Written Preview for Episode 3 of I Do I Do Plus New BTS of the Drunken Night Scene

There are stills floating around that show us I Do I Do clearly filmed the drunken night between Ji An and Tae Kang. I wonder if it’s been held back for a reason, or it was filmed but ultimately not shown for whatever reason. I prefer actually seeing it after we watch Ji An and Tae Kang fall for each other, because I sorta love their dynamic right now and don’t want to throw in the one-night stand to sensationalize their crackling chemistry. I find IDID a slow burn story and I’ve got the patience to watch this thing play out at just the right pace.

Written preview for episode 3:

I won’t be bothering noona anymore!

Ji An finds out Tae Kang won the design competition and is about the join the company and she mocks him. Tae Kang makes a public spectacle out of Ji An and then leaves. On the other hand, Ri Na has heard rumors that Ji An and Tae Kang have this unusual relationship so she smiles when she sees his name in the list of designers.


Written Preview for Episode 3 of I Do I Do Plus New BTS of the Drunken Night Scene — 10 Comments

  1. I’ve been refreshing your blog all day waiting for this (revision? what revision?) Thank you! I am itching to see episode 3. Although ep 2 wasn’t as good as ep1 I am really enjoying this drama. I agree that its good they held back that scene. It would have felt out of place in ep1 imho and like an obvious grab for viewers.

  2. Awww, multitalented multilingual Counselor Koala. I admit my doubts regarding the pairing of the young gun and the mature lady to the court. This opinion was based upon the fact that I could very well be in her shoes, figuratively speaking. In fact, my unusual shoe size for a lady would definitely not match Kim Suna’s but her character and myself are pretty much identical. As a single mature woman, I would definitely NOT be attracted to a kid like Lee Jang Woo’s character. However your evidence #1 above seems to prove me that he does up in some departments *ahem*, which surprisingly has him become a tad attractive. Just a tad, but way less than the “Momma’s boy” gynecologist.
    I will not rest my case until another few more episodes, though. ^_^

    *waves at her fave Phascolarctos cinereus*

    • Darn. I wish I could edit my post up there. :/

      Please read: your evidence #1 above seems to prove that he does man up in some departments instead.

      • you don’t have to ever rest yr case coz I find mommy’s boy quite irresistable….*after only 2 eps???*….yep I can’t believe it my self…haha…What I look forward to now is discovering Tae Kang’s charms and how he’d ever get this noona down!!!

  3. I thought that the series would end up showing us “what actually happened that night” in a later clip or reveal flashback. I guess some of it is revealed already so I’m not sure if they will use it. We shall see 🙂

    Looking forward to episode 3.

    • I think they will, but only much later…it makes for an interesting plot develpment if you ask me…can’t wait!!

    • I agree. They both “claim” to not remember but I’m betting at least one of them does – or will eventually.

  4. Crap. I’m coming down with a case of SSS (Severe Shipper Syndrome). I would rather her spend the whole drama with her cute dongsaeng than watch her get there slowly. >_<

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