Lee Min Ho Unleashes his Warrior Ways for Faith

Ahhhh, the world might not be ready for sageuk Lee Min Ho. I imagine fursploding panties everywhere as his fangirls collectively…..faint over his warrior ways sporting a mane of glory, all-black armor, and wielding a mighty sword. It’s weird but I kinda wish Faith was a straight up sageuk rather than a time-travel one, not only because its so passe at this point, but I haven’t seen one wrap up intelligently yet. I still have my huge reservations about pairing him up with Kim Hee Sun, but I’ll let the first few episodes speak for itself and convince me that this drama is either a genius casting and writing coup or a big hot mess. But even if its a mess, it’ll likely still be hot.

[Credit: all pictures as marked via Baidu Lee Min Ho bar]


Lee Min Ho Unleashes his Warrior Ways for Faith — 18 Comments

  1. Hi, koala unni,
    So you liked what you have seen so far? I have a little reservation for his hair. But it looks ok for a fantacy sageuk. I heard some rumors that the script is superb.

  2. “But even if its a mess, it’ll likely still be hot.”….It sure is with Lee Min Hot-ness in it!!!! With these stills, am even willing to forget that he’s paired with someone old enough to be his aunt….
    Thank you madam K for these goodies…… πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  3. Ahhhh! Thanks! Why permed saguek hair?

    And what does this “fursploding panties” mean?

    In my opinion, LMH can make something bad good. You all have seen BOF, right?
    Why would anyone watch that again?
    Yes. LMH.

  4. He is so cute. I have to say despite the many time travel dramas that there have been recently, I’m still looking forward to this one! Thanks for posting the pictures πŸ˜‰

  5. LEE MINHOTTTTTTTTTTTTTT **drools** I swear he can wear a garbage bag and still look AMAZINGGGG….can’t wait for this drama, I have a good feeling about this.

  6. I don’t know why but he just doesn’t do it for me. I tried, god knows I tried to find him attractive but I can’t do it. I would take 1 Ji Hyun Woo, Park shi Hoo, Kim Jae Won over 1 thousand of him.

    I wish him luck with his drama, but when it comes to time travelled Ji Hyun Woo has that market cornered, I am afraid.

    • I think you are also a fan girl of Kim Boong Do!!!!! Aigo, me too….but btw JHW and LMH, I think I am w Koala…Lee Min hot, hot, hot!!!!! such beautiful skin….gosh, KHS must be touching up her make up for every scene!!!!! poor gal!!!

  7. Oh Lee Min Ho. Only you can make me watch a show that wasn’t that good script wise.

    You are a drug in itself.
    Just finished watching Personal Taste and goodness I’m ready for you to be back on my screen.

    I might have to go watch City Hunter to help spot the cravings for some Lee Min Ho(tness).

    We are waiting (im)patiently for you to come back , so hurry it up . K thanks πŸ™‚

  8. lol I don’t know about timetraveling by now. This is the which one already? and not the add the ones in c-dramas. All I can say is I do have ‘faith’ in Lee Min Ho. He hasn’t let me down yet. haha

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