Gong Yoo Makes Music Magic with a Frying Pan in Episode 11 of Big

What’s Gong Yoo doing with a frying pan? You’ll have to wait until episode 11 of Big to see, but the teaser stills released by KBS show us that he’s not intending to bean an intruder with it. I’ve always loved couples who fall in love when not trying and simply spending time together doing normal things. Not necessarily hating each other’s guts and bickering as a way of foreplay, but more like they never considered falling for each other despite getting along and then suddenly love happens in the most unexpected of places. Based on the article that accompanied these pictures, Da Ran drinks beer to deal with her confused heart and Kyung Jae thinks she’s missing Yoon Jae so he uses Yoon Jae’s voice and sings her a “frying pan lovesong”. Except Da Ran likes Kyung Joon so this gets her even more deeply attracted to him. With the progression of Da Ran figuring out her heart and Kyung Joon’s strong feelings for Da Ran, the upcoming reveal of the reason for the soul-switching will bring more pain for them. Well that surely bodes well. Not.

New teaser stills of Mari and Choong Shik as paparazzi have also surfaced. I get that Mari may have been intended as comic relief, along with Choong Shik, and Suzy is so adorable that it’s actually well-cast. But sadly her character veers over the annoying line more than toes it, so that’s a major weakness in the writing of this character that has served a purpose but mostly feels like a major trip up.

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Gong Yoo Makes Music Magic with a Frying Pan in Episode 11 of Big — 32 Comments

  1. My guess on the ending… I surmise that YoungJae and Kyung Joon became “twin souls” after the switch–meaning they know every sensation the other feels and every thought the other thinks. They have a total connection. The body has become Kyung Joon’s because he has more “energy” than the sick YoungJae’s. Hence, in Jae’s several failed attempts to come back, he was overpowered because of Joon’s refusal to give up the body. My guess is even if he, Joon, seemingly and blatantly announces to DaRan that Jae has been attempting a soul swap he is covering up a lie that the soul swap is not succeeding. Why do I say that? Well, he has mentioned being in a lot of pain and being sapped in energy which, to me, means he is fighting off , with his might, some force. Joon still wants to stay because he is in love for the first time. He hurts and pains, though, when he sees DaRan appearing to be in want of Jae instead of him or so he thinks.

    I think the final soul swap rests with Joon; if he does not fight off the swap, then Jae will return. At the end, it will be Jae’s decision, to allow Joon to rule over his body and for him to cease living. Since my assumption is both have become twin souls, then Jae knows everything that is happening anyway. Though, it saddens me to realize that one of them should die, we cannot help it if, indeed, BIG is all about salvation being love and sacifice, as mentioned by that professor in the episode we have seen last.

    I see an extravagantly emotionally me at the end of BIG… crying over Jae at the end. Regardless, I would have learned to fall in love with DaRan and Joon then….

    It is interesting, for me, that the soul swap happened on two significant occasions–on DaRan and Joong’s supposed honeymoon and DaRan’s lie when at the park she told Joong that she was not waiting for him but was waiting for someone else. Granted that both souls have become twin souls and are aware of everything that is happening, then it just amazes me that Jae had wanted to come at the time when DaRan and Joong were on their way to their supposed honeymoon and when DaRan was inconsolable at the park and adamant on her true feelings that she even very cowardly hid behind the tree and declared that she was not waiting for Joong but for Jae instead.

    Well, all I can do at this time is wait… which seems to be forever as I excitedly wait for tomorrow and Tuesday and several more Mondays and Tuesdays to see when and how this soul swap is gonna end, and when it does I wan to know why it took place in the first place and what the purpose is of this whole thing, aside from the fact that it makes someone like me who watches Korean Drama only because I want to be de-stress. 🙂

    • While I think your theory is logical, I don’t think the writers have shown us conflict between the two brothers, but cooperation.
      If they are twin souls, it is because their existence is linked by love and sacrifice.
      Remember, before he knew he who it was, YJ went back to save KJ in the water, and YJ has voiced how much he owes to this unknown person who saved him when he was 12.

      • OK, two things could freak you; this alien from the body, during surgery, and…is oppa in plastic surgery…I forgot…hmmm…hehhe
        The mood, blue dress.., OK now he needs to marry her…pfff..heheh

    • Yeah, I have not watch that part.. She was crying my dear mtoh. I was dang why are you crying… Oppa is touching and you cried. I still think the ending is WTF…

  2. Ohhhhh… That was a good frying pan to cook foods. but so hard to cook on electric stove.. Oh.. Sorry off track… I love the OTP and boo for Mary… however, CH is cute but poor him still doing things for Mari… I wonder how many pans left for him.

  3. You are really into Big, every time I come here (which is often) there is something new about Big. I am sorry that I don’t agree with everything that is said cause I really feel that at the bottom line it is fanning for Gong Yoo (hope I got that name right). I re-watched episode 1 and found Shin to be a good actor and did not look awkward whatsoever with LMJ. If he was to act romantically with her, to me it would not be any different than Kim Bum and Park Jin Hee in TWWSWTM. My fear is that this will end with poor KJ stuck inside that old mans body and that is so unfair. I love this drama for the romance (forbidden) because it is sweet but I know for a fact (betting I mean) that this will end with Gong Yoo and Lee Min Jung no matter what. Sticking with it like I stuck with Smile You and Midas cause I love LMJ no matter what kind of character she plays.
    Love your blog Ms Koala even though this time I disagree with you on so many points. Your writing is awesome. When Moon comes back I hope you cover her well.

    • Ugh… why in the world would you watch Midas. I am sorry. I stopped watching Midas. Even though it has both Mr. Slave Hunter and Mr. HOT Fox Hunter and LMJ. But, it was the most boring topic Business.. I was half bored and for her to be come a nurse to a businesswoman was purely WTF… I love love love Smile, You that was the one of the awesome wonderful fantastic drama. =) Big is great no matter what… =) I think you need GY choc abs to make you feel better.. LOL

    • Even if this drama was fangirling for Gong Yoo, I would be 100% supportive of that simple purpose. I was probably the last holdout on fangirling GY, even after Coffee Prince, but he has proven to me he deserves every acclaim as an actor AND as an movie star. He’s got onscreen charisma to spare, and the tiniest emotion is effortless to him. He has put in 9 and a half episodes as Kyung Joon, so if THS wanted to make his character body the end game, then I’m cool with that.

      I’ve always thought Shin was wonderful in episode 1, so how the drama ends doesn’t matter to me as long as (1) Kyung Joon’s soul ends up with Da Ran and (2) the narrative for how it got there makes sense to me. The body doesn’t matter, so in that essence, I’ve completely absorbed THS’s story. They asked me to look beyond Yoon Jae’s body to see Kyung Joon, and I have done so. I have even looked beyond Gong Yoo and Shin Won Ho, and all I see is Kyung Joon’s soul. Either man would be deserving to get the girl.

      But no matter how the drama ends, GY = the star of this show in every way. He singlehandedly created the heart of this drama, the confusion and strength of a teenage boy asked to grow up suddenly.

    • OMG, I didn’t even see what see was holding ! I thought it was a pillow, not the frying pan!! oh man, DJ has it bad, but who could blame her. Gong Yoo forever!

  4. Thank you for posting and sharing.
    But I’m poping out of lerk-mode because I have a question. Was this drama really inspired by the American drama BIG staring the actor Tom Hanks?

    • I believe the initial publicity stated that it was inspired by the Tom Hanks film. However, it’s quite a different story. There was no body switching in the film. Also, the protagonist was like 11 or 12.

      • Thanks for replying. I had read that it was inspired by that movie in the summary posted on dramafever and after watching the first episode I could tell that both stories were very different. I just wanted to be certain of that. Anyway thanks again for replying to my question.

  5. I thought I read “magic frying pan” up there, which would have been really cool.
    OMG I LOVE GONG YOO so much I can’t stand it anymore.
    How can he be this amazing?
    How are we going to survive the heartbreak they are going to bring us? HOW?

    What did you say in a recent post, towels for tears?

    • Hehe, It’s showing, where GY is, there will be Jomo…
      Hehe, girl needs to stay pure…don’t mind her. Maybe she’s just happy, hehe…

    • OMG OMG OMG – this had better not be part of their imagination or anything lame of that sort!!

      Suddenly Monday doesn’t suck so much anymore:))

      Thank you enz!

    • Pretty sure this show will be the death of me rushing home from work to watch it…
      Of course, TONIGHT I have a late meeting.
      Thanks, people working Pacific Standard Time for scheduling a meeting after lunch YOUR TIME.
      I wanna cry…
      I think I will in the bathroom right now.

  6. Woaa..please Speedy Joe upload episode 11, I can’t be focus in anything right now..keep refresh the page…Already read vingle for live recaps…actually I did not want to, but can’t stand…..
    Anyway chukae Gong Yoo ssi..tomorrow your birthday..same day with episode when Kyung Jae get birthday too..hehehehe….

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