Side-Splitting First Movie Teaser for Detective Cha

Bwhahaha, you might need to make sure there is nothing remotely spillable within your near vicinity when you watch the just released first teaser for Kang Ji Hwan and Sung Yuri‘s upcoming movie Detective Cha. With a simple and truth-be-told already done before concept of an unattractive cop undergoing a makeover to go undercover (Miss. Congeniality, anyone?), the twist for this movie is in the execution, the infusion of Korean cultural yuks, and the sterling comedic timing of Kang Ji Hwan in always pulling out all the stops to be as ridiculous as possible when required. This is hands down his least attractive character ever played, and I cannot wait to watch him sink his teeth into it and make me laugh until my sides hurt. Yuri looks suitably gorgeous, leaving me excited to see how their post-makeover characters will undoubtedly get together and be all pretty together.

What I loved about the teaser: the blatant Bond rip-off opening, keeping the post-makeover Detective Cha mostly under wraps, and the myriad of reactions from his fellow cops when they see him post-makeover.

Teaser for Detective Cha:


Side-Splitting First Movie Teaser for Detective Cha — 22 Comments

  1. I was warned but still had to control myself 🙂 He was disgusting. But in like disgusting looking but oh so good it’s him going for the makeover.
    Thanks Ms Koala.

    • mskololia: That’s exactly what I thought when I first read about this… I was rather surprise with all the references to Zoolander and no mentions of Miss Congeniality, which has the same story line: sloppy FBI agent turn Miss America contestant to catch a criminal.

      At first I was rather skeptical of this movie due to the extreme similarities, however while watching the trailer I couldn’t help but be excited about the drama… Kang Ji Hwan looks awesome in it… he really brought the funny on. Despite the similar story line, Kang Ji Hwan really brought it to another level… A funnier level. This is more like a crossover of Zoolander and Miss Congeniality (which are some of my favorite movies of all time).

      Thanks so much for the trailer… I always come here for the latest updates on the drama world.

      • I did not get the Zoolander reference, but based on the trailer, the character goes from disgusting to handsome and debonair, yes! Absolutely.

  2. Oh wow, never had I thought of KJH as disguisting until now. :-O

    Looks like he’s REALLY into this role. LOL.

    Yuri looks lovely btw.

  3. bwahahahhahhahaha go ji hwan oppa! you certainly made me laugh alright!

    cant wait to see this even though i will have to wait awhile hahaha

    i hope it will be a box office hit!!!

    thanks Captain! 😉

  4. I say it is a crossover of Zoolander and Miss Congeniality because I think humor wise, based on what I’ve see in the trailer, it reminds me of Zoolander but the story line is reminiscent of MC…

  5. Funny!!!!!!! It’s like a Discovery reality show – total transformation. It’s reality, you can make beauty from garbage. And when we have Kang Ji Hwan and Sung Yuri, it’s even better and funnier.

    Sung Yuri is still working in FotG, right? can she do it? I hope she will get some time to rest.

  6. I hope will be a box office
    I cannot wait to watch detective cha 🙂

    Thanks koala for that information

  7. It’s chariot of fashion. YuRi will be casting a spell on Ji Hwan in their enchanted castle. Ji Hwan is gonna make YuRi his ……….. It’s gonna be a hit movie in Korea.

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