First Look at General Lee Min Ho in Faith

Lee Min Ho. As a General (I’m assuming Goguryeo period? Shilla? Baekjae?). With a mane of glory (though where’d he get the perm?). Wearing all-black armored outfit. Yeah, that about sums it up. Quietly Faith with Lee Min Ho and Kim Hee Sun has started filming, though it won’t premiere until August. She plays a modern plastic surgeon abducted through time to ancient Korea by General Lee Min Ho to perform reconstructive surgery on the princess he is protecting. If Kim Hee Sun didn’t remind me of Lee Min Ho’s very young aunt (but still his aunt), I’ve be cool with this. Though I still think she’s a flat actress. This drama will rise and fall with Lee Min Ho, and from the looks of it, he’s going to be insanely hot. Not a bad start. Not bad at all.


First Look at General Lee Min Ho in Faith — 32 Comments

  1. WOAH!
    I’m the first one to comment…
    Oh my… I’d have to get a hold of myself before I get addicted to another drama…
    I’m already having withdrawal symptoms with TK2H… huhuhuhu…

    BUT, I’ll definitely watch FAITH when I’m done with my priorities… definitely going to be #1 on the list..;D

  2. I hope I am wrong about Kim Hee Sun but I agree, from what I have watched of hers, she is very flat. I still don’t understand the casting of his drama, hopefully it will not be a waste of Lee Min Ho.

  3. I love what i have seen. Thank god. I heard rumors that kim heesun’s character is 4 years older than lee minho’s, so that make things easier. Also Lee minho’s character is not a general to start with, He is a king’s warrior.

      • Yup. They are the main OTP. Another one is Gongmin king and Noguuk princess. Also Lee minho and king’s bromance. They said it is a king maker game+love story.

      • Who is? Mrs. O put it nicely… His very young aunt (but still his aunt)… Hahaha. I have zero excitement for the “OTP” (OTP?)..

  4. You know, I don’t mind the older woman paired with a younger guy thing once in a while. Mainly because I’m a little older myself… That being said, I think I’d like to see a younger actress paired with a young actor at least ONCE in a while. Just saying.

    • I don’t mind older actress-younger actor AT ALL. Heck, Ha Ji Won is 9-yrs older than Lee Seung Gi in TK2H and I lapped that up. In theory that doesn’t bother me one bit either.

      I have issues when the older actress in question looks like the younger actor’s aunt. Not older sister. But aunt, like his mom’s younger sister type of aunt. That is that my cup of tea, unless we’re talking The Graduate here. Mrs. Robinson, then fine. But tell me I’m getting Mrs. Robinson, cuz otherwise I don’t buy it.

      • I agree with you unnie,, for me KHS more look like aunt not noona,,
        But wait n see maybe I’m wrong,,,

  5. i think i won’t be watching this one. shallow as i may be, my drama interest kicks in when i like the OTP. though i really like LMH, i don’t really like Kim Hee Sun. for me, she has dead eyes. sure it work on sad love story (seeing that she played a blind person in that one) but i don’t think it’d work for this one. haha. plus, i don’t think they’d have much chemistry. sighs. sorry LMH, maybe i’ll watch your next drama. hahaha

  6. When it’s LEE MIN HO, surely it will be another big hit! Can’t wait watching him again. Thanks for the update!

  7. LMH and Yoochun can both look older then what really are….so it’s easier for them to play w/ older actress. As I believe all of their leading ladies have been older.

    • Yes, LMH does have a mature look. Even tho’ he was the only thing I loved Boys Over Flowers…..I always thought he looked ‘not boyish’ enough to play Junpyo. I am still very very bitter that Jang Geun Suk was not Go Jyun Pyo. Even more bitter that Park Shin Hye was not Jandi. And no, YAB was no consolation.

  8. I really don’t mind the age gap at this point since we haven’t seen any really clear stills of the OTP together….the awesomeness of the K2H OTP has made me lenient towards a lot of things…my expectations are not very high but not very low either..I like the production team and the fact that they are getting a good head start on the filming…think this could be way better than Jin…..I like LMH but I think his performances have been on or off depending on the project so far, very indifferent about Kim Hee Sun…It does bother me that he has no sageuk experience though…so my hopes are very tentative at this point

    • P.S. that mane of glory is really weird and the pony looks fake…the perm doesn’t help at all as it kinda gives it a Gu Jun Pyo-ish vibe overall

  9. lordy this is the fourth korean time traveling drama I seen so far. Did they had a meeting and all agree to write time traveling dramas this year…lol. I hope this one be good too.

    • I think Faith was the first one to release the stills…Even more… they had Lee Jun Ki 2 years ago and he entered the army, after that Kang Ji Hwan…. and now LMH
      Yet Faith is the last one to air….

      I don’t think it is fair to put all the weight on LMH’s shoulders… I loved Personal Taste … but it had lots of detractors: some people hated Son Ye Jin, other were simply jealous on the pairing. I hated the editing and directing of the drama, on places the scriptwriter… c’mon she was a doormat all the way when clearly the hero tried to and succeeded to change her a little. It was the case of when we should believe what characters in the play/drama are saying … and not the facts.

      LMH’s haircut looks a bit more like Bidam’s haircut with a sprinkle of Gu Jun Pyo, but the same haircut had Kang Ji Hwan too when they released those stills. More KJH’s perm was way more obvious than LMH’s. In this case the stylist& PD remain with their own view for the char

      same pic :

      • What I find absurd is that Lee Jun Ki went into and completed his military service all before this drama cast its ultimate replacement for the original actor.

  10. LMH is so damn HOT!!!! i don’t like KHS cos in most of her drama she’s like having anemic acting… I do hope I can look beyond her and just enjoy my LMH…thanks madam K for this… 🙂

  11. Yeah, i feel the same. As much as i wanna see LMH, the pair just, i dunno, it doesn’t work. I like a lot of ‘mature’ actresses like Kim Sun ah but this one… *shrugs*

  12. Form his posture I can tell it’s LMH, but he looks hot with just enough long hair…
    Wait and see!

  13. WOW the story sounds exactly like the one from Dr. Jin, now I know why there was a controversy around those two dramas… Well as long as I don’t get to see any trailer I’m more excited about “Nice Guy”! Plus I’m not a big fan of Lee Min-ho… don’t slap me fans!XD

  14. Why isn’t the leading lady Lee Min Jung? I have always wanted them together since BOF.
    KHS has a very delicate kind of beauty …..It might work. SYJ veered between looking matronly and girlish in PT and much as I love her….I didn’t love her with LMH. I have not been satisfied with LMH’s leading ladies. Maybe because he’s just too gorgeous and no one is good enough for me.

    • It would be awesome to have LMH-LMJ together again but she’s already filming Big with Gong Yoo. So excited for that! 🙂

  15. You caught me with this “abducted through time to ancient Korea by General Lee Min Ho to perform reconstructive surgery on the princess he is protecting.” Faith’s been hanging on the dramawiki’s upcoming drama list for longer than a year I believe? I didn’t really care for it because Kim Hee Sun is leading it. I’ve never really cared much for her even in Myth (movie) and flat out disliked her inside Smile Again. Hu Ge really made me laugh inside Myth (drama) when he was saying to the movie poster with Kim Hee Sun on it and said that Bai Bing was prettier than her. BUT, now I really might have to watch it for Min Ho. I’ve been pretty satisfied with all his drama selections after BOF. I cross my fingers hoping they’ll have spark some kind of fire on screen. I don’t mind if they don’t even have a love line, he can stay with that reconstructured princess from his era.

  16. I adore kim Hee Sun on Smile that time i thought she was the most beautiful Korean actress thus giving her chance to be better on this.. as for Lee Min i’ve already .. no matter what the project so long as it’s Lee on the screen i’ll be sure glued to it drooling..he!he! Anticipating this drama.

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