Chun Jung Myung Films C-drama with Ivy Chen in Dalian China

At this point, the Korean actors exodus over to making dramas in other parts of Asia should be considered a biblical flood. There are so many and all over the place I can barely keep track. Just as Yoon Si Yoon landed in China this week to start filming his Happy Noodle drama with Li Fei Er, I find out that PIE secretly snuck into Dalian already and has started filming his upcoming C-drama with Ivy Chen. Pie pie say whut? Yup, you heard it right, Chun Jung Myung and Ivy are doing a C-drama together. Ivy must be wondering what it takes for her to have a Chinese speaking leading man, since her last two co-stars were Choi Si Won and Lee Donghae. I find that so amusing. PIE and Ivy’s drama is tentatively called Protecting the Family, and has obviously got the requisite birth secrets, sister-who-don’t-know-they-are-sisters falling for the same man, elder generational conflicts, and so forth. Nothing I would care about, except for PIE and Ivy being in it. Since they’ve started filming already, a bunch of early BTS pictures have leaked out.


Chun Jung Myung Films C-drama with Ivy Chen in Dalian China — 15 Comments

  1. Sigh. I suppose Korean actors go where the money is… You seem unimpressed by the story of this one Mrs Koala. Well, it can’t be worst than Man of Honor. *Throwing salt over my shoulder*.
    Side note: Someone has to change that Happy Noodle silly title: Makes me clench my jaws every time. Will wait patiently for the first pics of this one though.

  2. Sometimes not so much because of money, I think Korean Ent Industries pay more than other countries to their stars. I think more trying to establish their figure in Asia markets hence to move further or opportunity to land a movie project with famous chinese directors. Who want to resist an offer from Zang Yimou or Chen Kei.

    • Yes i fully agreed with you, before he left Korea he tweet that he is leaving for china to become world class actor…so now I know what i meant.

      The story line sounds so familiar…

      • Yes, the PD for this C-drama is Choi Yoon Seok, a K-drama veteran PD who helmed Glass Slippers, among other dramas.

  3. The plot does sound quite lame. Only attractive thing about this drama are the leads. This drama “boasts” of the crucial dramatic plots of lost siblings, generational hates and disputes, tangled love triangle between siblings and lets not forget the ever important ingredient – terminal illness ! But who knows maybe the execution of drama is good so not all hope is lost. There must be a reason why both leads choose this production which hopefully is not just the money factor

  4. OMG WHY. I will never watch anymore C-drama so all of my faves moving to film C-dramas erkkk means out of my screen 🙁

  5. Haaa.. Too many of them are trying to film c-drama and they’ve been filming under radar. Lack of promotion hm? Not really big fans of dubbed drama.. Btw what happen to pie’s hair it looks like 70’s bob that just stick to his forehead, seriously why doesn’t he go with his usual hairstyle? :/

  6. I didn’t like him in Cinderella’s Sister. Nice guy, ok acting, but just not male lead material for me. After watching “Lie To Me”, & “Late Autumn” movie, my eyes have been spoiled.

  7. I really enjoyed PIE’s performance in What’s Up Fox but haven’t managed to finish any of his subsequent shows like Cinderalla’s Sister or Man of Honor. btw his suit in these BTS pics looks awful.

  8. hi ockoala, sorry just double checking, cjm will definitely be speaking madarin for the entire drama?

    if that is true, i definitely got to see the drama when it comes out.

    cjm has to be really fast learner and i cant wait to what it is like for him to speak madarin.

    if that is what he’s doing that is.

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