Sulli Cozies up to Sangchoo as To the Beautiful You Releases 3rd Teaser

To the Beautiful You is determined to make me love it. First it casts Min Ho as quite possibly the most perfect Sano Izumi to date (looks and physique-wise, though acting isn’t that high of a bar to match up to since Wu Zun can’t act his way out of a paper bag and Oguri Shun strangely decided to barely act at all during that entire dorama). Then there is Sulli, who was the child star who played the younger version of Lee Bo Young in Seodongyeo, my first K-drama ever. Which makes Sulli the first K-child actress I ever saw, and she was darling there. So how could I not love her already. Finally it tosses in Sangchoo, a white dog who is already in contention for cutest pet in a K-drama ever. The last cute dog I saw in a K-drama was Wal in Triple, and let’s never ever discuss what happened to him there. Happily Sangchoo is safe from the depredations of crazy scriptwriters here. In the latest stills above, Sulli is getting well acquainted with Sangchoo, and she teased that she likes Sangchoo more than she likes Min Ho’s character. I don’t blame her – cute dog versus down-in-the-dumps aloof slightly emo high jumper, the choice is clear. My choice in two weeks for which Wed-Thurs drama gets my vote remains impossible to predict. I know which drama I want to like more, but that doesn’t mean things always turn out the way I imagined it would. Check out a third just released teaser below.

The teasers for Beautiful You keep hitting me in all the right spots – love the music, the energy feels high and the vibe captures high school enthusiasm, and the chemistry is popping all over the space even in what little we see.

Third teaser for To the Beautiful You:


Sulli Cozies up to Sangchoo as To the Beautiful You Releases 3rd Teaser — 12 Comments

  1. I can’t believe I’m this excited the third time around! Maybe because the TW Hana Kimi was my first Asian drama ever… *prays to the drama gods*

    And Sangchoo!!! I’d watch a hot mess for that cutie pie 🙂

  2. I loved the idea since the very beginning and now I’m loving the cast (Minho was like my hero in Dream Team), the music, the teasers.. Bur I hate all the waiting 15th come faster, please.

  3. Looks Good… hope it is better than Hana Kimi (Jdrama)… Lotsa of pretty faces and flower boys. Yay… Bring it on babies!

  4. I’m so confused as to the role of the Kwanghee in this drama. I don’t understand why he is heavily promoted with this drama…anyone else confused about him?

    I have to admit though, I am excited for this drama too. I don’t want to put too much excitement in, encase it doesn’t match up to what I am expecting. Fingers crossed though!

  5. i’m pretty sure i’m going to love this drama … it’s eye candy, enough reason for me to watch it. I like Min-ho also, maybe coz’ he looks like Seo Do Young

  6. Oh, my gosh…cant wait for the actual airing of TTBY…with the 3rd only nailed my positive expectation for Minho-Sulli couple. Their chemistry cant be questioned. It’s definitely there…Loved the wet look scene of Sulli!

  7. Loved TW Hana kimi with my unexplainable love for Wu Chun and dislike the japanese version. Hopefully the korean version will do justice to the manga and the scene will concentrate more on the main couple and of course Nakatsu.

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