. They look good together but something is just off for me. I just wish it will be over soon and JGS will choose something better next time. Sorry… 🙁

      • hello captain! i’ve been watching LR just because of JKS… heee…

        i think he did good in portraying both roles in the 70s and present era…

        sadly, for me, its just like in YAB that he’s carrying the burden on her shoulder in regard with his female counterpart who is not doing much there… she could be totally just taken out of there! sorry, but that’s how i see it…

        and also, i also think MMM is much more enjoyable to watch than LR because of the vibes it gives… LR is sooooo gloomy that i only look forward when JKS comes on the screen 😀 but with MMM, its totally different… peace out!

  31. Another wonderful 87s is TOP from BigBang..juts like Siwon he has singer turned actor. He even won Rookie of the year for his acting in the movie “Into the Fire” and of course his badass portrayel in “Iris”.

  32. Another wonderful 87s is TOP from BigBang..juts like Siwon he is singer turned actor. He even won Rookie of the year for his acting in the movie “Into the Fire” and of course his badass portrayel in “Iris”.

  33. i luv siwon, i hav seen many dramas with idol actors bt he was the only 1 who made me go and find info abt his band and now i am a super junior fan and yes siwon biased he was adorable in oh my lady and really great&really handsome in skip beat. he has amazing screen presence, though he has nt had many spectacular dramas bt i hav high hopes from him, i hope he gets huge success as an actor too.

  34. Whilst Ms Koala is busy with her 87ers, I shall MINE the 82ers! My Jun-ki, my Hyun-Bin, my Rain, my Ji-Hoon……all MINE!

  35. its so sad to know that Loverain give such a bad impression to the public, especially to the kimchi ppl. jks made mistake again for choosing the wrong project repeatly. although jks has been in the showbiz for 20 years, but remain a 2nd grade acter for most of his projects! viewers only start to know abt him only after YRB, he only start to gain his popularity after that. some of his previous project like Love in Prague, Itawado murder case could not be found in some countries, n jks is famous in names of commercial projects only, but receive low rating for most of his acting projects. i only start to know abt jks in MMM, cus i can feel the love chemistry btn jks n moon, its just so difference… if they are not really a couple, how can they act like this? i believe that love really sparkles between them when they are in MMM project. if u had been in love before, u will know that they are not acting, they are real.

  36. someone said above, and i considered those early 87 gems (lee seung gi, han hyo joo) more into 86ers. heheh. and yeah, i think i fell more into 86ers: JYJ (though as an early 86, jaejoong is more considered as 85ers), yoo ah in, moon chae won, park min young, kim hyun joong, etcetc. :p

    anyway, please write more lines~ haha.

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