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When Gong Yoo cries, I cry. Its days like this that make me wish I was just an ordinary drama watcher without the recapping stint on the side. Writing about episode 13 of Big is challenging, because the story went into hyperdrive at the same time all the emotions exploded from all sides until I feel fairly suffocated with hurt for Kyung Joon. On an ambition scale of 1-10, the Hong Sisters pretty much wrote themselves into the corner with a 11 with the humdinger of an ending to this episode, and it will take quite a herculean feat to tie unwrap this all.

Normally birth secrets are already a big shock and hard to accept, but here Kyung Joon has to learn that not only is he the brother of the man whose body he is currently occupying, not to mention the very reason for his existence was predicated on saving his brother’s life in the first place. I think Kyung Joon held himself together quite well all things considering. I, on the other hand, felt like throwing plates and punching Mari and Yoon Jae’s mom out. I never claimed to be genteel, and Big never promised it was going to be only rainbows and unicorns all the way through.

Episode 13 recap:

Kiss! Kiss…… Sigh, so so sweet. Kyung Jae kisses Da Ran and she leans into the kiss, though the abominable camera pulls out so that the rest of the kiss is seen from what appears to be 100 yards away. If I wanted to see what a park looked like at night, PD-nim, I would get off my butt and hike to a park. So quit it and get me back to the close up of the lovebirds. Kyung Jae pulls back and stares at Da Ran, who still has her eyes closed and is still in the moment.

When Da Ran snaps out of her reverie, she starts nervously fretting. Kyung Jae teases that she’s cheated already (on Yoon Jae) so she might as well just go with it. Da Ran confesses its been so hard on her recently, and she blames Kyung Jae for being so good to her with the flowers and the fanning that she can’t help but be affected. Kyung Jae drags her off, saying they are going to celebrate the birthday of the guy she cheated with, Kang Kyung Joon.

Se Young is doing her charts at the nurses station when a nurse gives her a piece of Kyung Joon’s birthday cake. Se Young notices that the decoration on the cake says KKJ for his initials. She startles for a moment, but then dismisses the possibility that it’s the same KKJ on the watch Da Ran bought. Think outside the box, Se Young.

Yoon Jae’s dad comes by and greets Se Young as Yoon Jae’s colleague and also Kyung Joon’s doctor, knowing that she knows the truth about the two men’s relationship with each other. Se Young agrees to keep Yoon Jae’s dad informed about Kyung Joon’s progress since he’s also Kyung Joon’s dad.

Se Young sees Mari and encourages her to keep visiting Kyung Joon every day. Mari chases after Yoon Jae’s dad through the hospital. She finally calls out to him and he turns around and stares at her quizzically. She asks if he’s Dr. Seo Yoon Jae’s dad? And is he also Kyung Joon’s dad?

Kyung Jae is embarrassed as employees of a restaurant sing him a happy birthday song and he wears a birthday hat. He grumbles to Da Ran that this birthday celebration is suited for a kid, which Da Ran reminds him that he still is. Kyung Jae snarks back, reminding this ahjumma that she was just kissed by this kid.

Da Ran shushes him, and then makes up this ridiculous excuse that the kiss earlier was a birthday kiss per US custom. Kyung Jae scoffs at her, pointing out that she was trying to run away to teach elsewhere because it’s too hard for her to deal with things. He asks her to just stop worrying about everything else, but she can’t since she’s an adult.

Da Ran doesn’t have the courage to just toss aside her concerns and worries, so Kyung Jae offers to give her the strength to do so.

Mari confronts Yoon Jae’s dad and confirms he’s also Kyung Joon’s dad. She calls him a bad guy, asking him who is more important, Kyung Joon or Yoon Jae? Dad apologizes and says there is a situation, but Mari walks away, not wanting to listen to him anymore. She realizes that finding Kyung Joon’s dad may bring him more pain.

Kyung Jae draws a picture and writes down a place in Da Ran’s phone and wants to go with her. He shows her what a twenty year old guy can do. She keeps trying to resist, but he vows he’ll wear her down and seduce her eventually to the point she won’t want to leave him.

Kyung Jae and Da Ran walk home and outside the front gates, Kyung Jae asks Da Ran if she hasn’t forgotten something for him? She takes out the watch and he looks inside for the initials KKJ. He asks her to put it on for him as the first present she ever gave him, but she hesitates. So Kyung Jae switches tactics and tells her to look at the watch face and remember the time 10:10. From now on, every 10:10 she will think only about Kang Kyung Joon. Mari pulls up in a taxi outside the house as she spots Kyung Jae and Da Ran talking.

Kyung Jae says he’s hypnotized Da Ran now and she’ll always be thinking about him. Mari looks peeved as she listens. Kyung Jae heads off to buy Da Ran a new toothbrush since he threw the last one away when she tried to leave him. He startles her by putting his hands in the 10:10 position as he walks away with a giant grin on his face.

Da Ran turns around and sees Mari, who asks if the watch is a present for Kyung Joon? Da Ran invites her in to wait for Kyung Joon, but Mari says that Kyung Joon is important to her and she has important things to say to him. Mari runs off after Kyung Jae.

At the convenience store, Mari asks Kyung Jae why he’s not picking up or returning her calls. She can tell Kyung Jae is super happy right now, and her jealousy starts to rear its ugly head. She reveals that she has news to share with Kyung Jae, but she doesn’t want to tell him right now. She’ll have Da Ran tell him later, because he won’t be happy when he hears it. Kyung Jae is cool with that, he’d rather hear news from Da Ran anyways. Mari walks away and asks if Kyung Joon will think his dad is more important or Da Ran is more important.

Da Ran is laying in bed and looking at the doodle Kyung Jae drew on her phone, about taking her away on vacation. She remembers Kyung Jae teasing that the Great Wall of China can be seen from space. In her dreams she also goes under water in a submarine. Da Ran sleeps and puts her hands out in the 10:10 position.

The next morning, Da Ran brings fresh bread to Kyung Jae and opens the fridge to find it stocked with Vitamin Water that has Kyung Joon and Mari’s faces on it. Kyung Jae reveals it was Mari’s birthday present to him. He can’t help it if Mari is clinging onto him. Da Ran doesn’t look terribly jealous so Kyung Jae says that Mari is very pretty and has a rich father.

Da Ran starts getting a little affected. Kyung Jae pulls out some bread and complains about eating bread again. Da Ran says kids are like that, they like one thing and then suddenly decide they don’t like it anymore. When Da Ran is about to eat the bread, Kyung Jae takes it from her and tells her to starve as he eats it.

The Vice Principal sees Kyung Joon’s uncle outside the mandoo restaurant wearing his old high school uniform. He goes inside hoping Da Ran’s mom will recognize him. She welcomes him inside and looks in shock at him. Clue sappy old school music. She walks closer and gives him some money, saying that he’s clearly needing help. She tells him to cheer up and take good care of himself. Kyung Joon’s uncle walks out in a daze. The VP tries to comfort him. This is like the stupidest most pointless side plot ever.

Da Ran sits at school and looks at the watch, noticing that the clock reads 10:10. Mari and Choong Shik come over to talk with her, and Choong Shik notices her wedding ring is missing. Mari is furious and says it must be found. The three of them go back to the park to find the ring. Choong Shik wonders if she has been fighting with brother-in-law and took it off on purpose. Choong Shik goes to find park management to help their search.

Mari tells Da Ran that she met Kyung Joon’s dad yesterday. She lies that the dad won’t talk with her since she’s just a kid. Da Ran realizes she should go meet him since the guy is Kyung Joon’s dad. Mari thinks that once Kyung Joon meets his dad, he won’t need Da Ran around anymore. Da Ran looks down and doesn’t answer. Mari notices it and asks Da Ran if she wants to stay by Kyung Joon’s side. Before she can answer, Choong Shik comes back.

Kyung Jae is at the hospital and finds Teddy Bear sitting by himself in the hallway. Teddy Bear reveals Rabbit is very sick. Kyung Jae holds Teddy Bear’s hand and they walk around looking for Rabbit. And somewhere in the world, women of a child bearing age feel their ovaries spontaneously combust.

They walk into Rabbit’s hospital room and Kyung Jae is immediately uncomfortable because she’s getting a blood transfusion and has a bloody nose. Rabbit’s mother asks Dr. Seo to hold Rabbit’s hand because that comforts her. Teddy Bear stares at him expectantly. Kyung Jae excuses himself and leaves, despite poor Rabbit reaching out to him.

As he walks down the hall, he sees Yoon Jae’s face in the window and thinks back to the article of Yoon Jae writing about why he wanted to be a doctor, and thinking about how Yoon Jae used to comfort Rabbit. Kyung Jae rushes back to the hospital room and sits down. Rabbit looks at him with a smile and he slowly grabs her bloody hand. Awwww. Kyung Jae sighs, realizing he’s not going to freak out.

Teddy Bear asks if Kyung Jae is scared? He thought adults are never scared? Kyung Jae says he’s not yet an adult so he can be scared. Teddy Bear says he and Rabbit want to be adults one day, but they likely can’t since they are so sick. Kyung Jae grabs Teddy Bear’s hand with his other free hand and assures both sick children that the three of them will grow up well. The two kids smile at him.

Da Ran sits and school and looks at her empty ring finger. She looks up to see the VP disciplining two boys. Da Ran imagines that she’s a high school student getting disciplined by the VP. The VP asks if Da ran really wants to be with Kyung Joon that much? If so, she needs to find the ring and return it to Yoon Jae and ask for his forgiveness. She tells Da Ran that at 10:10 Da Ran can be sure of what she wants.

Da Ran walks out and remembers Kyung Jae’s spell that she will think of him every day at 10:10. She buys a Vitamin Water from the vending machine and thinks of him. She sees someone tying their shoelaces and thinks of Kyung Jae tying her laces. She goes shopping for clothes and sees the clock on the wall as reading 10:10 when it’s only 7.

Da Ran walks and sees a row of cars driving towards her, which reminds her of Kyung Jae driving. She then fans herself and thinks of him fanning her. As she looks up, everyone walking around her has their hands up in the 10:10 position. Finally she sees a giant clock on the ground with the fingers pointing to 10:10.

Da Ran runs into the real Kyung Jae by the bus stop, he’s waiting for her and wonders what took her so long. He asks if she knows what time it is, and she says 10:10. He starts to smile when she says its 10:10 inside her heart. He asks if she’s coming to him? He holds up his hands in the 10:10 position for her to hug, but she runs off saying that she needs to find the ring.

Choong Shik is still at the park looking for the ring and he hides behind a tree when he sees Da Ran and Kyung Jae arrive. Kyung Jae asks why she’s looking for the ring when she’s already cheated with KKJ. Kyung Jae asks if she needs to find the ring so she can let Yoon Jae go and accept KKJ. Da Ran needs to find the ring to organize everything first. Choong Shik gapes in shock to learn his sister is cheating on brother-in-law with a man with the initials KKJ.

Da Ran’s parents are getting reading to cut a watermelon when Choong Shik runs into the house. He kneels down like he’s making a sageuk drama. He informs his parents that their eldest daughter is an adulterer. Mom uses her fist and smashes the watermelon. Dad runs to the police station to report Da Ran for the crime of adultery.

Da Ran is still looking for the ring at the park, while Kyung Jae is walking around with the flashlight looking elsewhere. Da Ran’s dad walks up to her with a police offer and she’s taken into custody. Kyung Jae sees her being taken into a police car and runs after her.

At the police station, Da Ran’s dad personally shoves her into jail and locks her in. He orders her to reflect on what she did. As he turns to leave, Kyung Jae arrives at the police station. Dad apologizes to him, but Kyung Jae says Da Ran cheated because he also cheated on her. Both of them end up in jail. They are giggling which upsets Da Ran’s dad and he yells at them from outside. The policeman counsels Da Ran’s dad to forgive them, since they seemed to have made up.

Da Ran and Kyung Jae note that this is such a ridiculous situation to be in. Kyung Jae reaches out his hand and Da Ran grabs it. Kyung Jae points out that the jail isn’t all that bad, it has a nice floor and windows.

Da Ran falls asleep on Kyung Jae’s shoulder, the two of them still holding hands. He blows on her and fans her with his other hand to cool her down. He puts his head on hers and smiles.

Mari shows Choong Shik a replacement wedding ring she made for Da Ran. Seriously get a life, girl. Choong Shik reveals that Da Ran is planning to end things with Yoon Jae once she finds the ring. Mari is upset and says that Da Ran must continue to like Seo Yoon Jae. She cannot like anyone else. Mari mutters that Da Ran has to keep her promise.

The adulterers are let out of jail and walk home. Kyung Jae asks about the ring and Da Ran sighs that she just feels so guilty to Yoon Jae when she stays by Kyung Joon’s side. Kyung Jae thinks that Yoon Jae will forgive Da Ran for moving on when he returns. He asks Da Ran to be by his side when they switch back, because he’ll be scared.

Kyung Jae teases that Kang Kyung Joon might run off when she’s taking care of Seo Yoon Jae, since kids get bored and change their minds easily. If she wants to keep him beside her, then she needs to put the watch on him. She puts the watch on his hand and he asks her what time it is? She says its 10:10, and tells him that all day is 10:10 in her heart.

He puts his hands up in the 10:10 position and she smiles and walks into his arms for an embrace. She hugs him while he slowly and happily hugs her back. They happily embrace each other, and the camera pulls back to reveal Mari hiding behind the wall crying as she’s witnessed this scene.

Yoon Jae’s mom freaks out as Yoon Jae’s dad informs her that Yoon Jae is sick again and that Mari has learned the truth. Dad wants to wait until Kyung Joon wakes up to deal with any surgery.

At school the next day, Mari asks Da Ran to go to Kyung Joon’s uncle’s restaurant tonight to meet with Kyung Joon’s dad. Mari asks if Da Ran found the ring yet? Da Ran says no, and tells Mari that she was the one who took the ring off in the first place. Mari is undeterred, saying all Da Ran needs to do is put the ring back on.

Mari goes to see Kyung Joon’s uncle and tells him to meet with Kyung Joon’s teacher Gil Da Ran and Kyung Joon’s dad tonight. She says Da Ran is married to Dr. Seo Yoon Jae. At the hospital, Yoon Jae’s doctor colleague comes by and asks if he’s fine. Kyung Jae says he got checked and his dad would know.

Se Young finds out from Yoon Jae’s mom that Yoon Jae is sick again and Kyung Joon is the best chance for a match for surgery. Se Young says a legal guardian must consent to the donation and Yoon Jae’s mom says that they are Kyung Joon’s parents. She wants Se Young to just draw some blood from Kyung Joon for the surgery. Afterwards she’ll take care of Yoon Jae and Yoon Jae’s dad will take Kyung Joon away. She wants this all done in secret, still intent on keeping this from Yoon Jae.

Kyung Jae meets with the doctor who did tests on Yoon Jae’s body and gets the results that Yoon Jae’s body is really sick. And it’s a recurring illness. Kyung Jae remembers the article Yoon Jae wrote about how he was given a second chance as a child and that made him want to become a doctor. He realizes Yoon Jae’s body is ill and the pain is not from the switch but because this body is failing.

Kyung Jae is rushing somewhere when Mari comes by and calls him. She tells him that Da Ran is going to meet with his father tonight. We see Da Ran walk into Kyung Joon’s uncle’s restaurant.

Se Young is in Kyung Joon’s hospital room with Yoon Jae’s mom. She begs her to inject Kyung Joon with a solution that will prep his body for the blood donation, all to save Yoon Jae. Se Young looks torn but she walks over to Kyung Joon’s body.

Mari tells Kyung Jae that the person Da Ran went to meet is someone he doesn’t like, so he’ll have to wait to hear the bad news from Da Ran. As Mari turns to walk away, suddenly Kyung Jae’s falls over in pain and he grabs his head.

In the hospital room, suddenly Kyung Joon’s body jerks once, which alarms Se Young and Yoon Jae’s mom. Mom asks if it was the medicine but Se Young confirms she didn’t inject anything yet. Se Young opens Kyung Joon’s eyes to check on his pupils. Kyung Joon’s soul goes back to his body and he sees a blurry image of Se Young and Yoon Jae’s mom standing over him. He hears Yoon Jae’s mom calling him Kyung Joon-ahh. Kyung Jae regains consciousness and walks off.

Se Young tells Yoon Jae’s mom that she can’t go through with this. Thank god you remembered taking the Hippocratic Oath, Se Young. She tells Yoon Jae’s mom to discuss this with Yoon Jae, and also get Kyung Joon’s consent first. Yoon Jae’s mom tries to plead and wheedle but Se Young is firm, she’s not going to do it. As she walks out, she sees Kyung Jae standing there, as he’s heard most of the conversation.

He asks the two of them what they are doing? He asks if Seo Yoon Jae and Kang Kyung Joon have the same father? Yoon Jae’s mom says yes, Kyung Joon is Yoon Jae’s younger brother. Se Young wants to leave but Kyung Jae stops her, asking what she was doing here? Se Young says his mother begged her to do something, so he needs to ask her.

After Se Young leaves, Yoon Jae’s mom explains it all – Yoon Jae was sick as a child and they needed a match for the donor surgery so Kyung Joon was born. All that is important to her is saving Yoon Jae. She reveals that she is also Kyung Joon’s mother, but she couldn’t carry him so they had a woman be the surrogate. Kyung Joon was born to save Yoon Jae, and now that Yoon Jae is sick, it’s by chance Kyung Joon is laying right here.

Kyung Jae’s eyes are completely filled with tears and he turns and walks out. Mari tries to talk with him but he ignores her.

Da Ran turns around and sees Yoon Jae’s dad and both their faces freeze. Kyung Joon’s uncle confirms that Yoon Jae’s dad is also Kyung Joon’s dad. Must be quite a shock for wuri Da Ran to discover that her current father-in-law might also be her future father-in-law. Only in drama land, people.

Kyung Jae sits at home with Mari and he discusses how his very existence has no purpose or meaning aside from saving Yoon Jae. His mom isn’t even his real mom. Kyung Jae postulates that when Yoon Jae saved him in the water, the soul switch was so that he could now save Yoon Jae again. And if he does so, then their souls will switch back for good. Mari tells Kyung Jae to return to the US with her after he switches back.

Kyung Jae refuses, he’s not leaving for the US. He’s going to stay because Da Ran will be beside him. He’s going to ignore everything and these people can’t do anything to him. Mari lies that Da Ran knew the truth from the very beginning. OH SHUT THE FUCK UP BITCH! Kyung Jae’s eyes freeze and he turns to stare at Mari.

Da Ran sits with Yoon Jae’s dad and looks at the Miracle book. She asks if this book was drawn for Yoon Jae? Dad says he drew it for both his sons. He says time is running out and begs Da Ran to convince Yoon Jae to have the surgery. He’s worried that when Yoon Jae learns the truth, he might reject the surgery and choose to die.

Mari tells Kyung Jae that Da Ran has met with his father and knows his true parentage. Kyung Jae looks at his watch and cries, saying that she would never have acted like she didn’t know if she knew. He doesn’t believe Mari, so she tells him to confirm it with her. Mari says Da Ran puts Yoon Jae first, and Kyung Jae starts to cry and look so much in pain. Oh god, you witch, how can you hurt him like this? For your own selfish love of him? HOW!!!! Kyung Jae rushes out.

Kyung Jae rushes to his parents’ hotel room and asks where Da Ran is? Mom thinks he’s changed his mind about the surgery but Kyung Jae wants to leave once he realizes Da Ran isn’t there. He shakes off his mom’s hand and gives them both a dirty look before leaving.

Mari is staring at a picture of Kyung Joon with his surrogate mom. Da Ran comes home holding the Miracle book. Mari asks if she’s met Yoon Jae’s dad, and heard about Yoon Jae being sick? Mari reveals that Kyung Jae already knows now. Mari blames Da Ran for Yoon Jae being sick and Kyung Jae hurting now. If Kyung Jae insists on staying by Da Ran’s side, then Yoon Jae won’t come back.

If Kyung Jae refuses to do the surgery (either in Yoon Jae’s body or allow Kyung Joon to be a donor), just to stay Da Ran’s side, then Da Ran is the cause of everyone’s misery. Mari says this is all Da Ran’s fault for breaking her promise not to never ever ever like Kyung Joon. If Da Ran ends things with Kyung Joon, then everything can go back to its original place. Mari hands Da Ran the replacement ring she got, saying she found the missing wedding ring.

Mari tells Da Ran to keep her promise never to like Kyung Joon and return to Yoon Jae’s side. Da Ran takes the ring and says that she cannot do that now. Mari screams at her to do it even if she can’t. If she stays by Kyung Jae’s side, then both Kyung Joon and Yoon Jae will die. For Kyung Joon’s sake Mari can lie, so Da Ran can also lie to Kyung Joon now to return him to the life he had.

Da Ran sits in the living room staring at her wedding ring on top of the Miracle book. She picks up the ring and with tears falling, she puts it back on. She just sits there silently crying.

When Kyung Jae comes home, he sees Da Ran, now dry-eyed, sitting at the sofa with the Miracle book in front of her. He looks so hopeful as he walks over and asks if she knows everything now. She says yes without looking at him. He asks why she’s not reacting? He kneels before her and asks if she’s worried about him?

Da Ran finally raises her head and looks at him. Kyung Jae says he’s so angry, and so scared. He asks Gil Da Ran to save him. Oh my god, tears be spurting from my eyes like a geyser. He puts his hand on hers. When she raises her hand to push his away, he sees that she’s wearing her wedding ring again.

Da Ran says she can’t help him now, Yoon Jae comes first. She’s decided to hold onto Yoon Jae again. The 10:10 magic spell has broken, and the wind has stopped blowing. Da Ran asks Kyung Jae to save Yoon Jae’s life, and for him to return to his own life. Kyung Jae stares at Da Ran, and with his eyes red-rimmed, he asks if this is what Gil Da Ran wants, and they just stare at each other.

This is me crying forever ——————-> T____T

Thoughts of Mine:

It’s no secret I fell for the eyes of Shin Won Ho in episode 1 of Big. He was Kang Kyung Joon, all newly orphaned teenage boy with attachment issues and abandonment scars. I feel the drama did an incredible job of forming the broad boundaries of Kyung Joon’s character within a short half an episode period of time, so much that when Gong Yoo took over as Kyung Joon (i.e. Kyung Jae), he was in fact coloring within the borders of the Kyung Joon already established by my baby Shin under that green umbrella. But as we head towards the end of Big, it’s breathtaking to look back and see how magnificently Gong Yoo colored in the character of Kang Kyung Joon. He was Kyung Joon devoid of his own shell, tossed into another, and forced to live his own life within the boundaries of Seo Yoon Jae’s life.

Without an actor of the range and exquisite physical and facial acting technique of Gong Yoo, Kyung Joon would have a hard time reaching this level of depth and breadth of emotion. I feel even the tiniest emotional from him, the happiness that reaches the corner of his eyes, and the tears that pool in his orbs which he doesn’t dare let drop. We needed this badly for Big to even have a chance to succeed. Kang Kyung Joon is the center of the Big universe, and if he’s not fully realized, then this entire shebang collapses under the weight of its preposterous set up. We get soul swaps, taboo romances, donor siblings, and finally fatal illnesses. But I don’t feel the makjang at all, because the execution has been so restrained, and because Gong Yoo has taken the Shin initial creation of Kyung Joon and made me care and hurt for him. I don’t just like him, I’m invested in his future.

I want Kyung Joon to get it all, the girl, the life he deserves, the happiness and peace he so desperately needs. I don’t know how the Hong Sisters will get him there, but they must because they have made him so utterly sympathetic of a male lead. He doesn’t arouse my pity, he arouses my compassion because I see his maturation, his strength, and his longing. Big might shoot too high and fall apart at the very end, but in Kang Kyung Joon (and picking Gong Yoo and Shin to play him), the Hong Sisters have created their most memorable character for me in all their dramas.

Because the person at the center of the maelstrom is Kyung Joon, that is why I’m so FUCKING PISSED right now. I know we need angst, and I wasn’t surprised the OTP has to deal with some fall out from all the hard truths revealed, but damn it I hate watching them suffer. Yoon Jae’s mom continues to be all sorts of loathsome and is reaching skinning puppies for a fur coat type of evil a la Cruella DeVil land. To even ask Se Young to prep Kyung Joon’s unconscious body for a pending surgical proceeds offends every fiber of my being, as a mother and as a human. I’m glad Se Young snapped out of the madness and told her to take a hike, politely. I would have shoved that syringe up her behind before sauntering out of there. Strange how Se Young went from public enemy number 1 to the beacon of sanity in this drama, telling Yoon Jae’s mom to get consent from Kyung Joon first AND talk to Yoon Jae.

I’m glad Kyung Jae heard the truth from the witch’s own mouth, however hard it must be to hear this painful news. This episode had Mari playing pass-it-on with her own MADE UP information I was ready to shove a cloth in her mouth and then drop kick her back to the US. I once thought it’d be cute for her to end up with Choong Shik, but oh lord no man deserves her. Plus if Da Ran and Kyung Joon get their happily ever after, I want this chick nowhere near their lives. Her character wasn’t written poorly, as her personality was clearly laid out, but how she was integrated into the story felt so inconsistent. I know she’s young, but actively trying to split a couple apart, under the self-deluded belief that it’s for their own good when really its for her own selfish want of Kyung Joon, is shit even a raccoon wouldn’t do.

Despite wanting to eviscerate Mari, that doesn’t mean her argument is not right. Just because someone’s has ulterior motives for wanting something has no bearing on whether the path they are pushing is the best one. Like I suspected, Kyung Jae learns the truth and chooses what an injured person would choose – avoidance. He wants to ignore everything and just stay with Da Ran by his side. If he stopped to think for a second, he’s still in Yoon Jae’s body. Forget choosing to save Yoon Jae because Kyung Jae wants to, right now no one knows how/why the souls switched, much less the hows/whys to switch them back. I don’t think anyone in the drama wants Kyung Joon to stay in Yoon Jae’s body. Not even Kyung Joon thinks he ought to stay put for a chance with Da Ran. Everyone wants things back the way it was.

So Kyung Jae logically cannot just sit by and refuse to accept the surgery as Yoon Jae and refuse to donate as Kyung Joon. That is the path filled with the most risk. What if Yoon Jae’s body fails when Kyung Joon is still in it? Will he whoosh back into his own body at that time? Or will the death of Yoon Jae’s body mean the death of whomever’s soul is in that body at that time, namely Kyung Joon. No one knows right now. If that is the situation, then Mari’s position is the safest one – get Kyung Jae to agree to the surgical procedure for both guys. Fix Yoon Jae’s body first is really safest path for everyone to choose, especially Kyung Jae himself. There are so many unknowns right now, I can see why the two people who know the truth about the soul switch would push Kyung Jae to agree to the surgery. Both are trying to protect Kyung Jae (his soul) foremost, but their tactics are all wrong.

Mari resorted to lies and manipulation, always the surest sign a second female lead has gone to the dark side. The method she chose had two results, both of which were good for her. By curing Yoon Jae, either Kyung Joon’s soul goes back to his own body, or if it stays put, he’s still in a body that not failing. In forcing Da Ran to push Kyung Joon away, she’s actively trying to break up the OTP. If she was just concerned about doing what is best for Kyung Joon, she would align with Da Ran to convince him, as opposed to pushing him into the corner.

I know where Da Ran is coming from to. And boy does it hurt to see her do what she did. She isn’t just trying to protect Kyung Joon, she is deciding that being with him will hurt him in the long run. Whether it’s Mari’s guilt trip, or all her own worries bubbling forth, she decided at the end of the episode to play the “bad person” and push Kyung Jae away. It hurt so so bad to see the way she near broke his heart when she pushed his hand away and then told him to save Yoon Jae and then go back to his own place. We know she loves him, but he’s so confused and hurt right now, plus their relationship has always been so tentative on her side that he doesn’t have the foundation to know that she’s just being a noble idiot. My gut tells me once this is all discussed and resolved, it’ll bring them closer together, but I worry my heart will give out before then.


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  2. Thank you for the recap. I always look forward to this before I watch the episode, with English sub, of course; reading your recap helps me better understand the episode as I am not Korean. I understand that there may be essential things that get lost during translation, and I hope that to miss them. Hence, my decision to read first before I watch… I have been looking forward to this recap since the weekend. I am loving this Korean drama. Actually, I am interested in watching any drama with Gong Yoo in it. *grin*

  3. Gong Yoo absolutely embodies KJ!! <3 Initially I wanted YJ to get DR BUT Gong's been delivering a riveting performance as KJ that I had to board the KJ-DR ship. SO GOOD!

  4. Thank you sooooo much! Now I know why my cousin is head over heels with Gong Yoo since Biscuit Teacher! Wow, I am so watching this! Thank you for yet another early and wonderful recap!

  5. As much as I like all other works by GY, his performance of KJ is definitely the most riveting one that far surpasses all his other dramas. He is the titular character of Big and he surely tackles the role with perfection.

  6. Koala, I don’t understand how you can cry at that ending, apart from KJ finding out his parentage and purpose. I will be pissed at the writers for making me fill so dumb. How can an adult believe a little girl lies, it just doesn’t make sense. These kind of plot devices makes me really angry.

    I wish someone will write a story that doesn’t make me unintelligent. I can roll with a drama silliness like the best of them, but Mari’s rudeness has gone from cute to annoying a long time ago. If I was in the drama, I will give her a well deserved beating, Da Ren too; she has no backbone or mind of her own, if she takes ultimatums from a child.

    I do understand that she’s in a delicate position right now, but unless she gives up both brothers, she won’t ever have closure if she just chooses YJ. Therefore, she’s not doing right by anyone right now. Gosh, I tickle myself realizing that she can’t escape her hateful mother in-law either way.

    • Mari didn’t lie to Da Ran, she lied to Kyung Joon (Kyung Jae). He didn’t believe her either right off the bat. What Mari gave was Da Ran a guilt trip, and it’s completely aligned with Da Ran’s personality to feel like she’s making things worse for Kyung Joon. I completely understand where she is coming from – if she pushes Kyung Joon away by saying she is picking Yoon Jae, then if the surgery goes through and Kyung Joon returns to his own body, he can leave all of this behind and go back to the US. It doesn’t have to be going with Mari, but just leaving his shitty parents behind. He would never leave if he believes she wants him and loves him. So she’s pushing him away because she can see how much it hurts him to be around such horrible people and deal with such a devastating truth. Sadly, noble idiocy isn’t limited to this drama or even Da Ran. Mari may be a lying sack of shit, but it’s up to the people who listen to her bile to decide what they want to do with it.

      • She could have been by his side during this difficult time. Now, he doesn’t have anyone. I don’t see how she can be an adult and be so selfish. I don’t believe she’s helping him at all by hurting him in order for him to make an easier choice about leaving his horrible parents. And there’s no way he can leave all of that behind; it will probably affact his whole life.

      • I will say pass to this episode. I only read the recap, it’s less painful.
        I couldn’t stand with Mari character from the beginning of the drama and less now, that she gets all “soap opera style”. I just wish to watch a drama with less stupid-made angst. Or, at least, an OTP that would talk before acting.
        Is this what an adult does? I am a 34 years person, a mother and I don’t believe I would act like this.

  7. Everyone acted like idiots and I’m so angry I can barely breathe but no one surprised me. (Except for maybe Se-young cause, WTF kind of doctor is she?) However I am most disapponted with Da-ran. No matter how you shake it, she was wrong. Good intentions don’t negate facts.
    It doesn’t matter whether she really loves him or even about the surgery this very second, what matters is his reality just shot to Hell and someone needs to be showing some understanding and comfort. The rest of that crap can wait for 10 bloody seconds!!

  8. I still don’t get why Daran chose to do what she did: Mari’s poinst about KJ refusing to leave despite being unwilling to face the problem head on is because of D, and hence he ends up in a dangerous standstill, or that it’s too painful for him to bear at all are valid… but why does that mean that D has to push him away? From Mari’s standpoint, it’s terrible but it makes sense: the words she said are based on sincere concern for KJ, but it’s been twisted with her own selfish desire– putting it the way she did is a win-win option. But D… why is D taking the bait? I can’t call it anything else besides immaturity… who says lying to KJ is the only way to get him to do surgery? why couldn’t she see that she should talk this through with KJ instead? that even though it’s painful, YJ’s not at fault– it’s only right to save him because YJ isn’t the perpetrator of the pain(it’ll take some convincing since KJ suspects YJ’s agency in the switch). The least he can do is save YJ and switch back. If he can, face the pain of this truth and confront those jerks outright for what they did. If he can’t then at least HE shouldn’t be the one sacrificing the last thing he loves and loves him back… SHE should be the one sacrificing and finding a way to leave all of this mess with him. Instead she robs KJ of truth and agency… the ability to DECIDE for himself what to do about the situation, instead of reinstating that ability to him by talking him out of ignoring it. KJ would have done that… as he’s been doing all along: he forces her to confront, but never forces what she ends up deciding.

    In view of this, D’s character’s still consistent… she’s never been mature or insistent enough to process a tough situation and come up with a responsible, sound resolution… just as KJ has been consistently doing what she failed to do. KJ’s just pure awesomeness, as many agree… and much of it is because he’s a GREAT model of mature love. He’s realistic in that he has to deal with his own interests/emotions, but he’s mature enough to know that he has to respect the volition of others. He loves by expressing it and building up the person he loves in concrete ways– he GIVES and GIVES and GIVES without reservation. D on the other hand, seems to represent the real concerns that women have in dealing with noona-dongsaeng/unconventional relationships… but choosing to deal with it in those TERRIBLE dramaland methods: ASSUMING for the other person what’s best for them and isolating the other person in the decision-making process. To her credit, she’s shown maturity in her insistence that she breaks cleanly with YJ first before she can go completely to KJ.

    it’s so interesting… this comparison: KJ that embodies maturity and reality vs. D that embodies dramaland conflict-creating noble-idiocy.

    I have to say… this year has brought some VERY interesting male characters, these perfect lovers: Boongdo the perfect man in terms of respecting his woman as his equal, but not abandoning his sense of honor and responsibility. KyungJoon in terms of loving by building the other person up, by empowering his love to choose for herself =D

    • “In view of this, D’s character’s still consistent… she’s never been mature or insistent enough to process a tough situation and come up with a responsible, sound resolution… just as KJ has been consistently doing what she failed to do. ” – so true!

    • Haha, god. After this all finishes, at this rate, all we’re going to be able to say about Da Ran is: “well, she was consistent”. So depressing.

      Also this comment x 1000! Especially because you’re so spot on- as a drama, Da Ran at this stage SHOULD be the one doing the sacrificing (especially given Kyung Joon has given so much as you mention). Argh. I don’t find her an unlikeable character necessarily, she’s just such a disappointing heroine, so unworthy of the awesomeness that is Kyung Joon.

    • To clarify, I don’t HATE Daran… she’s a good person at heart… just not mature. She’s the person that I would love to see grow up, and I’d celebrate joyfully with her when she does. It’s terrible to have immature people go into a relationship (i don’t know what’s worse: both people being immature, or one more immature than the other and the scale is lop-sided). You know what kind of a drama I’d like to watch? An immature person groomed to grow into maturity (KJ’s maturity as the model? haha) and AFTER THAT fall in love… I don’t want falling in love be the motivator for the growth though… because so many OTHER things can do the job other than love

      immature love is painful to watch, period

  9. I agree with Eaglette that an adult should not necessarily follow the direction of a teen who has issues. I am even beginning to see the possibility of Mari telling a friend to hurt the woman who wants to marry her father and she would date him. This character has mental issues, why does anybody doubt that? Daran is the kind of woman that no female should aspire to be. I think you call it noble idiocy.

    • You would think she has learned from her mistake before, even though I overlooked that as what many kids may do, but I forgot she did it for her own selfish reasons as well….apparently she didn’t watch “Devil beside me”.

  10. Thanks for the recap! I had quit the episode after I (and Kyung Jae) saw that effing ring reappear on her hand. I was so mad! D=< But I wanted to know how the episode ended. =] So sad for Kyung Jae/Kyung Joon (his mom was probably the only person ever to treat him well) and mad at pretty much everyone else, except for Daran's family. Mari just transformed into your stereotypical horrid second female lead. Did we really have to go there? Even though she was obnoxious, she was always pretty forthright. Now she is a conniving B-word (sure she's supposedly doing it for KJ's own good, but this can all be resolved quite nicely if she, DR, and KJ just sat and chat it out). I'm glad Se young ended up coming back to her senses in the end. And Daran, you're going to let some high schooler talk to you like that and force you and Kyung-joon apart? No wonder you're not passing your teacher's exam. And as a Korean, shouldn't she, as an elder, be demanding some measure of respect from Mari? I better see DR and KJ have some happy moments in ep 14!

      • Da-ran’s exam question: True or False? There are three grades in Korean high schools.

        Da-ran writes: Other.

  11. Ok…I haven’t watched the episode yet, but reading the recaps makes me hold back–I can’t stand to watch it yet.

    Mari as a character is an annoying one to me and in this ep she’s totally at her worst. But plot-wise I know she’s necessary to further propel the foreboding angst between the OTP. I’m awed and at the same time pissed at her manipulativeness: the manner in which she planted seeds of doubt/guilt to DR’s head is thinly veiled with her personal agenda but was served with a noble goal to save both guys is pretty convincing that even DR fell for it. And speaking of DR, I don’t know what to think about her right now as I am conflicted on her decision. I see her perspective, it’s just that I don’t want her to thread that dreaded path of noble idiocy.

  12. It is usually at episodes 13/14 of a 16 part drama that I tell myself never to watch another one. I keep telling myself that it is only TV but I get so upset, tearful and angsty for the whole week until things iron themselves out.

    But I am even more so this time round cos I got so many people to be angry with and I don’t know how THS is going to make me forget my anger towards them. Gong Yoo’s KJ has me – and I know many others – up in arms against the rest of the world – from the f@#king manipulative Mari, to the spineless DR, to the insanely selfish mother, to the unethical Se Young.

    I agree with Hartofseeker – I just don’t get what DR did. I have always liked her and defended her actions but what she did/did not do really pissed me off big time. How she thinks what she’s doing will help KJ is totally beyond me. This kind of noble idiocy should be saved for period dramas – what is she? 5?? Even little bunny and teddy have more loyalty and spine than that – and they are terminally ill! I would like to think that she is trying to be strong but I can’t cos I just don’t understand the rationale for her actions.
    As to Mari, I guess some would argue that it is to her cred that we hate her so much right now but she is bringing out all kinds of murderous thoughts from inside me and I can only say I truly despise her character. Suzy Bae should lie low for a bit after this drama ends cos people are not going to forget her obnoxious Mari character any time soon. My niece is already tearing off her Miss A posters from the wall.

  13. òó
    (These are my angry eyes.)
    I agree with all the stuff you said. And yes, STFU, You BITKH, Mari!
    Ugggggg!!!!! It hurts so much watching him suffer like that.

    What are we doing to KJ? Why does he have to be the one to go through all of this alone? And then, in the middle of all of his own pain, we make him be brave for Rabbit and Teddy Bear? Is this a hero in the making? I don’t want him to be a hero, I want him to be HAPPY.

    Meanwhile back at Daran,
    Forget all the noble sacrifice shit that DR has accepted as the only way to help everyone to get back to their places and that crap.

    This is the boy with the saddest eyes ever, who stuck up, and saved her from herself before he really knew her.
    The boy with no parents, who sleeps in the car bed because it is the only connection he has to a much loved and lost mother.
    The boy who has begged her not to abandon him to his hated fake mom, and who she finally did rescue when she saw how much he needed her.
    This boy who gave and gave and gave, protected her from herself and from the people who kept taking advantage of her, who stood by without asking for any thing other than a smile once in a while.

    Now she’s FUCKED him over for her ex-dead fiance because that headcase teenage shit-for-brains Mari wants her to keep a NON-BiNDING typical SECOND LEAD FEMALE promise about chultae chultae chultae loving KJ!

    I am so angry right now…

    The only way I will be happy is if VERY VERY soon, he finds out the truth, which is WHAT AGAIN? OK, he finds out that what DR really meant was
    1. Her feelings of guilt motivated her to push KJ away.
    2. DR confesses that she loves KJ with every fiber of her being, and that she would walk over hot coals carrying him on her back fighting off both of his parents with bleeding hands to keep him safe, and and that if she cannot be with KJ for the rest of her life, her life will not be worth living.

    I am not sure ep 14 will give us this resolution, but it better end with a glimmer of hope for KJ, or I will not be happy.

    Thanks for listening. I will now return to my scheduled sobbing.

    • I agree with Koala about Kyung Joon being a great character and Gong Yoo doing an amazing job playing him (as he always does in every role). But what you (Jomo) just described above is what I cannot stand about Da Ran’s character. Throughout the drama she has told herself that she’s not going to be with Kyung Joon for “noble” reasons, but really I think she’s just spineless. And her taking the advice of a 17 year old girl just exposes her immaturity and spinelessness even further. I was in love with this drama until like episode 9 or 10 and then Da Ran’s personality started getting to me really bad and I have a hard time getting past her. Though I love the plot and Kyung Joon’s character, and I cannot help but crack up every time they have a scene with Choong Shik, he is a hoot and a half. All of those things keep me watching, but Da Ran makes me want to throw things at her in every episode. I guess we all need to just breathe and remember it’s a kdrama and they all act like they have been dropped on their heads as babies for the last couple of episodes 😛

      • Hee, best advice ever: “I guess we all need to just breathe and remember it’s a kdrama and they all act like they have been dropped on their heads as babies for the last couple of episodes”

        I’d throw fewer things at my laptop screen for sure.

      • I love Choong Shik relationship with his mother. It really feels like a mother and her kid. Da Ren doesn’t have such fun relationship with her parents like the brother does.

  14. Whilst I have countless issues with this drama, what makes me so indifferent to it is perhaps the fact that the negative characters in Big are pretty much all women. Childish MR, frustratingly spineless DR, manipulative Aunt, cold Mum, SY… all women. Rather peeved with THS about this.

      • No, not really… this drama has crossed that threshold into unbearable-ness for me. I just wished that whenever THS decided to insert any sort of character development, which is obviously lacking in this drama save for KJ’s part, that it would not be a negative turn for the female characters.

        So far, they have made DR even more so cowardly and just plain stupid, and MR even more so hateful and craycray.

  15. Oh thank goodness formthe recap so I can vent! This is the first time I really hated and wanted to bitchslap Mari to the moon. How she can play games with KJ when his world is completely falling apart. ugh! i am with you…she doesn’t deserve CS.

    I am also mad at DR… She is totally being noble idiot or something. She doesn’t have to give KJ up…why? It doesn’t make any sense, whether he saves Yj or not, whether he returns to His body or not, not sure what kind of logic she is using. She should realize that Mari does not make sense.

    I am not happy with,the ending at all. I think there was naturally enough conflict and angst without adding DR’s change of mind to the mix. I don’t know….may be on my 2nd watch, I will be able see better.

  16. Kyung Jae, you still have your soul. This is something nobody can take away from you. EVER. Unlike anything else. I wish I could talk to you. Meow!

  17. Oh and another thing. I thought Marii might have learned from KJ’s moms death…but she still hasn’t. She is still messing with people’s lives. The stalker stuff was okay…but now she is really creating scenarios where people can get hurt. Doesn’t she see that KJ might act rashly and get hurt? That someelse could die due to her meddling? Ugh, ugh, ugh!!!!

  18. Stinkin’ Ma-ri!!!!!

    I got so mad at her and that stupid brainless doctor chick who will do whatever someone with money/power asks? Come on show!!! Give people a little back-bone to just say NO!

    Shame on GDR and KKJ for believing all the lies!!!

    I slapped my husband’s thigh in anger watching the end of this one. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (Husband says, “Why’d you whap me?”

  19. I am becoming an anti of the Hong sisters now. Everyone is blaming one character or another, but seriously, if it’s the problem of lazy and uneven writing.

    Big had a special place for me until episode 12. Why? Because, as koala puts it, it is a feeling-driven drama and it depends on GY and LMJ to develop the characters themselves. That’s why I fell in love with the drama in the first place. It reminds me of my all time favorite, Alone in Love.

    But look at what happened in episode 13? Suddenly, we have a violent and unnecessary intervention where everything goes down spiral to Kdrama cliche: evil-scheming second female lead, a clueless female lead shrouded in noble idiocy and a saint-like male hero. I love GY to pieces and I totally sympathize with KJ. But seriously, does this drama have to go in all directions to glorify an impeccable self-sacrificing male hero?

    I loved KJ up until episode 13 but basically I hate all the characters in the drama. Yes, he is romantic, very giving in love. But in earlier episodes, I LOVE how flawed he was too. He could be selfish in forcing DR into a fake marriage for the sake of winning himself a chance to be with DR. But now? He is also another noble idiot. The drama used to give a lot of breathing space for KJ and DR, and now, everything becomes annul. I am SO SO ANGRY.

    It’s fine that Big is slow pacing. I LOVE it to pieces for that reason alone. But I cannot forgive how a drama makes the twist for the sake of creating dramatic conflict. I hate the Greatest Love around episode 12 or 13 as well because it also makes GYJ’s character a savior too.


    Talk about DR. I have never had high hope for DR anyway. This drama is called Big and DR is also a slave to the plot to begin with. The character is thinly written, which I am totally fine. I feel like that the twist in episode 13 totally ruin all the work LMJ and GY have done. Yes. GY is great in episode 13, but I cheer for GY, not for KJ. KJ’s love for DR is not a greatest love–it’s called dependency. Love is based on self-love and self-care.

    One thing DR did right at the end of episode 13–RUN, KJ. Have a life yourself. Look for a dream you want to have. DR at least has a teacher’s job. KJ, for your sanity’s sake, leave all this mess behind.

  20. The only thing for all of us here is to watch on what kind of character Da Ran is. I hardly blame her,look at the situation she’s in now,does she really have much to say now with all the walls caving in?
    I think I’ll be like her,scared and doesnt really know what is the right thing to do now. Kyung Joon is dedicated to her alright,does he understand the hardship she’s facing now?
    I feel she’s hoping to save Yoon Jae’s life and in return,she will be with the real Kyung Joon,the guy with her under the umbrella. Its weird loving Kyung Joon in Yoon Jae’s body,she needs to see Kyung Joon in person. My Da Ran is totally confused now.
    Mari is a sick,sulking bitch. I hate her even if she does turns over a new life in coming episodes. Its just too late to change my mind about her anymore.

  21. This show. It makes me gloriously happy and shoe-throwing-crazy at the same time.

    Happy for those giddy OTP moments — Crazy in that it has several times now told us the same information. I apologize if this sounds critical, since the tone can’t be heard – please understand that it’s *observation* not anger.

    *the crucial elements of each character have been established
    *the how & why & when of YoonJae and JyungJoon’s relation is known
    The timing of which people, and how they find out the truth seems a bit anti-climactic from an informed viewer pespective.

    basically – it feels cyclical.
    Why did we need to see Kyung Joon’s Uncle in his odd army fatigues?
    Haven’t we already? …and what did that add to the narrative?

    Ring on….Ring off. Lost Ring…New Ring.
    I caught myself mocking Mari when she showed the fake one to ChoongkSik, “My Precious~~~”. (really…doesn’t anyone else think Mari has gone into Gollum territory?)

    I suppose I’m mostly impatient to see the OTP basking in glorious affirmation of their shared love ~ but I keep getting greasy uncles, a mother who could rival Pin-head from Hellraiser and a teenager who is working on her degree in Paranoia with a minor in self-delusion.

    Hong Sisters, “Wae you make me crazy?!”

  22. Hahaha, I love all the sharp knives being whipped out on THS and Da Ran, plus the bevy of witches laying around. I’ve said for the longest time that THS have trouble writing characters. They are great at writing situations – funny, interesting, innovative, cracky situations that add the zip in zing to their dramas. But their characters almost always fall into caricatures or are doormats, especially their female leads. Big was wonderful for me because they eschewed situational narrative for character-driven interactions, taking the time to develop Da Ran and Kyung Joon.

    But that was never going to last, not when their entire set up in Big was just too incredible to be wrapped up in the same mellow slow way. I was expecting the angst, and felt that it actually made sense. It flowed from Mari’s personality to never learn from her mistakes and continue to use manipulation to get her way. It flowed from Da Ran’s character to be fearful and unable to take chances. It flowed from Yoon Jae’s mom’s character, to be this single minded in saving Yoon Jae and disregarding Kyung Joon.

    Of course these ladies aren’t well written, but episode 13 was consistent with who they are. We needn’t like them, but I still see the sureness of writing from THS. And no, I don’t think they write shitty female characters. I think they mostly write shitty characters period – characters who serve purposes and are broadly constructed. Kyung Joon is such an exception to their rule I don’t even know where to start. The distasteful ones in Big are men and women alike – both Yoon Jae’s parents, Kyung Joon’s aunt and uncle, Mari. But the few likeable characters are also across genders – Kyung Joon’s surrogate mom, Da Ran’s parents, Choong Shik. So it’s just a manifestation of the sudden rise if evil Mari and the dominance of heartless Mom that makes it seem like the women are predominately the terrible human beings.

    I can’t defend Da Ran, because I’ve said from the onset that she is the type of heroine in K-dramas I personally loathe. But the odd thing is that she really grew on me, and I think it’s a combination of Lee Min Jung’s acting, and the fact that I do see Da Ran maturing and daring to take chances. The problem is that she takes two steps forward and one step back, and we want our heroines to only walk forward. Not an unreasonable request, but she feels indecisive because of that. I think her actions at the end of episode 13 will be blunted by the fact that it might drive Kyung Joon to stop avoiding the pink elephant in the room and decide what HE wants to do, as opposed to deciding what to do based on NOT DOING what his horrible parents wants him to do. Does that make sense? Be active as opposed to reactive.

    Anyways, Big is as flawed now as it has always been, but it remains ever so intriguing for me to dissect and devour. A drama that appears to know the story it wants to tell from start to finish. I love this angst, because the truth is devastating for Kyung Joon no matter what. Perhaps without Da Ran to fall back on, he’ll finally take that final leap to becoming the man he knows he can be one day. And have that day arrive sooner rather than later. I’m waiting for bated breath.

    • Kyung Joon taking the step to become a man,I like that.
      Thanks for this,Ms.Koala. Im still upset with the sad ending but I feel much better now after reading this.

    • yeah… i’m pretty unhappy at how the Hongs just nudged D’s character back and forth… like how many friggin times did they have her take one step forward and then take a step back again? rolls eyes* hahaha I wonder how frustrated LMJ might be, playing a character like that

      • I totally agree that it is irritating that she takes one step forward and two steps back. I can handle some angst, it wouldn’t be a drama without some indecision and turmoil, but once you have made up your mind go for it!! I hate when dramas go round and round in circles, it drives me crazy!! And really I thnk they do it because the writers can’t figure out exactly how to fill in all 16 episodes. My husband is a writer, and he made a good point (it’s similar to what Koala has already said). He said that filling in the details is the hardest part of writing a story, and that some people are awesome at writing overarching plots and can come up with the big events that they want to happen in the beginning, middle and end, but it’s the writers that can fill in all the little details withou circiling the plot around and around that really stand out, and the Hong Sisters have not been able to accomplish that yet. I was just writing about A Gentleman’s Dignity for this reason because they have done such an amazing job with character devlopment and adding little subplots that all tie together and actually add to the character development and main plot, that is what sets a drama apart. Let’s face it most dramas do not have the most unique plot lines, it’s all been done before, but dramas like A Gentleman’s Dignity and Coffee Prince stand out to me and people love them so much because the writers were able to accomplish what the Hong sisters have not thus far, making the characters seem extremely real and relatable.

  23. I officially think Kim Eun Sook’s storylines are way convincing and realistic. She writes believable reasoning lines for every scenes.
    However, THS fail to accomplish this task. They just made BIG which had a good beginning plot into worst scenario like this. I mean I know you’re trying to drag the storyline, but this is outrageous.
    I’m sorry, I only watched this drama because of LMJ.
    Indeed, THS going to make a dragging-rushy ending. F**ing lame.

    • As much as I am critical of the Hong Sisters, their dramas are way tolerable than any works written by KES. Yes. THE is hero-centric but they are not overtly sexist. But it’s not the case of KES–KES always appear to have exceptional heroines, but when it comes to it, she is of the sexiest writers in Kdrama land.

    • I also think KES improved her skill in telling story and is better than The Hong Sisters.

      I’m not very fond of both KES and THS.I don’t like Secret Garden but I like City hall on the other hand I like MGIG but hate You’re Beautiful. But watching their recent works I change my view. KES is more careful about creating her characters and keeps them meaningful and with purpose. But THS are very used to create filler characters with out any definite purpose.. Most of the female characters of THS are shame on the name of woman, they are always either stupid, with out back bone or evil, cruel beyond limit.As a women I never relate them. Can’t they create a normal girl with normal intelligence and average kind heart and with some back bone ??

      For me the most frustrating thing of Big is Gil Daran… I just want to slap her for her immaturity and stupidity ..And her kind soft angel heart is nothing but excuse of her cowardliness to deal with any problem face to face ..

  24. what a disaster.. Ur recap broke my heart..and still crying for the characters of KKJ and gil daran..i hope everything goes well in the next coming episodes..i love big and i wish for a very happy ending story… 🙂

  25. See what you have done THS?? You have made everyone so angry and angsty and ruined their week ahead. Go the whole hog why doncha – KJ dies in YJ’s body and NOBODY gets what they want – not DR, not the b*&%h Mari and certainly not the deluded mother. AND YJ stays forever comatose in KJ’s body!

    Hey…actually…the way I am feeling now, that would be a good ending for me. Heh Heh…

  26. Lee Min Jung is a great actress. The character of Da Ran is not an easy one,no confidence and I bet she has no no resolutions at all. Da Ran seems like a girl who takes each day as it comes. Well,now it really comes in a Big way!
    I bet all of you positive ladies,if you can,you would like to teach her a thing or two about guts. Kyung Joon gave her hope but Mari makes her retreat again.
    I dont know how Hong Sisters are going to sum up this story. Since its a love story about Kyung Joon and Da Ran,it better ends with them together or else they will see how much hatred I have within me.

    • I don’t think LMJ is a great actress, her acting is not bad but flat…In this poorly written character she just floats with the water. Great actors have the ability to create some magic and make the character something more than which is written on the paper. But she lacks this spark and magic or the X-factor. On the other hand extraordinary acting off Gong Yoo makes this situation more vivid. Just my 2 cents..

      • @Bigcrush,I guess we have different opinion about this.
        The character she’s acting as,works cos you can see for yourself she’s an airhead who somehow doesnt really know how to stand up for herself. Its a reason why most are thinking,why on earth Kyung Joon loves her. With Kyung Joon,she grows up but now,she’s back in her shell. Im wondering if she will gain her courage and goes for what she wants.
        So Lee Min Jung projects very well with Da Ran character. Without Da Ran,what is this story about?
        Any other actress would act the same way,Da Ran is supposed to be like this,unconfident,unsure and lack of self-esteem.
        Thank you for your view,its good to get out what’s in our system.

  27. kyungjoon has issues is all i can say – otherwise how does one explain this unquestioning love he has for a bumbling airhead with a babyish way of talking?!

    as a character i think most of us love kj as playaed by gong yoo – we all feel his pain. on my part, i have found it hard to like da ran, even when i can understand how kj ended up wanting to be with her. then, as now, my main emotional investment in the drama has been kj’s happiness. i wish that he had fallen for someone who was better , stronger, more confident than her. what to do? in drama, and in life, sometimes one cant understand how some unions occur 🙂

    • KKJ is the perfect example of the saying : LOVE IS BLIND (and stupid : he has the excuse of being immature teenager). Except from any hero of a drama it is very difficult for a normal guy to like this kind of dumb person..

      • i disagree coz i do see quite a few rational, nice guys who end up choosing girls like da ran too. thats why i could close an eye and just wish for kj’s happiness if da ran is what it takes. but good grief, why cant he fall for someone more deserving and less of an airhead with airhead ways airhead mannerisms and airhead talk and now airhead emotions and choices prob!!!!

  28. Can we still hope for Mari to realize she did something wrong and confess everything to KJ, so he has the chance to understand DR (I still think KJ has every right to be angry after what everyone did to him!!!)?? I never liked Mari and after this episode I hate her but I still hope THS will give her a purpose so we at least sympathize with her a bit…

  29. If KJ’s soul stays inside of YJ body, then he was truly born for spare parts because his body will have no use after surgery. How can anyone wish that? If I could see the real KJ then maybe I could get into this story but right now I am only curious how they are going to end this drama and what the point was. Cannot stand it anymore, the not being able to see Shin act.

  30. Dear Koala,

    I’ve watched this episode and I’ve read your recaps. ugghhhh..It’s such a hateful part, the ending of this episode is. I can’t stop crying. It’s really breaking my heart seeing KJ’s face and DR noble idiocy. I hate Mari! Why did she have to do that? Doesn’t she know that KJ will never, ever, ever love her? Despite whatever she does? Koala, because I know that u’re such a great guesser what do u think will happen next?? Did u think that KJ would understand why DR did whatever she already did? After all, KJ is a smart guy right?

    • @angelinzone89,so you cried too. I did too. This drama really gets to us.
      Maybe Da ran has her reason,we will see later. I was wondering,just how smart can Kyung joon gets now. When the situation around him is deteroriating,I figure he couldn’t think straight at all for now. Everything is against him so whatever that comes out of his mouth now,will all be out of anger.
      Mari is dangerous,like she said,for Kyung joon,she will do anything. Da ran is just not as cunning as her.
      Do you think Kyung joon and Da ran will be together in the end? I can’t help thinking that Da ran will end up alone.

      • @sarah, like u, i too love both DR and LMJ. watching the 14th ep, i think KJ might actually know what DR really felt@thought. and its proven that DR really have her own reason for doing what she did. like u, i too might do the same thing as DR considering her way of thinking. about their ending, from the beginning i really don’t think that DR will end up alone. maybe the OTP will go through so many many many hardships. but based on KJ’s personality i think they’ll make it in the end.

  31. Koala said:
    Perhaps without Da Ran to fall back on, he’ll finally take that final leap to becoming the man he knows he can be one day. And have that day arrive sooner rather than later. I’m waiting for bated breath.

    You called it early, that this was going to be a coming of age story and less a romcom. Of course, the film Big was that, too.

    They set us up from the beginning.
    Our fist image of KJ is sweet and smiley, his angelic face displaying a carefree soul.
    Then comes the Triple Lindy; we soon find out he’s a lot more than a pretty face: smart, sarcastic, insightful. Then, for reasons unknown to even him, he becomes DR’s champion.
    He’s courageous and chivalrous. His white motorcycle rescue plants him firmly in hero territory. An impulsive act that literally puts him in a collision course with his brother and his destiny.

    Uri KJ has already taken a number of hits, but persevered. Whoever put him there did it because they KNOW he can take it, right? Whatever does not kill him makes him stronger, right?
    I worry, I fret. Heroes always get hurt.

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