Adorable Jo Jung Seok Pictures to Brighten the Day

What more need I say about Jo Jung Seok. This has been a phenomenal two years for him, transitioning from stage to screen almost seamlessly. He was a memorable part of the What’s Up? ensemble, he was a scene stealer in the movie Introduction to Architecture, and we all agree he was perfectly perfect as the earnest Eun Shi Kyung in The King 2 Hearts. I’m finally pinpointing why I like him so much (doesn’t really require any reason, he’s just phenomenal a talent), but one reason is that he reminds me of Kang Ji Hwan. Both guys are trained stage and musical performers first and foremost, and both guys got their career breaks comparatively later than many of their counterparts. Better late than never is my motto, and I’m beyond thrilled Jo Jung Seok is finally getting recognition, Bringing some of his latest pictures for everyone’s collection.


Adorable Jo Jung Seok Pictures to Brighten the Day — 39 Comments

  1. awww… awesomeness!

    still NOT watching ep 19 coz i do not want to see him die. i want him and Lee Yoon Ji in a drama together… just so i can see them smile at each other again. i so ship these two. can we please, please, pretty please???

  2. thank you πŸ™‚ I’m actually dying here torn between Jo Jung Seok and Chun Jung Myung. Aww men in their 30s too hot and mature to handle. Which is your pick?

  3. I love him and his voice. He was wonderful in What’s Up and superb in K2H. Am looking forward to his next project. Swoon πŸ™‚ .

    • I know, that sad-face pic is heartbreaking! Wish I could make him feel all better. To “brighten the day”, I have to look at the pictures in reverse order. We love you, JJS and we want you to be happy! Haha, the pooch in the first pic seems to be saying “Back off… he’s MINE!”.

      Kim Byung Gun and Eun Shi Kyung are both alive and well in my β™₯… I look forward to seeing who else this awesome actor makes me dote on in the future.

  4. He. is. so. so. so. so. cute. How can a grown-up man like him look so cute. (He reminds me of Chun Jung Myun here).

    I think Jo Jeong Seok is in a way, kind of lucky? His transition from stage to screen isn’t supposed to be so tight (in terms of his screen works appearing one after another), after all What’s Up wasn’t meant for Dec 2011 broadcast to begin with. But because of all the problems with its broadcasts, it ended up with his screen work appearing one after another in front of the public and it has really helped in gaining general public awareness I guess.

    But as with the case for all other musical actors-turned-screen actors (cue Eom Ki Joon), I never understand why TV production crews don’t make good use of their actor’s singing ability. Letting them sing OST songs instead of giving the songs to another singer to sing would totally be a bonus to the show.

  5. Yey! Thanks, Capt. Koala. Jo Jung Seok is adorable in the first pic; and hawttt in the third. Those are my favourites in this collection. I am so happy I have discovered this wonderful talent, and I am eagerly awaiting his next drama. Hope it is a musical or a romcom and he’s the lead! Please, dramagods!

  6. wahhh so cute jo jung seok…his face is so innocent looking..sigh πŸ™‚
    he’ll go places…im so sure of it!!!

  7. OMG! He is such a cutie! I haven’t watched epi 19 either, couldn’t bear to see him die…the pics and your recap were more than enough trauma for me. As I said, after I knew he made the ultimate sacrifice everything else was anticlimactic….but I still miss K2H, NOTHING else is holding my attention these days.

    Thanks, so much for cheering me up, Ms. Koala!

  8. Jo Jung Seok (or is Jo Jung Suk??? ahhh i dont know already)…. So cute. Too cute.
    I couldn’t stop squealing when I came across this post. There’s just something about him. His adorable smile. His talent. Ahhh, coherence eludes me. My photo collection of him is steadily building at a creepy unhealthy fan girl rate. I might have a shrine of him soon but let’s not go there.

    Anyways, why the hell did GQ only take 2 photos of him? </3 I wanted at least one shirtless one…..No wait, I shouldn't tell lies. I WANT MORE THAN ONE SHIRTLESS PHOTO OF THIS MAN. They said he lost 8kg for his Eun Shi Kyung role and weight-trained to build muscle right? This girl right here needs concrete proof. Evidence its all about the evidence.

    • oh *blushes* where’s my manners…. thank you ms.koala for giving us more adorableh photos of this man <3 πŸ™‚

  9. love love love love this post. I was away on vacay and didn’t see this until now. Thanks for sharing! I definitely let out a squeal when I read the title.

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