Live-Action Rurouni Kenshin Releases Spectacular Long Movie Trailer and Stunning Posters

The awesome that will be the Rurouni Kenshin movie knows no bounds. The final two-minute long movie trailer has just been released and sometime between dinner and now I scraped my jaw off the floor to write up this post. Check out my post on the teaser trailer here from a few months ago, because this tops that and then some. The production also released a slew of movie posters that ratchets up the pretty to new heights, all of which confirm without a doubt that lead Sato Takeru is Kenshin. He is Kenshin so perfectly that I have no words to describe how he turned a three-dimensional unforgettable amazing Edo swordsman into a living, breathing specimen beyond what I imagined. He rocks the red hair and the criss-cross scar effortlessly, and toggles between easy going Kenshin and unmatched Battosai in the blink of an eye.

The production looks stellar and all the secondary actors appears to be spot on in rocking some outlandishly memorable villains and sidekicks. I’m still worried about Takei Emi as Kaoru, but I’ve heard great things about her most recent twin performance in W no Higeki, so perhaps she’s upped her game. I think even if she’s just okay, everyone else appears to be bringing their A-game, and lordy am I salivating over the end product. Manga-to-screen adaptations are notoriously hit-or-miss, and the most recent ones like Paradise Kiss have atrociously butchered a great source material. I hold Rurouni Kenshin in the highest regard, so this movie might just be the holy grail of Shonen samurai manga adaptations. Can I just finish by pointing out how smoking hot Takeru has turned out after going through his quirky goofy stage.

Check out the various posters below.

Here’s the character chart for the movie. Look’s like the movie covers the first arc, which makes sense since it’s only got a two hour running time. The movie opens on August 25th, so those lucky enough to be in Japan must let me know if it’s as good as the trailers look.

If this trailer doesn’t make your knees go weak from want, then you’re not a real Kenshin fan. LOL, just kidding. But not really. 😛 We’re so lucky, the production team from this movie did the recently highly rated Taiga Ryomaden.

Long trailer for Rurouni Kenshin movie:


Live-Action Rurouni Kenshin Releases Spectacular Long Movie Trailer and Stunning Posters — 27 Comments

  1. rurouni kenshin is my no.1 manga of all time
    i can’t wait ;A;

    YAY on your flawless taste in mangas
    for someone who likes the fluffiest of dramas your manga preferences are surprisingly gritty

    i can watch most kdramas but i’ve always been almost exclusively a shonen girl

    amazing trailer 😀

  2. It really looks good. I love it that now they can do live version of the hero “jumping from heights with his sword raised” move so realistically.

    Very eager for this film now.

  3. It looks freaking awesome!
    Don’t talk about that atrocity that was Parakiss, I love that manga but the movie was just terrible in so many ways including casting.
    Sato Takeru has really transformed himself, I knew he had potential but he is looking excellent. Takei Emi, she’s usually pretty meh, W jo higeki was I would say her best performance up to now but there also she had a very good supporting cast.
    The supporting cast here is top notch, Yu Aoi (fangirl squeel) she’s one awesome actress, she always transforms herself into whatever she’s playing.

  4. This. Is. So. Freaky! Just yesterday, I was wondering about this movie… I forogt the name but I wanted to watch it. And here you are with another post about it. This time I’ll be sure to remember the name 🙂

  5. I’m so thrilled. That trailer was so awesome, it’s almost the same with how I saw RK with my mind’s eyes. And Sato’s “oro~” felt right.. Fingers crossing that the movie will be as awesome. Can’t wait!

  6. nice article nice posters too . . . i’m making a mark in the calendar for this . . . and the latest trailer is just awesome!!!

  7. Wow! It has been a while since I first heard they were going to produce a live action film to this manga and now the trailor is finally out! I can’t wait until it is subbed and released here in the US!!!
    Thanks for the trailor!!!

  8. >_> so excited about this movie! Rurouni Kenshin actually is my first anime and what got me into japanese entertainment.. and what turn into asian entertainment obsession 😛
    Sato Takeru <3… I am a fan since stumbling upon him when my husband force me to watch Den-o lol…

  9. I only watch K-dramas but everytime I come here I want to check out dramas/movies from other Asian countries. Thanks for sharing Ms Koala. Wish I have the time to watch them all.

  10. omg omg omg I want this so bad. Sato Takeru is seriously the perfect Kenshin. While I have a soft spot Takei Emi, I could not see her as Kaoru, the trailer did change my mind a little, but I am not completely feeling it.

  11. Thank you for this. I am so ridiculous happy that it’s finally coming out. But I have to tamp down my excitement as it will be months before I see it online.

  12. Wow it looks good. I think he is a good match for the role especially lookwise:)

    i just didnt like the ost so much, it’s too 2012 for me:D

    btw after watching bridal mask, i somehow get the idea from people’s uniforms:D same in this movie:D

  13. Of all the X X X that i love and adore SAMURAI X was my first love followed by BT X (golden horse) Hunter X, X file,etc
    I am so thrilled I hope the distribute the sub to all other countries ASAP after aug. 25

  14. I would watch this in the theaters unsubbed if I could. I love Samurai X just as much as the next girl (kinda wish they were doing that story Kenshin/Tomoe 4E). I wish I found out about this one day randomly online after it’s blueray release in HD with subs. Because now I’ll have to watch it like 4 times to be satisfied
    1. raw
    2. raw while trying to self sub
    3. poorly subbed
    4. Perfectly Completed

  15. Never been interested in Jdrama or Jmovie till I see your post above. I’ve seen it just this Friday and now I have finished BECK, Q10, Kamen Raider movies (3 parts) and now in episode 4 of the Kamen RAider series. That’s how I’ve learned to adore Sato Takeru after seeing the trailer!

    Thanks for the post and can’t wait to watch the movie, though I doubt when it will happen as I am not in Japan. kekekke!

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