Time Slip Dr. Jin Releases First Teaser Trailer

The first teaser trailer is out for Time Slip Dr. Jin. It’s too fast and short to get much out of it – a bit hokey, but not flat out dreadful (so far). I dunno what to think, I think it wants to be more Queen In Hyun’s Man but might end up more Rooftop Prince. I laughed so hard when Song Seung Heon‘s character is described as the best surgeon of the 21st century. LOL forever! Oh oppa, it would work better if you were called the smirkiest pretty man of the 21st century. I think this time-travel bit works so well for Song Seung Heon, since I’ve always doubted his ability to nail the sageuk line readings, but now he doesn’t need to because he’s a modern dude.

I’m not going to watch and compare to the original Jin at all, because this it will be a completely different set of historical events at play in the late Joseon dynasty as opposed to the Edo period. I’m loving Lee Bum Soo already, and Lee So Yeon is absolutely gorgeous as a gisaeng. However, Jaejoong is doing the stiff wide-eyed thing that gives me pause, so I’m hoping he relaxes his performance quickly. As for Park Min Young, it’s too early to tell, so I’ll reserve judgment until I see more of her.

First teaser of Time Slip Dr. Jin (English-subbed):


Time Slip Dr. Jin Releases First Teaser Trailer — 23 Comments

  1. Damn I really wish this one is good…coz am totally not interested coz of her but desperately want to see SSH and Jaejoong.

  2. ahhh, my eyes at the last part. Too much scenes making my head go crazy.
    hoping for a better trailer later on!
    won’t judge too much now , only after it starts airing
    i’m kinda sad that lee so yeon is not getting much attention, because 1) she’s a great actress 2) she looks sooo pretty as a giseang although it was a 1 sec shot T_T
    support lee so yeon!

  3. Aaaand it’s confusing. It seems like one huge hot mess. Lee So Yeon looks gorgeous but unfortunately I think they will not have her as such a central character like Nokaze was and LBS will most likely end up being my favorite character by far.
    SSH is hot yes but a good actor, well he has never been a very good actor and PMY falls in the forgettable category for me.

  4. aww lee so yeon looks amazing as the gisaeng. this is airing a lot faster than anticipated, there’s just too many dramas to watch. btw unnie, are you watching queen in-hyun’s man as well then?

  5. oooh finally a mention of QIHM here at koalasplayground! are you watching this drama unnie?

    like how TK2H is owning you heart and soul and mind and time… QIHM’s is my current obsession and I think at the rate it is going, may well shoot right up to the top of my all time fave k-dramas list. heck, maybe even ALL dramas-list. it totally gives me the fuzzies. the main couple have chemistry simmering… and Ji Hyun Woo. what a fine man. why have I never noticed the guy before………

  6. OH….so Song Seung Hyun’s character is the type of time traveler whose whole body gets brought into the past. I was wondering why his hair was so short. lol

  7. Lee see ye on is so gorgeous! Ssh actually goes to the passt with his dr’s bag? Surgeons don’t carry that around. They love their operating theaters too much. :p
    Yes, a mention of qihm! My favourite show of the moment! Love yoo in ah in it! She is sososo cute!

  8. I am totally not going to schniggle and schnortle at THT with a scalpel.
    I’m not.
    As leonardswench pointed out, this is not fair to him and his pretty.
    BUT, if he makes that face that he makes when he is being intense, I will HAVE TO AT LEAST schmirk.

  9. Another time travelling. I gotta say I agree with your objection that this drama seems to be a mix between rooftop prince and queen inhyun’s man. I’m not sure about this mix.. Though, I’m loving both drama RP and Qihm.. Nice to know that you also watch both dramas ockoala heheh.. I don’t know if I’m excited for this drama or not- I’m not loving the medical theme, its just not my thing and plus the chemistry of the leads are not too amazing. However though, I’ll give this a shot for song seung heon’s sake. Thanks ockoala for the update <3

  10. jaejoong and minyoung in the same drama???oh damn…my dream couple and also lee so yeon is great actress.song seung hyeon is handsome all of them are soo hot

  11. lucky park min young… she got to act with yoochun, lee minho and now song seung heon and jeajoong. so jealous haha.
    hope this drama will be entertaining.

  12. park minyoung work with another jyj member???oh soo lucky…….. anyway she is soo beautiful minyoung and jaejoong gonna make cute couple and i love lee soo yeon but i don’t really like song seung hyeon

  13. “I dunno what to think, I think it wants to be more Queen In Hyun’s Man but might end up more Rooftop Prince.”

    LOL i love you unnie:D

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