Happy Spoiler Pictures for Next Two Episodes of The King 2 Hearts

I love spoilers. Spoilers are good, it makes the wait between weeks easier to bear. A bunch of spoiler pictures have popped up for the upcoming two episodes of The King 2 Hearts, which should bring some measure of comfort to those worried that our King and future Queen will be kept apart for much longer. Of course they won’t. Some hurt feelings and Secretary Eun-induced misunderstandings aside, at least the parental and sibling units are around to be the rational and sensible voices to two in love and emotional people. I think the miscarriage will bring them closer together, but not after they worked through more unresolved issues.

Looks like our King is going to fetch his Queen back, and traveling via a plush private train car, no less. I approve.

I’m not sure what our King is doing below, but anytime Lee Seung Gi shows up in his formal kingly attire I turn incoherent and basically pay no attention to what is going on plotwise. But I do see our Hang Ah next to her manchildboytoy King in the picture where they are getting out of the car and on the stairs. She’s pulling a lovely Duchess Kate with the ladylike chapeau perched at an angle on her head.

Spoilers on DC have pegged the location below as a scene from episode 12 where Jae Ha will properly propose to Hang Ah. I hope she rejects him, and makes him work extra hard to earn her back. But if he’s already done so, then I hope there is a seriously intense make out session stemming from this proposal.

On a coincidental note, look who showed up wearing the same yellow and peach-sleeved cardigan? Of course its our Queen-to-be Hang Ah with Rooftop Prince’s fated Princess-to-be. Ha Ji Won and Han Ji Min even have similar hairstyles, LOL. They both look lovely, but its like wearing the same dress to an awards banquet, so I hope the costume designers don’t overlap outfits again.


Happy Spoiler Pictures for Next Two Episodes of The King 2 Hearts — 104 Comments

    • Fine, fine, I’ll cop to my true feelings and wanting her to accept the proposal and then have some passionate reconciliation making out right then and there. Otherwise I’ll be all schmoopy.

      • I agree, but I’m also hoping he’ll do some serious groveling to get her back first, possibly accompanied by apologies to her father and kneeling in the courtyard in the rain.

      • Let’s see – He’s cruelly rejected her twice and shot her. She’s been open, loving and supportive; shared with the world (at least the world that watched the televised hearing) that he told her he didn’t see her as a woman and she knows she cares for him more than he does her. They’ve slept together and when she called him “trash” – he told her she was “easy” and to go back to N. Korea. She miscarries. If he doesn’t grovel and beg – -she should turn in her “kick ass” credentials.

    • Totally agree!!!
      Serious damage was done So serious grovelling is a MUST!!
      She musn’t give in at d 1st sound of his cooing & oh-so-pretty come hither eyes..
      Hang Ah must steel herself…drag it out as much as she can….then for the sake of our sanity ( Yes .For some o us & for ME) say “Yes”
      Please garnish d delicious scene with some hot make out session to assuage EVERYONE’s pent up emotions !!! I Dream of that!! Sigh !! Light at tunnel’s end!

    • I want her to initially reject him and have Jae Ha react in the most impulsive action (a reflection of his true feelings) that is so out of the norm that Hang ah will just have to accept his proposal.

  1. oh you are spoiling us!!! this drama is getting intense, in a good way of course, but great OTP couple..can’t wait for next week’s episodes..

  2. Second that Mrs. Koala…work, work, work and only work…
    But KHA needs to be smart, JH isn’t known as an patience man 😉

  3. Kidnapping Hang-ah with a kind of Orient-Express? Cool! And classy!
    I love the King parade uniform: Someone wants to apologize and look impressive here… I say crawl a bit before she says “yes”. You deserve it…

  4. Ahahahaha! Is “schmoopy” a word? I agree, we better have numerous LONG make out scenes. And some cementing of the Princess/Shi Kyung relationship would be nice too.

      • I love it and just might start using it. *imagines boss’s face if I say I’m feeling “schmoopy” 0_0
        Okay, maybe not.

  5. that train looks comfy, large, and private to have an all make out session, i decree that every piece of garments shall be rip into shreds and flung throughout the journey back to the happy kingdom

  6. now i have no hope of a romance Marriage,this time i think it will be Political for north and south…………… i mean look how the Situation is now and for my poor “hang ah” it will not be easy this time , i mean what a jerk !!!!!!!!!!!!!! it not the first time , he use her Weakness before and hurt her pride not once or twice but when it came to his pride he………………..oh it so hard to turst again it not about love anymore it about to know how to take care of her and ‘hang ah” know that now ,but what make me sooooooooooooo happy(after crying 3 times) is when he hear what she said at the hearing, let see all what you want to Shout in his face about how much he is jerk and how much she hade been bear for him -she said it with lovely face making it more Painful and unforgettable .

    • and thank so much koala it always more then great to read your reacp and i spend the nigh search for anything about the the next ep so thank a alot

      p.s.: i will be so much Grateful if you recap ep 11 preview ………………….please

  7. I finally get the idea why some girls unable to let go of a relationship eventhough it did turned bad when I watch this drama. I thought it was foolish and self-torturing but if the guy both sweet and jack ass like Jae Ha, I have nothing to say :).

    P/s I like reading your recap because it’s like I’m reading a story rather than a summary. Same as startling by each step. Thank you.

    • And how can one FORGET about such a character and move on? Look at the old flame (I don’t know why they made him crippled – totally unnecessary), compare him with Ja Ha. OMG, did you hear Hang Ah’s silent scream: I WANT MY MAN BACK!!!

      That’s probably why some women look for the same type over and over again, even though they were hurt badly before. It’s an addiction.

      I see our Jae Ha is bigger than that. He has heart, a lot. He just needs some serious polishing. And go to some anger management courses. But then, a prince / king’s anger – now honestly how to manage that?

      • Another obvious observation: Jae Ha is so handsome!
        What a lethal package he turns out to be!

      • hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ,I support this completely “He just needs some serious polishing. And go to some anger management courses”

  8. Oh, I’m so glad you posted these spoiler pics! Now I can get through the week knowing our OTP will soon get back together. XD

    –AFTER a serious begging for forgiveness from one man-boy-king….. 😉

    • I was thinking that their North WOC team will help him, dunno, maybe beat him first, LOL, and then helping him to kidnap Hang ah where he can apologize and she will totally say “no way” but then the WOC are there to make them together. Add some make out scenes too. That will be great, right?

  9. Miss Ockoala! I can’t help but to let you know that I was actually blessed to see LSG and JHW when they were filming at the War Memorial Museum! I saw LSG wearing his King attire and lovely HJW looking like princess Diana and I was standing like 10-15 feet away from them!!! I took one of the photos you have up there! Kyaaaaa! It was the unexpected and most memorable experience I had in my whole life! I won’t say any spoilers unless you want me too 😀

    • OMG!!! Kyaaaaaa, can I fangirl you, Eva? To have seen them filming in person would seriously make my year, if not more. I’m envious, but happier that you got to experience such a thrilling opportunity. I want spoilers…..please…..*puppy eyes*

      Are they are as gorgeous in person as they look onscreen? Oh why do I bother asking, they simply must be, they are wuri King and future Queen, right? 😀

      • Kyaaaa! OMG! I actually still can’t believed that it happened. I lived across the street and I soon as I found out that they’ll be there, I ran out like a mad person! LOL! The message I got said that they’ll be there by 3pm but I got there before 4 and nobody was there so my heart sunk coz I feared they’re all done and that I missed them. But nope, they haven’t started and they came in around 6 and ended at 8pm. I can’t believe that it took them that long for a scene that’s probably going to be about 5 mins tops! SPOILER: Kim Hang Ah have a serious look on her face…the aura doesn’t look like they’re in a good mood…so we’ll find out what really is going on next week 😀

        YES! They are gorgeous in person and can I say I hate HJW because she’s so damn looking good! She’s so tiny but with curves! LOL! I can’t blame LSG if he adores her that much. And LSG, what can I say, if he looks yummy on TV, I want to eat him alive right there and then…OK I’m going to stop now…hehehehe

      • O__O

        Oh Eva, don’t nom nom nom on LSG yet. Save some for me….. Thanks for the spoilers, and for sharing this momentous experience with us. Gomawo!

        I’ve long since accepted that HJW is simply a goddess. I can’t be jealous of a goddess since I am a mere Koala.

      • You’re welcome Ms. Ockoala. I’m glad I was able to share my experience with everybody.
        And you are not just a “mere” Koala, you are “The” Koala ~ our source of happiness in dramaland! ^_*

    • Eva!!! You lucky duck! How do they look like in person? Is there some real life sizzling hot chemistry?!!! I swear, I never would have thought of possibly shipping these two but now I’m really curious. 😉

      • @yeisha: I’m not really sure about the real life sizzling hot chemistry but one thing I’m sure of is LSG is really a gentleman. He gives me the vibes that he’s really attentive with HJW. I’m not sure what LSG told or did but I heard HJW’s laugh a bit loud. 😀 They both looked good together.

        @estel & marneh: You’re definitely right, I feel really lucky that I was able to experience that. I didn’t expect it all but I’m so glad that it did happen ^_^

      • eva dear,,,am so envious of you girl!!!! yay!!!! i love to see HJW in person she’s my ultimate girl crush!!!! and thank you for sharing your experience with us…. 🙂

      • I am now dirty green with jealousy…
        I want to see them myself too~
        I read many accounts and many say that Seung Gi oppa is not photogenic… I really wish to see him with my own eyes…

      • Jia Min,
        LSG is not photogenic? Meaning he looks better offscreen?
        He’s not handsome but in this drama, I’m blinded by his charisma. There is something about him… maybe it’s his acting or how the royal garb, the military garb and those suits fit on him.

        You lucky gal!

      • @madqueen

        Yes. That’s what I mean.
        From accounts of fans, fans’ boyfriends (who accompanies their GF to his concerts and so on) and backstage crew and staff who worked with LSG, they often mention that he is not photogenic…AND much better looking offscreen!!!
        And this is making my fangirling reach another new level~ haha~

      • Eva! you are really really lucky Girl! I really want to see them in real life….envious….;(

  10. Koala, you are too awesome! You can’t imagine how happy this makes me!!!! Now I feel like I can finally get on with my life after feeling like I was gutted and stabbed at the heart yesterday. I know, I’m totally taking this waaaaay too personally. At some point last night I even told my best friend that maybe I should stop watching this show because its probably not healthy to care too much about fictional characters the way I do about TK2H.

    But here we are…and what happy spoilers. I want Jae Ha to GROVEL and Hang Ah to say no to his proposal but then again, I am also greedy for some lovey-dovey scenes between theM…OTTOKE?!!! Just the sight of LSG in his kingly garb and I’ve forgotten all my feminist convictions..hahaha. Anyways, I see big and spacious and plush train seats, perfect for some *ahem* horizontal action. 😀

    • “horizontal action”

      *** ROFL ***
      you MADE my day, dear~~~ *** ahem ahem ahem

      well, maybe JH’s king size bed is **ahem** more comfortable.. although less adventurous than what you mentioned above.. -lol- **ahem**

    • @yeisha: I burst out laughing at the “*Ahem* horizontal action”. heh. dont we all!

      @eva: Love it that you got to experience seeing HJW and LSG in the flesh!! I’m going to korea next weekend…do you think they might be filming in a public place in seoul?!

      • @minsun: I don’t really know where they go for filming but I go to this site regularly http://www.tryp96.wordpress.com (I hope Ms. Ockoala doesn’t get mad at me) and that’s how I found out about their filming location. Also, they are going to film the engagement party at Everland this coming Friday and there’s quite a few announcements on how to get into that ~ Heritory, Samsung, Dunkin Donuts. Hope this helps. 😀

  11. Possible SPOILER ALERT

    I read on a LSG fan site that they are shooting the royal engagement party on April 27 (at an amusement park? Sponsored by Heritory?) so they definitely do get together. Whether that will be interrupted by BG is anyone’s guess.

  12. thanks for posting this, Mrs Koala. I was re-reading the various recaps and looking through my favourite scenes from the past 2 episodes to tide myself over. So I was thrilled to see your post! thanks to Eva as well for sharing your close encounter.

  13. Dear Ockoala, thanks again for bringing us an update of the story, truly excited for the upcoming episodes hence it will center on their love affair. Most of the fans are thrilled on such love scenes most esp. when there are passionate kissing scenes. Looking forward next week episodes. Thanks again!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Thank you very much to Koala for the spoiler pics to tide us thru the days before the next episode! And thank you to Eva for sharing with us her awesome experiences of seeing LSG & HJW live shooting….arrggh…..I wish I can fly to Seoul now!!! I have always enjoy LSG & HJW’s drama but TK2H really turned me into a fan of both of them! Looking forward to the ep 11-12!
    (Fan from Singapore)

  15. thanks for the spoilers. it’s happily killing me to be waiting for wednesday…

    i hope they be together IRL…is shipping them to early at this stage? both has managed to say they like each other as co-stars, maybe a little nudge and we have a royal biz couple 😉

  16. thank you for this madam K… am still mopey after watching episode 10 and these spoilers brought the sun to my rainy day…. you do spoil us and i love you yo bits for that….can’t wait for next week’s episodes… 🙂 🙂 🙂

  17. eventhough theres a spoiler but we must still wait,,,ha ha ha,,i cannt wait anymore,,he he he,,k2h drama lovesick !!!

    • OMO.. me to.. I’m going to Malaga for ten days but I’ll bring my Ipad… Hope there are some free wifi there… ( NOT so much though…. damn)

  18. Koala,
    I am so anti-spoiler, but at the same time can’t NOT know what everyone else does, sometimes I think I need tranquilizers to last from one week to the next during a live airing.

    I broke by rule and looked at these photos, so I am glad they are BTS ones. I love BTS.
    Can I go to there? Maybe they can come up with a BTS Themepark where you get to go from set to set watching NGs, and script reviews, and kiss rehearsals.
    You think I wouldn’t pay for that?

    Disney fills their park with dress up Princesses, we would need faux Gong Yoo’s in CP, faux Hand Towels in the Shower Scene in MP, a coupla HJW’s in various sageuk and stunt man outfits.
    Yes, I would pay for that.

    • They need to open a Drama Park in Korea, like the Universal Studios. Men in blue sparkling tracksuit, a replica of the Han river, coffee houses everywhere (game: dodge the glass of water attack!), fashion rooms… I would pay for that, Super seriously.

      • To steal from other commenters from various sites, they could serve the Pancakes of Sadness with the Syrup of Misery,
        the Porridge of Pity,
        The Makgeoli for Kissing 🙂 ♥
        Hangover Soup
        Barbecue of Bonding
        Soju of Sorrow or Soju of Confessions…

      • Can you imagine the line-up for the photo-ops?
        Pose with a licensed:
        Joowon© impersonator mid-Cappuccino kiss.
        HanKyul© impersonator mid “Alien” kiss

      • I would go for the Fast Ticket system…
        And now i want my own version of the police station strip-tease on photo-op: I really would like to try one of those uniforms we see all the time.

      • i like your idea… i’ll tell my sister and i don’t mind paying for her airfare… she is a drama addict, too.

  19. aaaah! i’m soo excited that they will be finally getting back together! i loved the last two episodes but they were so painful to watch because they were so heartbreaking! but i am expecting jae ha to do some major grovelling to get his hang ah back! i initially started watching rooftop prince and king2 hearts thinking that rooftop prince would be way better! but i was more than wrong, every episode of king 2 hearts manages to be beyond my expectations, and the the otp has such hot, sizzling, beautiful chemistry! thank you Ms. Koala! It’s good to know that someone else is as obsessed with them as I am! I’ll be waiting for you next update for this show 🙂

  20. oh thank you for the pics. really don’t know how JH would ever be able to dig himself out of the sh*t hole he has made for himself. but i wonder what happened to the princess? i like the second leads as much as the main pair. dang, and the previews don’t show what happened to her. shi kyung would surely do a man-fr-nowhere bloodbath if club M(ental) try to hurt her again – now that he knows they exist.

  21. I’m an avid Hyun-BinxHaJiWon shipper, delusional enough to think that HB broke up with SHG and is in a relationship with HJW right now. But watching this drama. I’m swayed. The chemistry OMG.

    • we are on the same boat peppermint.tea…I’m a huge fan of the Sega couple but the chemistry of Hang-Ah couple is surprisingly hot!!! 🙂

      • I’m SEGA Fans tooo!! But AHHA couple is sizzling hot to ignore ;p yeay yeay yeay!!!!!

  22. Amazing how satifying spoilers can do to me. But equally frustrating because I FREAKING HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL SUBS ARE ON, and that’s about 1week wait. Lucky for those who understand hangul.

  23. Gosh…i couldn’t wait any more day to watch the next episode…last time i feel the same is when i watch the secret garden. seriously… i am grateful for the spoiler pic but those making me more frustrated for waiting day and days to the due date T____T

  24. Haha. Glad I am not the only one who noticed the similar cardigan tops–they do look like they aren’t identical tho, just a variation on a theme.

    And thank goodness for these spoilers so I know I don’t need an ambulance on standby for next weeks episodes. This is actually the first time I’ve looked at spoilers for a kdrama (aside from whatever I accidentally stumbled across when watching older kdramas).

  25. thanks so much for the updates..really appreciate anything you post in advance since we just rely on live stream. much love!

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