Big Drama Analysis Up to Episode 4 Plus a Poll

First off – what’s with the repeated and constant speculation that Kyung Joon is Yoon Jae’s son? Please check the character chart before launching into such ridiculousness, because the dudes are twelve years apart. So unless we’re going into Kanon territory here, Yoon Jae didn’t impregnate a lady when he was 11 (plus the gestational 10 month, no?). I’m having so much fun loving Big because its turning into a giant mindfrak, though happily no one will turn out to be a Cylon. What we see confuses the eyes even as our mind feels the right connections. We see Da Ran and the body of Yoon Jae, but we feel Da Ran and the soul of Kyung Joon. Ottoke? Confusion all around, n’est pas? Imagine how Da Ran is going to feel pretty soon. The hands imagery continues in each and every episode, acting as a leitmotif for forming a connection. While memories and visual images can be unreliable and confusing, the emotional connection being formed between Kyung Joon and Da Ran is real and undeniable.

I worry about a lot of things, and now I’m starting to worry about the remote chance that a body switch back may leave neither Kyung Joon nor Yoon Jae with any recollection of what happened. That will destroy me, because Da Ran is already struggling with so many paradigm shifts in her life with respect to Yoon Jae. But if Big is about growing up for Kyung Joon, it’s similarly about waking up for Da Ran. Together they will form their own memories, with only the Hong Sisters knowing where they want all of this to go. I’ve translated a wonderful analysis of this drama from a poster on Baidu, which encapsulates much of what I’ve been thinking. And just for the heck of it, let’s take a poll on how you want this drama to end up. Baiduers have been polling for the last two weeks and the results are rather enlightening.

From An Angel’s Four Leaf Clover in Baidu Big bar:

I finished watching episode 1 and decided right there to follow this drama. I summoned my patience to let this story slowly unfold because of that green umbrella.

I read an essay once called “You are the edge of my dreams” and there was a particular sentence that stuck with me.

“I miss him. I finally met someone that made me want to grow up for him.”

When I was young I didn’t really understand what this meant. Until this drama – he met this woman, who has made him willing to grow up for her.

For a person to decide to mature, I don’t know how much conviction that requires, I don’t know how much strength that requires.

All I know is that when the 18 year old Kang Kyung Joon met the 26 year old Gil Teacher, it made him act out of sorts, it made him unable to help but be concerned about her and want to be around her.

He appears quite stubborn, towards his memories and experiences, and in the future towards Gil Da Ran. This stubbornness in love is what is truly moving, and is something to look forward to seeing between them.

When Kyung Joon was in Yoon Jae’s body, he told Jang Mari that Kyung Joon likes someone right now, he likes Gil Teacher. The first time on the bus, he followed her off and then later pretended to meet accidentally at the furniture store. This is likely not all true, but Mari correctly notes that Kyung Joon isn’t the type to hang around a person.

But the truth of the matter is, since episode 1, every time Kyung Joon ran into Da Ran, he notices her and engages her.

In the end, Jang Mari points out that Kyung Joon wouldn’t take a picture of just anyone, and that completely won me over as to the truth of this story.

What Kyung Joon revealed to Mari may have been to get her to give up on Kyung Joon, but it turned into a revelation of sorts.

The memories he made with Da Ran, every little bit he remembers.

Yes, he noticed her from the first moment he saw her. It may not be love at first sight, but she captured his interest.

The way he looks at her, his eyes shine with a myriad of emotions.

That is love planting its seed and blossoming. Like Dokko Jin said in Best Love, a potato plant when it sprouts a flower becomes an incurable poison.

The way this drama will unfold is very clear. The best writers typically have the male and female leads pair up, and the others are there just to fill in the gaps.

Like the perfect-on-paper Dr. Yoon Pil Joo in Best Love, or Dong Joo Teacher in My Girlfriend is a Gumiho.

The Hong Sisters second male leads are always eye catching, but always fulfill their duty and then lose out. It gets too messy if the love pairings aren’t clear.

It doesn’t matter if Yoon Jae has a good explanation for what he’s done, the truth of the matter is, Da Ran has been hurt by what he did. Every time he made an excuse for why he couldn’t spend time with her, he’s hurt her. In the end, this will become the reason they won’t be together.

I think that as the story progresses, Kyung Joon will become more and more mature, more and more considerate, and he will affect his Gil Teacher more and more.

At that time, Kyung Joon will have matured for Da Ran, and he will have some of his youthful mischievousness but added to it the maturity of a man she can potentially bet the rest of her life on.

This is probably where he wins out over the already mature but reserved Yoon Jae. I think Da Ran will struggle with their age difference and status, but I believe in the end Kyung Joon will end up with the girl.

The story we are watching, all the little memories being formed, that’s Da Ran and Kyung Joon’s love story.

So if I may be so bold as to postulate about the ending: They will once again meet in the rain, years later. He will hold an umbrella over her again, and this time it won’t be a mistake.

Koala’s thoughts:

While I’ve posted a poll below about possible endings for Big, I want to take a step back from the urge to get confirmation on that point. Lee Min Jung said at the press conference for Big that this drama is about a boy and his first love. What that means for the ending remains nebulous, as first loves can either leave a beautiful memory or go all the way.

What I want to talk about is the theme of “growing up” in Big. When people grow up, they become more self-conscious and reserved, wrapping emotions into situations and circumstances. If we’re sad, we try not to start bawling in public; if we’re ecstatic, we don’t hoot and holler on the spot. We become “behaved”, and with that comes pretense and restraint.

Yoon Jae epitomizes that, a man who internalizes so much, to the point that he’s become literally a cipher in the drama for others to talk about him so that the viewers learn about him. He’s an adult, but contrast to the teenager Kang Kyung Joon, his behavior takes on the veneer of shadiness and results in misconceptions for everyone around him. Even Se Young thinks he wants to get back together with her because he kept her house key.

With the body switch comes a chance for a do-over for Yoon Jae, for Kyung Joon to turn Yoon Jae back into a child-like state where he says what he’s thinking. And in the process, Kyung Joon grows up by realizing that the adult world is complicated and he wasn’t all ready for it when he first returned to Seoul. But through his interactions with Da Ran, he gains the emotional understanding as to what matters to him. Namely, her.

Da Ran represents the dichotomy of an adult with an almost child-like perception of the world. Children typically only notice the things immediately around them, they don’t expand their sight to the radius that an adult would. Da Ran has been shown to be quite oblivious, and that’s the result of her focusing only on what she sees in her limited scope. It’s also what keeps her so naive, because if someone is being nice to her, she isn’t able to pierce beyond that into seeing the undercurrents of what may be lying behind it.

We see this through Da Ran’s obliviousness on the bus, and all the times she never once noticed Yoon Jae at the wedding. But get this – while she never once noticed Yoon Jae staring at her at the banquet, at least not until he ran into her, yet she noticed Kyung Joon staring at her on the bus. I find that yet another contrast, one which we can add to the hands moment (Yoon Jae missing grabbing Da Ran’s hand as she falls, while Kyung Joon succeeds in grabbing her hand on the umbrella).

So in the presence of Kyung Joon (in his own body and in Yoon Jae’s body), Da Ran is also growing up. She’s becoming more aware, like snapping out of her bubble and realizing the world around her isn’t so peachy perfect. Se Young isn’t just a friend of Yoon Jae, and Yoon Jae hasn’t been all that truthful with her on many things in his life. For a man to leave his fiancee with this many doubts and uncertainties, Yoon Jae has sure done a splendid (not) job in conveying his affection for her. I love that the first thing Kyung Joon ever says to Da Ran is “Uh oh, that’s not it” to her misconception that he followed her off the bus because he was interested in her, when in truth it was because she took his umbrella. So his presence is established from the get go of making Da Ran self-aware.

I find the interaction between Da Ran and Kyung Joon (and now Kyung Jae) so stirring. I’ve never liked the teacher-student trope (guy or girl as the teacher), and I don’t have a thing for noona-dongsaeng romances. But from the very beginning, I’ve never seen the two of them as teacher-student. Their first bus meeting was purely a guy-girl thing, and she even assumed he was interested in her. Subsequently, he uses banmal with her and calls her Gil Da Ran. Only when she insisted did he call her Gil Teacher. And what does Da Ran’s mom think of that moniker? She thinks Yoon Jae is calling her Gil Teacher as a love nickname because Da Ran is his love teacher. LOL! But oh so telling.

For Kyung Joon to have spent a few days at the school before getting into the accident, there is no real teacher-student dynamic at work here at icks me out. First off, the basic taboo on that relationship is on the betrayal and abuse of trust. A student is handed to the teacher who nurtures and mentors the student. To date is to breach that trust. Kyung Joon and Da Ran have not established that dynamic so their subsequent interactions don’t violate the teacher shall not prey on student creed. In many ways, Kyung Joon is the wiser one, and with that he has the upper hand with Da Ran. Similarly, Da Ran is the caring one who gives as much as she receives.

When watching Big, I find myself noticing all the little details and the hour does whiz by so fast I almost want to cry when it’s over. Then I realize that so much happened, and I happily go back and rewatch again and again to my hearts content. On the foreshadowing based on the mention of Turgenev’s novella “First Love”, where the 16 year old male lead falls in love with an older woman, who is later discovered to be in love with the male lead’s father instead, I think Big represents a mirror reflection of this classic Russian story. Just like the Big drama is about the switching of souls and identities, so too does the Hong Sisters subvert “First Love” and turns it into a happy ending story.

I still think Yoon Jae is Kyung Joon’s brother (full or half, doesn’t matter), and is the stand-in for the father figure in the novel. We see the story through Kyung Joon’s point of view, but instead of learning about the object of his affection being in love with a father figure late in the story, here Kyung Joon knows right off the bat that Da Ran likes Yoon Jae. This turns the story on its head so the element of surprise is eliminated, and instead Big is the story of the older woman mocking the younger boy while falling for him. Just my theory, of course, but I know the Hong Sisters wouldn’t have randomly mentioned a Russian novel for no reason.

This is the first time the Hong Sisters have given me a drama that I enjoy parsing the details and analyzing the character rifs and recurring symbolism. I don’t even mind the possible Kyung Joon-Yoon Jae may be related birth secret. I get the sense they have mapped out the story and know where they want to take it. I feel so strongly that Big is the love story between Kyung Joon and Da Ran because that is what is happening in real time. If THS pulls a course correction and has the two men switch bodies mid-way and then have Yoon Jae woo Da Ran all over again, that’s when we’ll get a bona fide fight on our hands. I wait with bated breath to see where they take this story.

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Current Baidu voting has Kyung Joon at 79% and Yoon Jae at 18% with the remaining 3% undecided.

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Current Baidu voting has Kyung Joon-Da Ran and Choong Shik-Mari as the ultimate end game leading on the voting.



Big Drama Analysis Up to Episode 4 Plus a Poll — 82 Comments

  1. I love polls!

    A lot of speculations regarding the OTP on Big, but I think that’s another charm of the drama. It keeps you guessing and on your toes. It is refreshing to not know the OTP when every pairing makes sense, and I am rooting for both guys.

    Although this drama still has their trademark, naive and too-hard-to-believe innocent Female Lead and the annoyingly-bitchy Other Girl, I am glad that Hong Sisters are more subdued in this drama. The slapstick and bathroom comedy are gone. Their writing sure reflects their own growth, which me as their fan, appreciate and welcome.

    • Completely agree with you. I started watching this expecting the usual Hong sisters fun and froth, but was pleasantly surprised to discover so much more substance.

  2. I haven’t been watching the drama (still trying to decide) but I have been reading the recaps. Recently, I watched the US drama Drop Dead Diva where a model died and her soul went into the body of overweight lawyer (her diametric opposite). I remember she was having a conversation with her new angel/guardian and he was trying to tell her that since she went into her new body, she has adopted new characteristics/mannerisms that show she is discarding her old identity. She refused to believe that as she insists she is still the same model girl and will never loose her old identity. However, the truth is, she is changing.

    Why did I bring it up? I think Kyung Joong’s soul in Young Jae’s body will adopt some of latter’s characteristics so what we see on the show is not 100% Kyung Joon. It is a hybrid of both men which opens a whole can of worms for Daran. How do you separate one soul, mind, and body? I seriously don’t envy the rollercoster of emotions she will go through and wouldn’t wish that on anyone, even my enemy.

    My prediction, she chooses neither but they all end up as some kind of Big family. I think the only couple on the show will be Mari and Daran’s bro.

    • I’ve watched Drop Dead Diva too and it’s such a pleasant surprise that you drew comparisons from it to Big. (never did once crossed my mind)

      And yes I agree that it’s sucha terrible thing to go through; having to decide between both men (or ARE they one and the same??? O_o). Again agree with the “she (ends up) choosing neither”. In the words of the poll, Da Ran needs to grow a backbone and some common sense first, before she should even think of making a decision between either men. I mean that in a good way.

  3. I super love your analysis and I’n glad you’re also a KJ/DR shipper like me. I really like DR to end up with KJ if possible in his own body.

    • Yh agree the couple Kyung and Daran is so cute I want them to end up together at the end 🙂
      Jang Mari wid the Chin Sook (Daran Brother)
      Yoon Jae with the other girl(collegue)

  4. awwww I can’t choose. I really like Yoon Jae’s body, but I like Kyung Joon’s soul. Well, since we don’t really know Yoon Jae’s soul we can’t help but to like Kyung Joon’s. Anywho, I know it’s impossible, but I’d like Da Ran to end up with Kyung Jae. How am I supposed to look at it the same way when they switch bodies back? It’s like Gong Yoo did all the work, but in the end he doesn’t really get the girl…

  5. KJ/DR, because they are growing together. But I’m ok with bittersweet too, never really concerned about who ends up with who, but the journey that leads us there. And Matt Cain threw a perfecto! Sorry need to get that out of my system everywhere.

    • Like you, the journey is more important to me too.. But Am inclined to think there might be a bittersweet ending now I know lmj says it’s about first love. I imagine kJ’s first love teaches him a lot and allows him to move on without feeling so alone in life anymore.

      • If KJ doesn’t end up with DR….or the story doesn’t swing that way I’d want him to be a part of her warm and affectionate family in some sorta way.

  6. See, that’s what I though. There is no way they could be father and son, unless the chart thing is lying to us or something.

    But the interesting thing is that reference to First Love by Turgenev. In that story, a younger man falls for an older woman who is in love with his father. That whole thing there just made my head spin. The reference can’t be a coincidence, but they can’t really be father and son right?

    So far my money is still on brothers. Or maybe uncle and new nephew?

  7. First of all, thanks so much for correcting the ridiculous notion that Yoon Jae may have a chance of being Kyung Jae’s dad. I do also agree the Hong Sisters are probably placing them as half brothers probably sharing the same dad. Am I the only one who wishes Yoon Jae’s soul to get back his fantastic body and have the boys go for the girl in person? I do think Yoon Jae deserves a fair chance and he does seems like a really genuine and cool guy from the flash backs. I think this is a fantastic drama so far. My favourite drama for the year if the writings continues to be as good and Gong Yoo keeps weaving his magic on all of us. Hes been so so fantastic. In playing YJ or KJ. Totally playing out the personality of each guy. So believable as an 18 year or a 30 year old.

  8. I love Gong Yoo’s acting. It helps me believe that Da ran is dealing with Kyung Joon’s soul, in Yoon Jae’s body.

    I am rooting for Kyung Joon&Da ran, but it is because I love Yoon Jae(Gong Yoo) as Kyung Joon. Like if Shin Won Ho did not leave at all.

    Shin Won Ho is simply beautiful, I don’t even want to know how old I am when I look at him. But now that he is in Yoon Jae’s body, I can truly see him as a man. Da ran will sure feel the same soon, but after they’ll switch back, it won’t be easy. Anyway, I am looking forward to that, because I want to see Gong Yoo as Yoon Jae and Da ran with -an already grown up mind boy- Shin Won Ho again.

    Oh, and I think Mari is in love with Kyung Joon, I can feel that she is protective about him which is very, very important in a relationship.

    I also did LOVE the end of the 4th episode. Of course they naturally protect each other because of the secret only they know, but I love that only we see(yet), that they are already liked each other in a way at the beginning.

    • About the “miracle” thing:

      The mother and Yoon Jae are acting like they lost someone, maybe a brother.
      So I think they shared something on the day Kyung Joon was born, the two family. Maybe it was “just” a transplant(this is why he is really into the cancer promotion).

      • That’s an interesting thought that I hadn’t considered before. It would make sense for Yoon Jae to go into pediatrics if he sacrificed part of his body to save his younger brother.

        I have no idea, but it’s an interesting theory.

  9. i think Yoon Jae and Kyung Joon might be siblings…the thing I’m scared of is that in the end, Da Ran and Yoon Jae are together with Kyung Joon living with them at the house.

  10. I just love “An Angel’s Four Leaf Clover” ending.
    Though who knows, perhaps it wasn’t mistake even for the first time.

  11. I love the Baidu piece as well as your thoughts. It is so cool to see so much interest in this “novella”. Everyone is opining but, you are so right on the daddy thing, impossible.
    I am leaning towards a meeting of K and D when he gets older but the few Hong sisters dramas I have watched never have the happy ending that I want so I am settling my mind that D will wind up with SYJ even though the perfect pairing would be a 20+ K with D.

  12. LOL I just started watching the first episode and the way KH keeps saying ‘Uh oh’ and ‘Oh my God’ is really gay. I can’t help smirking when I hear the actor attempt to speak English.

  13. Ms. Koala, it’s all because of the Russian novella that Kyung Joon quote, the story is about a boy who fallen for a girl who fallen for his father. I really hope it doesn’t happe. because it’s DUH!

  14. ‘I worry about a lot of things, and now I’m starting to worry about the remote chance that a body switch back may leave neither Kyung Joon nor Yoon Jae with any recollection of what happened.’
    I post my doubts few days ago, and one was like this.
    This really could happen.

  15. It always refreshing to read ur posts regarding this drama as it help me a lot noticing the details and hidden message behind the plot. Thanks koala >.<

    Anyway i vote for KJ (in his own body) with DaRan as well. Sorry GY, u might be the male lead in the drama context, but story wise its the boy KyungJun a.k.a Shin WonHo who i wish will get the girl. This gonna be fenomenal^^

  16. Great analysis here, ockoala!

    Was also thinking about Yoon Jae’s plane ticket to LA and his impending meeting on 24 June with his own parents. If his parents were supposed to fly over to Korea to find Kyung Joon (supposedly), then why was he thinking of leaving for LA? It can’t be together with Se Yong since she did not mention anything about a flight. And he also seemed to be reluctant to meet his half-brother…

  17. hmm, I’m undecided on who I want DR to end up with. Ep 3: YJ-DR first encounter = spazz. Ep 4: KJ running to save DR from heartbreak = swoon!! heh. At this juncture I’ll say either of the guise will work for me.

    I do want Suzy’s character to end up with DR’s brother. They’re both adorable. IRL I’d be freaked out by someone like her but in the drama she’s like a puppy wanting affection from KJ.

    ps: GY as the rather quiet YJ is like “omigahh, you’re SO hot!!” HAWTTTT =D

    • YES!!! GY as the quiet is YJ is so charismatic. I cant blame DR for being oblivious to all his faults. I definitely would if I have a fiance like him! muahaha…
      GY as KJ is too cute as well. I dont mind whoever DR ends up as.. as long as it is GY’s body..

  18. Wow, great points! I am rooting for KJ and DR but if there is a time jump, maybe KJ will look like YJ so he can be played by Gongyoo? I don’t know. In any case, this was a thought-provoking post. I like the idea of the green umbrella at the end, too.

  19. I don’t know why people would think KJ is YJ’s son.
    I would speculate more that they are brothers. KJ’s father is still alive and in not much contact with him. Plus YJ’s mother was weird on the phone. And what’s with the meeting that happenes on KJ’s b-day and having the same picture.

    I wonder if KJ’s dead mother isn’t even his biological mother. Maybe he was though to be dead, or give up for adoption.

  20. Love this analysis!
    Love that this show is making us all heat up our brains, our hearts, and our other parts…

    I would agree with your end game, which would be very pretty to see, and very satisfying, BUT, they have to get uri beautiful baby boy Shin into some grown-up clothes and hair.
    Then I would buy them together visually.
    I am getting palpitations just thinking about him wearing glasses, or some such device to age him.
    Oh oh oh! What if he goes to MED SCHOOL, and we see him in surgeon scrubs like his BIG brother?!
    I just killed myself…

    • I feel like ALL the clues point to them being brothers, and the becoming a doctor bit is also swirling in my brain.

      If they share a same father, the character descriptions tell us Yoon Jae’s dad is also a doctor. So if Kyung Joon also ends up going to med school, that’s three doctors in the family.

      The drama has also made multiple repeated references to how smart Kyung Joon is. That’s not just a random character trait. He’s smart cuz his daddy and bro are also smart. Same genes. Which then hits the nail on how they could have switched souls. 49 Days tells us – they have to share a special connection quite like Ji Hyun and Yi Kyung did.

      Anyways, if my Shin baby wore GLASSES(!?!?!?!) then I would literally expire on the spot. *________* I will see stars, and planets, and maybe entire solar systems.

  21. What if there was a previous body-soul swap that happened before episode one? That is to say, Yong Jae at episode one is already inhabited by someone else. Would that explain why earlier he is so enamoured of Da Ran and later so distant.

  22. I love your analyses of Big. They really enhance my experience of the show.

    This feels like the most substantial Hong sisters drama that I’ve seen, and in some ways the most experimental mainstream kdrama that I’ve seen. Not only do the characters have more depth, but they also have room for real growth and maturation. I also think the directing is just stunning and I love all of the imagery–the hands, as well as the visual motif of reflections and windows (which ties into the exploration memory and of how our perceptions of each other are mediated through various lenses).

    Anyway, thank you for sharing your insightful thoughts. Keep ’em coming!

  23. I still didn’t see any chesmitry between KJ and DR!

    Funny because I see chemistry between YJ and Dr! LOL

    Funny thing is, they are both the same actor! Hahahah

  24. Kyung Joon-Da Ran and Choong Shik-Mari 49.02% (299 votes)

    Viewers want Kyun Joon (Shin Won-Ho) & Da Ran (Lee Min Jung) as a couple in the end…them holding hands walking into the sunset together…Seriously? Shin Won-Ho looks very young when standing next to Lee Min Jung — don’t think they’d go this far in trendy rom-com. That’s just plain ewww.

    If writers kill off Kyun Joon (body)/Yoon Jae’s soul in the end. Then I suppose it’s easier to swallow the ending with Kyun Jae (Gong Yoo) & Daran being together.

  25. I like this post a lot! 😀 I want Kyun Joon to end up with Da Ran, but ‘m still torn about the 8-year gap though, why can’t it just be a 3-year gap? 😀

    Thanks as always for sharing your thoughts and those of others. Kinda feels like we’re all in this journey with these characters, especially Kyun Joon and Da Ran.

  26. The love story for the series is KJ and DR — that’s the couple we’re following from the beginning. But I don’t see them ending up together in the end. However much KJ matures while he’s in YJ’s body, even if he never switches out of YJ’s body, he’s still an 18 year old and he has years ahead of him to discover who he truly is and what he wants, before he’s ready for a committed, adult relationship. DR also has to mature, but she is already an adult and is much closer to making those kind of choices. I think the ending will be open; we’ll know the characters have changed and grown as a result of this experience, not not who ends up with whom.

    I feel like a rebel, actually, watching this series, because…I don’t like GY as KJ as much as Shin Won-Ho as KJ. And I feel like the chemistry between Shin Won-Ho and Lee Min Jung was better too. I hope the Hong Sisters surprise us and have the characters switch back souls by the middle of the series, instead of dragging it out to the end. I want Shin Won Ho back!

  27. By the way, yeorobun, Kyung Joon’s birthday is coming up shortly in the drama, which means he’s about to turn 19.

      • Da Ran? She’s still 26, so that keeps their age difference 7-8 years apart (let’s just say 7.5 to be accurate). By the by, wuri Kyung Joonie grew up in the States, so he’s beyond legal already. Heh heh heh.

        Actually, seeing how K-dramas TOTALLY already went there with actual teacher-student romances in Romance as well as Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy, I’m scratching my head as to why anyone would have issues over this one.

    • Oh hello! I had to google what ‘yeorobun’ means – yep, I’m a relatively newbie to the k-world, haha. Anyways, just wanted to say, really appreciate your posts! Thanks much!

  28. Actually, seeing how K-dramas TOTALLY already went there with actual teacher-student romances in Romance as well as Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy, I’m scratching my head as to why anyone would have issues over this one.

    Kim Jae Won in Romance and Gong Yoo in Biscuit Teacher look like 20 year plus adults unlike Shin Won-Ho who likes like a 15 year old kid because of his baby face.

  29. thanks so much for your commentary Ms Koala. I love hearing your comments about our OST couple KJ and DR, it makes me so happy! I go back to your MV page almost everyday and replay both of your MV, cuz it makes me always smile in delight!! 🙂

  30. I honestly can’t see yet a blooming relationship between DR and KJ. She treat him like a son and that’s the love he lacks of because his mother is dead. I’m the only one cheering for DR and YJ to be together. For what I’m watching as of chapter four this is developing as making bonds than romantic. Is creating bonds among our three characters DR, KJ and YJ and to grow up. I really really WANT YJ to wake up in KJ body but this will not happen until DR understand what was passing trought YJ mind and when she understand that she alwasy had have to be herself in front of him not be perfect DR.

  31. I do not watch this drama because swipping soul is not my thing at all (nor cross-dressing characters or May-September crushes) but I am delighted to read how Gong Yoo delivers, yet again. The success of Big has made me crave to view a few scenes again as the “Tae-in” ‘s character alongside Gong Hyo Jin’s, both of whom I refer to as “the Gongs”, in Hello my teacher:
    – when she confesses her love to her class, unaware that he sits there among her students and that undescribable look on his face;
    – later on when he tells her his reasons to disappear a whole year;
    – them meeting when he gets drunk for the first time;
    – her comforting words at his shame that no one will support their decision to get married.


    Sorry about that ranting. *^^* Could not help it whenever Gong Yoo is mentionned, which brings me to the poll. At the end of the drama, I want to vote for a pairing of … Gong Yoo with myself irl. LOL

    • Since the Hong sisters are so famous for having past actors do cameo on their current show, do you think Gong Hyo Jin will make a appearance? please!!

      • Cameos are to be expected if the Hong Sisters stay true to their “habits” and negotiation skills with management companies of their previous dramas’ stars. Wonder who that might me… 🙂

    • I do remember all of those HT scenes!

      Add to that his confession at the airport.

      I just hope Gong Yoo’s character ends up with someone at the end.

      • Indeed his confession was sweet, earnest, yet very immature and oblivious to the consequences as his uncle witnessed the whole scene. Therefore I tend to like the “later scenes” when he did show his growth and his realization of cause and effect, like Boong Do would say. lol

        We will see whether his character will get some girl, as in whose body and whose soul, and when. 😉

  32. Remember the movie The sixth sense?. I get the same vibe from Big . The time of events are not clear. At the end i hope we will see how everything comes togther.

  33. Hi Miss K Unnie!!!
    *crackling knuckles* Here we go, essay style!! Mhahahhaha
    First things first: I don’t remember a drama that had so much controversy than Lie To Me, and that one almost made me nuts!!
    1. The Hands : There is an obvious connection between the hands and who will get the girl at the end! When Da Ran is falling down stairs, Yoon Jae, tries to grab her, but her fingers cross his making it impossible to grab her hand and saving her from that falling. *Kyung Joon on the contrary, firmly grabs Da Ran’s hand, and never let it go!!* yay!!!
    2. The Miracle book/piece of book: there is an obvious connection between them. Yoo Jae has a book, his mother has a copy and Kyung Joon has a piece of that book that carries with him always. I’m curious about that the book’s title is Miracle. In deed is a Miracle that their souls switch on that lake. And what that book means? O.o
    3. Being Big vs. Growing Up:</b? It is NOT the same thing! You can have a big body, being old and bald, but that doesn’t necessary make you a mature person. In the other hand, you can be young and tiny and being as wise as time! Sometimes people, situations, love and heartbreaks make you mature…Sometimes nothing makes you…. It is funny how Kyung Joon is just this little fragile boy, trying to prove to the world that he can be a big boy. And Yoon Jae, I think he is trying to prove that he is mature… too bad both are failing miserably!!!!
    4. Being brothers/father-son : I really think that Kyung Joon and Yoon Jae are connected in some sort of family way. Maybe they are cousins? Are they are brothers who grow up in an orphanage? Are their mothers twin sisters? Maybe Yoon Jae’s father, cheated on Yoon Jae’s mother with Kyung Joon’s mother, without any of the woman knew about it, until too late! Maybe Kyung Joon’s mother was a surrogate mother, who didn’t want to give up her son. Who knows?? I know one thing…. I don’t know!!!! I just want to know what the connection between Kyung Joon and Yoon Jae really is !!
    5. Soul exchange: Kyung Joon wanted to grow… and God give him the opportunity to be an adult… too bad, that it isn’t in his own body, or terms and that he wasn’t behaving like an adult… Until episode 4, when he run from Seoul to Siberia trying to stop his beloved Gil Teacher getting hurt by the other woman.
    6. Gil Teacher: Can a person be so oblivious? Can a person live inside a “fish tank”? Can a person live, be and breath “candy land”? Yeah, a person who falls in love is!! Why? Because when you love someone, you don’t see their flaws…Specially when your life circles around that person like the moon with earth!! Oh Ha Ni, what the heck you do to us…cough them…them!!!!
    7. The Other Woman: *dramatic music* There is something very fishy about her and how she is always all over Yoon Jae, like a freaking parachute!! Let him breath, woman, let him breath!!!! BTW did you know that he have a girlfriend… well, what I am REALLY curious about is…who is the REAL girlfriend???
    8. Cheater& Excuse Maker: I don’t think Yoon Jae is cheating or Da Ran, but Bill Clinton said “I don’t know that woman”… and we all know how that ended!!! I can understand that jogging between a demanding career like a pediatric surgeon is, a wedding, the in-laws, a clingy ex, and a “mama’s boy” complex can be exhausting, almost to become unbearable…but please, why he always throw Da Ran under the bus!!!??? If that is happening now that they are engage, imagine what will happen when they get married!! *covering eyes* I imagine Da Ran’s sitting on a dinner table, with the candles almost extinguished, with the cold dinner… telling to the cleaning lady, leave the plates on the table he will come…soon…I hope…and that is TRAGICC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*in a hoooooooooooheeeeeeeeee tone* So, I would NOT put my hands on fire for Yoon Jae… nope, nope! I believe that he is cheating or her, or at least he is having those pervy thoughts….
    9. Kyung Joon = new kid on the block: He is like a breeze of fresh air in Da Ran’s eyes. And like Unnie Miss K said, he would slap her on the back of her head! Just like Leroy Jethro Gibbs would do! A slap on the face is disrespectful, a slap on the back, is a wakeup call!!! And she needs to wake up and see the world!!! She is living in a fantasy created by her… You know in some way, this reminds me of “500 days of Summer”… Where the main character had to take a few steps back and watch with eyes wide open what he was missing, coz, he wasn’t really seeing…Weird huh?? Da Ran will wake up and see what really was happening around her, for the first time in her life and that is thanks to Kyung Joon!!!
    10. What will the future holds: I, like Angel’s Four Leaf Clover in Baidu see Da Ran and Kyung Joon in a relationship, but in the future not right now! Why? He will grow up, with this experience, but when his soul gets back, he will be a 18 y/o student…her student… Even if his soul live like a 30 y/o man. And I think that will press the brakes on Da Ran’s part!! How Da Ran will fall for Kyung Joon? In their day by day interactions, misfortunes, adventures and how they protect each other! Da Ran’s love for Yoon Jae will be fading away, coz, he is cheating on her (she believes it, even if he is NOT) and Yoon Jae IS NOT there…. Is Yoon Jae’s body, but the essence, the soul, the heart, the pulp is Kyung Joon’s all over the place baby!!!!!!! And that chemistry, will kill Da Ran’s love for Yoon Jae, and starts a consuming fire for Kyung Joon!!!

    There my 2 dollars coz, 2 cents is too little!!! Mhahahahha

  34. Does the book Miracle with angels on the front cover really exist? I’m trying to search for it but I can’t find it. I find the Miracle story by Connie Willis but it’s included in those several stories in just one book. The story is about a young woman’s carefully devised plans to find romance go awry when her guardian angel shows her the true meaning of love. I wonder if its the same or the book shown on Big is just fabricated.

  35. into the third interested because of you guys. thanks for the recaps and all ms. koala as it got me started on the drama.

    as mind boggling as it is for me at the moment and with more episodes coming, i’m all yoon jae – da ran..i know this is not popular but here is to hoping. the reveal was that he get to notice her first in the lift and made his way to her. when body switch happens i hope yoon jae would still get her back.

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